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Reading this chapter, I get the rather worrying feeling that Andrano's plans are going to come crashing down all around him, and that Kraven is probably going to get caught in the middle of it all. So Andrano’s Daedroth mouth has been making financial commitments his Imp purse can’t fill! I confess a significantly smug feeling of ‘serves him right’. Colonel Mustard: At this point, when someone does something as Andrano would do, it is inevitable. QUOTEElsavia and Gwenabeth being caught in it all in a subplot, which may be impactful to our Imperial . I’m sure the crowd would be very intimidating to a new fighter, especially someone with no frame of reference really.I find it somewhat amusing that Kraven is fighting Polish with a spear. Whenever we saw him before, it was from the perspective of the slaves, and we saw him as a very controlled and formidable man. And I am already going a bit far with the length of this one, since I like to aim around 1500 words or less. Funny that you mentioned this, since his major personality shift will be evident in the upcoming episodes.Hilarious. It may be easy to accept slavery when it is mostly beast races and elves, but perhaps someone so similar to him may make him feel differently?Hah! How Andrano praises Kraven in front of his guest, even as he seeks to sacrifice him.
So that might turn to overconfidence and desperation to see an enemy destroyed, that it could indeed potentially backfire again. The bellowing that was the roar of the crowd was sung in a loud chorus of boos and gestures of thumbs down. I am sure even the tough ones had their own insecurities in the process of preparations, and etc.
It was such a cacophony of negative noise that Kraven froze.The sight itself alone was intimidating enough. There will be a rocky path for him along the way, and your perception of Kraven may change due to his attitude against Shavaash and about his actions in general. Mouth gaped open in awe, Kraven looked up above him to see an enormous dome that towered over the hundreds of howling citizens of all races. Andrano, being Imperial raised and a Telvanni pretender of sorts, is bound to act differently. Blood was spilled all over the ground and smeared on the sides of the wall, giving testimony to the arena’s violent nature.Aside from the sight and hearing, the smells was truly sickening at first. He’s filled Kraven with some confidence though, so he should put on a better show now, rather than a man feeling doomed to die. Yep, you are right, there will be many life threatening situations against everyone, especially Andrano who will orchestrate this mess.Haha, that would be interesting to see, wouldn't it? I do have something ready for Tivela and Kraven, and of course, Elsavia and Gwenabeth being caught in it all in a subplot, which may be impactful to our Imperial . Andrano had the idea to encourage Kraven to fight and put up a good show, so that Hadrianus wouldn't suspect he was fooled into betting for a novice. And today it would claim yet another victim.His status as a novice only encouraged the mob to further shout in protest against him. Good pondering! Hadrianus indeed will have some favoritism toward Kraven that he may not have with other slaves. Maybe he has faith him and encouraged him to win, or maybe those words of encouragement were a farce.
From the point of view of the servants, they see Andrano as their master, of course, but a master who can provide a path to something greater than just working in plantations.
Indeed, Andrano is like those salesmen who offer about their great wares which in reality, is crap.It may be his downfall indeed.
Yet, they fail to see he's using them for his own personal gain, and that his groovy gifts are just to form an illusion.

Kraven lived in the moment.Out of the multitude, Andrano sat in the high seat, flanked by Lashun and Hadrianus. He has more problems than they do, and his choices made to confront them will indeed put some of them in jeopardy.Kraven was not going to be punished for winning. Shavaash also present, watching with hands chained in a corner where other slaves were being inspected by the passing citizens of Vivec City.“On the other side,” the announcer cried out.
He's too prideful to cut his losses, and of course as the story goes, pride goeth before the fall. Rather than receiving berating calls, the lizard was welcomed by the blood-thirsty people.Kraven was trying to concentrate, gathering his vigor for the eminent fight.
He roared to the people, and they responded with shaking their arms into the sky.Polish-His-Spear is acclaimed by many to be one of the greatest gladiators from Andrano‘s stock alone. He had had spent the latter part of his life honing his martial abilities in the swamps of Black Marsh that he was handpicked to be the great contender when the gladiatorial training began. He achieved a rare and prestigious rank of being a gladiator, second only to Shavaash above a handful. He focused exclusively on his athletic skills and his combat training, which he used to transformed himself into a living weapon. Wielding two curved blades, in each hand, he was still a terrifying figure to behold in the arena. By custom, the two warriors saluted each other with a bow before getting into their fighting positions. Kraven’s heart began to beat faster and faster as he awaited the final command.“Today for the honor of the temporary gladiatorial games, they will fight to the death.
Polish was steady in his position, Kraven shook his spear in anticipation and held his shield tightly. The dual-sword wielder swung his blades in a frightening gesture, a smile crossing his face as he beckoned the Imperial to fight.Fearful, Kraven refused to be baited and simply waited until Polish ran to meet him. The maneuver came quick and clean, and as the crowd screamed in joy, the duo clashed together. Polish rained down his attacks at the tip of the Imperial’s spear to better keep it a good distance away from his body, as Kraven attempted to pierce at Polish’ chest at a fair distance. A fight to the final breath.Polish-His-Spear was supple and efficient, and he worked his way to breach Kraven’s defense with confidence and ease, whipping his double swords back and forth at the man, showing great effort to bring him down. Each time he attacked, Kraven blocked with his hand and counterattacked with his weapon.Slightly peeved, Polish advanced with a battle cry. Kraven shoved forth his spear to try and impale the lizard, but was once again denied the pleasure when the twin scimitars maneuvered the tip of it away. To his disadvantage, however, he lifted his spear and the sharp tip scrapped his stomach and cut into the flesh of the left side of his face.
Using an incredibly display of acrobatics to both amuse the crowd and to save himself from damage, Polish blocked the incoming attack and rolled over the human’s arm and over his back. Kraven swiftly turned around to clumsily swing his spear to slice at Polish’s neck only to to cut air as the Argonian ducked.He swept at Kraven again and managed to find an opening and cut a diagonal bloody line across the open area of his chest.
Blood spurted into the air and around his sword as he the Imperial gasped in pain.He saw fear in Kraven’s part and that fear was evident not only to him, but to everyone watching the battle from the below the tents in the spectator seats.
And so he acted in haste and unleashed a series of offensive strikes against the bewildered human until he stopped to recapture his breath.He knew he would have to use the unorthodox now. He defeated Kraven last time due to his hubris, and perhaps he can do so again by using guile. Polish was able to slice at his hands with his swords, cutting the top of Kraven’s fingers.The Imperial yelped in pain as his spear slipped from his grasp, the injury leaving his fingers nerveless.
Sneering, the Argonian moved over his spear and toward the human, his scaly face bathed in sweat, eye wide and dark with joy.

Though the battle was far from over.Equipped with only a shield and a sword, Kraven unsheathed his blade with a trembling hand. He was at a disadvantage, and that told Polish it was time to put an end to this bout.He attacked, Kraven returned with a counter by slicing at Polish’s leg, but with weakened hands, the blow was meaningless.
The Cyrodiil blocked and blocked until he was routed toward the wall of the arena where he tripped over and fell back. His breaths were heavy and he started to pant as a wild hound, desperately hiding behind the protection of his shield.The battle was finished. Polish raised his swords and began raining an onslaught of hammering blows down upon the man’s shield. Soon, the human would not be able to endure with an upraised shield and he would surely tire.
Kraven would just be another victim to the arena, adding his name to the countless fallen.Yet, Polish detected resistance. Rather than falling over or leaving another opening, the Imperial reinforced his defense and rose his shield higher to effectively block his bleeding legs and vital parts from being hacked. With what seemed to be clarity of purpose and strength of heart, he launched himself with his shield.
Polish, surprised by the scene and too late to bring down his swords, felt a familiar sting of a shield bashing against his skull.
The Saxhleel’s feet took him a few steps back as he nearly stumbling to the ground.For a split second, Polish registered the animalistic expression on the Imperial as he yelled burstfrom his mouth, his eyes large with determination and retribution. By discarding his defense, Kraven allowed his fear and adrenaline to take over, enabling him to utilize all of his memorized techniques into a swift and efficient flow of attacks.Kraven was relentless in his assailments that Polish was forced to step into a retreat.
Even so, he was outmatched by two swords, and Polish learned to wield them with deadly purpose. He countered by parrying the Imperial sword away from his neck, then arcing his blade to gut the man, but instead disarmed him with a furious swipe.
The Argonian moved over the shortsword to keep him from reclaiming it.The multitude of citizens and nobles gasped as the Imperial was weaponless and Polish once again had the advantage.
Guided by impulse and the need to end this fight, he raced to the bedraggled Cyrodiil with scimitars drawn. The first blade cut swiftly to amputate Kraven’s hand, while the second slashed horizontally to behead him. Both attacks cut through air rather than flesh as the Imperial rolled over the ground, scrambling to his spear in the center of the arena.Not this time, Polish thought as he sprinted behind the novice, swords reading to stab into his exposed back. Kraven turned grasped his weapon from the middle, rolled over to the side and onto his feet and skewered the tip of his spear at Polish’s direction. The two clashed.Polish-His-Spear felt a pain in his chest as if pressurized fire had burned into his skin and melted a hole into his erector spine. He wondered for a quick moment if his swords had done the same to Kraven, only to find the tip of his scimitars resting between his contender’s arm and hip and poking at his stomach, but not piercing it. He looked down to his own body and found Kraven’s spear deeply lodged into his flesh, surely protruding out from his back. His vision darkened and his mouth tickled a streaming line of blood that seeped onto the side of his jaw.He heard the cries of the spectators in a great distance. It was clear that his frustrations, pains and emotional turmoil had exploded out from him in the form of a resounding battle cry. An honor well-deserved.His life replayed in his mind in rapid flashes, from his earliest memories as a hatchling to a father and a protector of his village.

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