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From traveling across the country to cooking at home, each of the ‘Real Housewives’ have a fun-packed Thanksgiving ahead!
And actually this year we have Simon’s little brother will be with us from Australia, who is a lawyer, but he used to be a chef.
If I can get out of the city, I would love to go to Ramona’s and be in the country and be with her in her wonderful home. This year, Francois is 7 and is determined that he wants to have a big turkey drumstick on his plate.
Apparently not only did she lie about her affiliation with supposed fiance Charles Grant, she also has a pretty shady and violent criminal past!

But the truth is, it’s still not big enough where I literally have to almost redecorate for Thanksgiving. Also she was supposed to bring the catfights with NeNe Leakes, but instead the two formed a friendship! A Bravo no-no!Marlo’s criminal past is quite extensive, resulting in seven arrests, including a couple for aggravated assault and another for check fraud from her days living in Florida. Sources say Bravo is claiming they did not know about her lengthy violent criminal history and when they were alerted to it through the blogosphere, were forced to reconsider adding her to the cast permanently to avoid being held responsible for any of her untoward (re: possibly illegal) behaviors!
Hey, they’ve already got enough of that on their hands!I find it very hard to believe that Bravo would not thoroughly and exhaustively background check their cast members – and I believe they do conduct those checks and then cast for maximum drama.

I mean, you get a background check to work at Target!In addition the number one reason Marlo was added to the cast was to create controversy with NeNe as a result of her relationship with Charles.
But I guess with NeNe and Phaedra they’ve already got enough of that!Marlo’s numerous mugshots are featured below.
Do you think there is truth to the rumor that Marlo will not be included in the cast or just an attempt to create buzz for the new season?

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