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We interviewed many great and small entrepreneurs on the "how" they got their dream to be a viable and lucrative business and we share their amazing and real stories in thie inspirational new book.
Want to stop boring family, friends and colleagues with your “cracked record” moans and groans about your work? Want to do something meaningful, purposeful or just plain fun with your working life but don’t know how? Nearly one in three of us claim to be unhappy at work.  Indeed, British workers spend an average 25 minutes each day chatting to friends, daydreaming, web-surfing and looking for other jobs, and this costs their employers ?40 million a year.
So why do we stay in work we dread, that deadens our spirit and depletes our energy?  Fear, the agony of the “comfort zone”, duty, familiarity or the anxiety of not knowing what it is you want to do next –  are just some excuses. Find Your Dream Job is a collection of stories of real people who, like you, thought “is this all there is?” and then took small baby steps to achieving a career that fulfills and engages them. Throughout the book your coach, Carole Ann Rice, supplies highly effective step by step coaching tools to hold your hand as you start and then provide the rocket fuel to propel you through the highs and lows of going from floor to soar. Find Your Dream Job is a unique collaboration between coach and client.  Sarah Wade a BBC producer was looking to pursue her passion for inspirational stories by real people.  Could a coach help her focus her vision?
Fascinated by folk who beam enthusiasm and energy and who appeared to love what they did each day Sarah set off in pursuit of finding the story behind their joyful careers.  Working with Carole Ann, Sarah was able to hone her vision and produce an inspirational and eye-opening collection of real stories of real people and produce a book of their journeys.
Carole Ann who has coached countless clients in career transition knows too well the highs and lows of searching for a life purpose.  Her coaching notes keep you supported and motivated throughout the book.
Why not take the first step now and book a 30 minute free trial telephone coaching session? It was scary to make the leap but I've done it and in the process have hurled out 9.5 years of collected rubbish which was tremendously liberating.
This question should hit home two-fold, not just due to the fact that you have a passion which you may not be catering to, but also the reality if you are finding yourself sitting through another boring work meeting, then it might be time to give away with that job for good. I know this statement is highly controversial – I mean, who am I to tell you to change jobs?!
But, this post isn’t about telling you to quit a job you hate (you can read about that here) but more about helping you to discover what it is that floats your boat, and keeps you awake at night thinking about it. So many people are unhappy in their careers, but whats keeping them stuck is an apathy about what it is they truly care about. The first thing you need to do is accept that you are unhappy in your current job and want to change.
If you’re starting the feel like starting a business may be your calling, then read websites like Inc, Entrepreneur and Smarta. Every night before you go to bed, write down three things you enjoyed about your day – this could be an article you read, or something you did after work. At the end of the two weeks you should hopefully be feeling some inspiration from all this research and have a few ideas about what might be your calling. Be completely honest here and write everything down that comes into your head, there’s no right or wrong answers!  Carry this sheet with you for a couple of days, and when more things come to you, add them to the list.
Now its time to analyse your sheet – basically, what we want to achieve here is to find a career, or a few careers that include your first box, third box and fourth box, without anything from the second. If you think you might need extra training, or to do a course, start researching these and figuring out how you could make it happen.
If you want to start a business, sign up for free resources like business link, or buy yourself some books on amazon to get you up to speed.

I find this can soothe almost anything, so don’t underestimate saying this a few times to yourself when you start to feel worried.
Best of luck on your journey to career happiness – The hardest part really is the start in most things that we do, but after that initial little bit of momentum, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
SAGAL: Steve Martin is, among other things, a comedian, a playwright, an author, an art collector, an actor, a Grammy-winning banjo player, composer, and I've just run out of time. MARTIN: And it's all kind of one aspect of being in show business, I guess, which I've always loved. SAGAL: Well, it's so lucky that you happened to be on this show, that we can actually bring it up. SAGAL: Are there people in the banjo world, I mean, the bluegrass music world, who don't know you except as a banjo player. SAGAL: Conversely, does it bother you when people who know you from your films or your plays or your books expect you to be funny when you're playing the banjo?
SAGAL: So were you one of those kids who was always trying to be funny and crack up the classroom? POUNDSTONE: You know, when all those Hollywood people are gathered together, though, and the camera does that sort of vast shot looking out at them, and they're all lit, don't you find it hard to get past all of that plastic surgery in one place? MARTIN: Well, you know, I looked - there's a famous Johnny Carson joke, and I think it was from the '80s.
POUNDSTONE: There'll be just a big Hollywood mass grave except for David Letterman and Lauren Hutton. SAGAL: No, you have somebody who read off all the names of colors from a paint catalog in alphabetical order.
SAGAL: You had someone who showed slides of things that he thought if they were blurry looked like clouds. SAGAL: And you had a group going over to sit with the speaker's girlfriend while she tried on clothes. SAGAL: The speaker began the talk by saying, brace yourself for five piping-hot minutes of inertia. EDIE BRICKELL: (Singing) Who you gonna take to the show, who you gonna take to the picture show, who you gonna take to the show, who you gonna take, who you gonna get in the background, who you gonna get if you don't get (Unintelligible).
NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. Coaching notes are provided to help support and motivate you throughout the dream business building process. But at the end of the day, if you are unhappy (and lets face it, you must be if you’re subjecting yourself to one mind numbing meeting after another) then you deserve to be doing something you enjoy and are passionate about.
Years in unfulfilling work have sapped every drop of inspiration and enthusiasm from them that they can’t even be bothered to try to improve their situation.
You have an underlying feeling that something isn’t right, but its easier just to get on with things. Without doing this you are likely to sabotage yourself later when you get scared, and will end up right back at the start of the hamster wheel – we don’t want this. Every day I want you to read at least 3 new blogs you’ve never heard of, and also start flicking through career change websites such as Career Shifters.
Keep a notepad with you to jot down moments of inspiration or rip out articles that you enjoy.

If you have decided that you like your current company but hate the job you’re doing, then speaking to your manager about a change would be a great first goal. You’re bound the be on a roller coaster of emotion throughout this time, but just remember to breathe and go back to your chart. For instance, I wanted to continue in a project management type role but focusing less in finance and more in a creative side… so after reading lots of blogs (and books!) I am pretty sure I have found mine. Great to hear you have found your calling and took the steps you needed to take to make it happen! And in order to do that, I've started writing my own things, and I always wrote comedy for television. One thing you've done is you've hosted the Oscars three times, right, twice by yourself, once with Alec Baldwin. I think, you know, you can say - for example, you host a show, and let's say it goes over well.
You don't know what - I found that the critics will remember what they need for that year's commentary. You were known for being a wild and crazy guy, so we're going to ask you about the most boring and dull guys we could find, the speakers at London's Boring Conference.
Once you’ve pinpointed your ticket to freedom (and happiness) then it all gets easier from there, I promise. Give yourself a few days, or however long you need to let this sink in, and become comfortable with the thought that you are going to be pursuing other avenues for yourself.
If you don’t know how to find these blogs then go on twitter and facebook and search for topics that interest you. The third is for all the things that are important to you in a job (for example, training and development, an understanding manager or working in a large office) and the fourth is for the interests you have identified over the last 2 weeks, whether that is a circus performer, bar manager, business owner or teacher, write them all down.
Things will get easier and you will start to find your feet once you start working  you have always wanted.
You were touring with your band, and now you have a new album with Edie Brickell, songs you wrote. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. The weekend is then spent medicating yourself with purchases, food and occasions you feel you ‘deserve’ after such a shit week, and the cycle starts all over again. This can be one of the hardest parts, as often we tie our identity up with the career choice we have made, and if something questions that, it can be hard to let go and build yourself a new identity.
If you need to, write this on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you see it every day to remind you! Get two questions right, you'll win a prize for one of our listeners, the sound of Carl yawning on their voicemail.
Just keep reminding yourself that it is only a good career choice if it makes you happy, not just because your mum, partner or friends think it’s too much of a risk to change things.
The important thing is to not let fear coax you into going back to the status quo, as you will find that after the initial relief wears off, you will be back in the same place in a months time, wondering where it all went wrong.

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