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A 24-year-old Vietnamese woman was found dead in a hotel after suspected of having a fight with her Singaporean boyfriend, and now her friends have taken to social media to appeal for information, reported Shin Min Daily. Lam Thi Thuong's body was found on Thursday night at a hotel along Hai Ba Trung street in Hanoi. Shocked by the news of Lam's death, her friends turned to social media to appeal for information and cited that her Singaporean boyfriend was involved in her death.
A close friend of Lam told Shin Min that the 24-year-old fell in love with a Singaporean man in Feb this year and they started dating.
Vietnamese police is currently investigating the case and has yet to deliver the cause of her death. Lam has some friends from Singapore and one of them disclosed that she did visit Singapore during the Chinese New Year period this year.
One of her friends said they have not communicated in many months and he was shocked to find out about her death when he saw the Facebook appeal post.
On the day of her funeral, many of her friends posted touching messages on her social media accounts. One local friend said: "I originally promised to visit her this month and she had planned to take him around, but all I got from yesterday morning is this devastating news. A good friend of Lam suspects that her boyfriend has disappeared and has sought help online to find him. The boyfriend had shared a Vietnamese song on his Facebook and wrote: "Please do not break up", leading to suspicion that the couple's relationship might have had problems.
According to Shin Min, the boyfriend was active on his dead girlfriend's Facebook and would regularly post on it.They would share songs on their Facebook accounts. NAJIB'S ORDEAL HAS JUST BEGUN: WILL HE DARE TO FIELD RED SHIRTS JAMAL AT SUNGAI BESAR, RAFIDAH AT KUALA KANGSAR?
NAJIB'S 'OPS LALANG' IS HERE: AFTER STAGING S'WAK 'LANDSLIDE', ARRESTING DR M CAMP, OPPOSITION & MEDIA NEXT? Komentar yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial ini adalah milik peribadi dan tanggungjawab pemilik akaun laman sosial ini. Komentar yang berbentuk "drama bersiri", yakni salin & tampal artikel pihak ketiga secara bersiri ataupun komentar yang keluar tajuk juga ditegah dan akan dianggap sebagai penyalahgunaan kemudahan komentar ini.
Harap maklum bahawa anda perlu log-masuk melalui Facebook, Yahoo, MSN atau akaun sosial media yang disediakan untuk meninggalkan komentar. NAJIB'S 'OPS LALANG' IS HERE: AFTER STAGING S'WAK 'LANDSLIDE', ARRESTING DR M CAMP, OPPOSITION & MEDIA NEXT?

A bitter end to a perfect love story as couple Ngou Yeow Hock and Tan Bee Choo were killed in a recent hit-and-run tragedy. The locals knew them as a happy and caring couple who were always going about their own business, collecting items to be recycled in their worn out tricycle. The 51 year old Ngou and 52 year old Tan, can always be seen together and is famous for being inseparable; going anywhere as one. Despite being intellectually challenged, they were always full of love, laughing and smiling sweetly at each other – being in their own world. Mary Ng, a member of the local community said she was in grief when she first heard of the heartbreaking news.
It was typical to catch the loving sight of Tan wiping the sweat off her husband’s face as they are waiting for the traffic light. On Tuesday the 26th of April, a lorry rammed into Ngou and Tan on their tricycle while they were crossing a T-junction at Jalan Maharajalela, taking both their lives instantly. The locals are still in shock and deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident despite not knowing them personally. The couple had always lived their lives with love and virtue, refusing to even accept the smallest of donations. A tribute to the couple was also written and posted on Facebook by Teacher Ahmad Faizal Osman, 47.
According to Ahmad Faizal, the couple will usually take a shower at the hospital or the Petronas station located near the area that took their lives. De Silva, a businessman said, “They were quite an inspiration for our family because though homeless, they were still happy”. He added that the couples were always full of smiles even with their hardships they face in life. No arrests have been made so far according to Hilir Perak OCPD Asst Comm Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad, adding that investigations are still ongoing. Malaysian netizens are furious at the hit-and-run driver who took the lives of this sweet couple.
Some even mentioned how ironic it was that couple nowadays don’t appreciate their time with the love ones and are always attached to their smartphones instead. This tragic yet inspiring story proves that you don’t need money to lead a happy life. The controversial logo for Kuala Lumpur received massive ridicule after its launch with many Malaysians saying that it looked like a job a designer could pull up within minutes. It was reported in Malay Mail that the logo that seemed like an amateur’s work actually costs RM15,000!

The city’s Tourism Bureau general manager Noraza Yusof said that the amount was spent on the brand master guide, which includes creation of the logo, tagline, description, rationale and strategy.
Despite the public uproar, the city’s Tourism Bureau is not planning to change it just yet due to budget cuts. Noraza said the silver that colour of the KL font was meant to reflect the city’s tin mining roots. A young driver was pulled over by the cops when he was cruising down the road because he apparently had 27 unresolved traffic violations. When he was stopped, the police informed him of his violations and it seems that this male driver would say about anything to escape from getting a ticket.
Luckily for the internet, one of the police officers decided to recorded the whole thing on video.
According to Vietnamese news reports, hotel staff discovered her dead body after they entered the room.
He would fly over to Vietnam regularly to visit her.She is believed to have met him during her holiday to Singapore during this recent trip. For an unknown reason, the pair got into a fight and Lam left the hotel and went home, according to the friend. Her family was unable to reach her until the police contacted them on Thursday night (Oct 1) of her whereabouts and of her death. Juga maklum bahawa terpulang kepada jalur-lebar di kawasan-kawasan tertentu, komentar anda mungkin tidak akan disiarkan dengan serta-merta. Although, the homeless two had almost nothing in their lives, the couple always felt like they had the world when they have each other. Often at times, they can be seen sharing their food together by scooping rice and dishes into each other’s mixed rice polystyrene box. The budget would be spent on roadshows, media junkets, festivals and other promotional activities. Para komentar dinasihatkan bertanggungjawab dalam menulis dan elakkan komentar berbaur perkauman, seksis, serangan peribadi, lucah ataupun menghina. Their undying affection to one another was a symbol for true love and has become an inspiration to many Malaysians out there.

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