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A holiday once or twice a year may be filled with sexual encounters with prostitutes and the return to the west a depressing return to months of longing and the anticipation of a return visit. The first point of contact with ladyboys is in the ‘scene’ and because we are spending time with prostitutes it’s all too easy to let our expectations and emotions run wild.
The places I am going to tell you about here may prove helpful and even better than if I was your tour guide in Thailand. You can take a taxi from Asok or Nana area to get there but a quicker and more interesting way to travel is by Khong boat. When you arrive, take a motorcycle taxi on soi 31 where you get off the boat and ask for Raj-a-man-gala stadium. San Fran restaurant on the right which is your cue to have the taxi stop as it is directly opposite.
One thing to remember about ladyboys is that while the prostitutes may be very confident and meet your gaze with boldness all other ladyboys may not be similar. The ground floor of this mall houses several hair salons and nail bars and at the weekends this area is quite literally crawling with ladyboys. If you walk through the little alley or exit the rear of the Thai mall you will find yourself in an open talad (market) that sells fruit, meat and ready made foods. Wat Arun is at the top end of the road and then it passes through the European, Indian and Chinese quarters or Chinatown as it’s more commonly called.
Some favourite places of ours are Bangkok’s flower market, (Pat Khlong Talad) and Saphan Puht or the Memorial Bridge. Most tourists and ex-pats don’t ever cross to the west so visiting these places is a much more authentic Thai experience than Khao San Road or Nana Plaza. The Memorial Bridge is a really chilled out place where you may see groups of Thai students playing guitars, drinking whisky and watching the river boats pass underneath, blazing with lights and music, sending sparks out into the night. Underneath the bridge is a really big area of criss-crossing streets and green areas that at night become occupied with every kind of market stall imaginable. The flower market is a short distance from the regular market and this is a ‘must see’ for everyone. Recent Commentsdavidbonnie on Is it possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy?davidbonnie on How and Where to find your Perfect Thai Ladyboy Girlfriend.Arnold on Is it possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy?Martin on How and Where to find your Perfect Thai Ladyboy Girlfriend.davidbonnie on Is it possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy?
We may not be certain what it is but I would hazard a guess that is something that we may all refer to as ‘freedom’. If I was located in the United Kingdom I believe that is exactly how I would feel but if you are a frequent visitor to Thailand and don’t actually live here it seems an unnecessary complication to try to maintain a relationship across the ocean when you can enjoy a new ‘girlfriend’ every time you come back to the land of smiles. So below are some places that I have found to be peopled by more than one ladyboy and on more than one occasion. The last time I went the restaurant was simply a car park with a lot of mats and low tables. I imagine that many foreigners who stare at them do so because they are trying desperately to figure out if she is a girl or ladyboy.
There is a little alley directly opposite the The Mall Bangkapi that leads to the open-air market behind the Thai mall. It is possible to travel by BTS to Wongwain Yai (Big Circle) station and take a taxi from there. Clothes, plants, DVDs, shoes, cameras, puppies, food and drink are just some of the items on sale here and the market attracts lots of Thai people including ladyboys. Emerging from exit 3, Huay Kwang MRT you will see a lot of lights and people over to your right-hand side clustered around a shrine. There is a little coffee shop I sat while Michelle went to her friends shop in a little mall. I like Huay Kwang and Saphan Phut but for sheer numbers of ladyboys, Happyland leads the field. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
While that may be true and to some degree Annie’s advice about keeping one’s eyes and ears open is valid, its also very general advice and when one is in Thailand on holiday, time is a factor.

After possibly spending years as a wage earner, husband and father, putting the needs of others before your own, you may feel like you deserve some ‘me’ time.
The fact that men do form relationships in Thailand despite living in the west suggests that they want much more than just sex. The Joan Jett lookalike ladyboy I met at the khlong boat stop at Bangkapi Mall, the cute ladyboy petrol pump attendant at on Asok Montri road, Khlong Toey and the gorgeous ladyboy architect I met in Din Daeng are great examples of that. If you are on holiday you could spend your time by travelling to one of these locations for an afternoon or evening and still have time to go to your more typical haunts. Rachada BBQ Fish and Seafood is a great seafood restaurant in Bangkok that I was introduced to by a Thai ladyboy.
It is an almost hidden mode of transport that runs from Khao San road in the west to Ladprao in the north-east.
Stop on the bridge where the khlong goes under the road and you can walk down to the jetty on the far side of the road; that is the side of the river farthest from Sukhumvit.
This is probably quire unnerving for the ladyboy so you have to let them know that you are interested in them and think they are beautiful and desirable rather than just appearing to be a gawker. The mall is a pretty good one in actual fact and can be reached by bus, MRT and khlong boat. In my opinion, the western side of the river is the most interesting and I have always had a sense of ‘sabai’ when going over the bridge. Literally thousands of long stem roses, lilies and orchids line the streets that bustle with the market holders packaging and preparing for deliveries across the Bangkok region in the early hours of the morning. There were about a dozen outside one shop alone spraying all the passersby with perfume last time i was there.
You may want a Ladyboy girlfriend but it’s easy to be distracted by the prostitutes who are ‘in your face’ at every turn in Pattaya and parts of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Wisdom gives us the ability to see that if we spend our lives in the ‘scene’ we have simply traded the freedom we sought so avidly for another cage. Pattaya may well have places where non-P4P (hookers) Ladyboys work and live; one works at Pro-Language, and she’s a lovely person, but I think the task of finding someone like that in Pattaya will be much harder. It’s a little way from downtown Bangkok near to Ramkhamhaeng University but a truly unique experience. Trying to describe the way to do this would sound mechanical so I am not going to even attempt it. The boat jetty is just a few stops further than the one needed for the seafood restaurant at Rajamangala Stadium.
Outside on the street in front of the Thai mall is a cosmetics stall peopled entirely by ladyboys. Asking the taxi driver for Saphan Puht should present no problems as long as the meter is running! Outside on the street, fortune tellers sit at small tables their Tarot cards spread out in front of them.
You may want to stray from that ‘well-trod’ path and venture into ‘real’ Thailand but you only have a few weeks.
Human interaction, love and warmth are what we really seek and those things are harder to find in the damaging world of prostitution.
It comes with a pile of lettuce and other greens, a bowl of dry, white noodles,(kanom jhean) and dipping sauces that are delicious.
The boat stops behind the Mall Bangkapi while Ladprao road runs along the front of the mall. They stand around all weekend selling ka-chooka-chik (bits and pieces) of make-up, nail varnish and what-not.
I do like and recommend some of the performers though!Calypso cabaret is on Charoenkrung road. The smell of incense is overpowering and the place has an ‘otherwordly’ reality all its own. You want to experience sex with more than one ladyboy and the easiest way to do that is by hanging out in ‘Hookerville’.

I have been on the same journey and experienced the highs and lows that you too will experience. Ironically, the people who inhabit that world promise to deliver those very qualities in such persuasive tones that we are sometimes fooled. My advice would be to get away from Pattaya if you are serious about finding a girlfriend you can trust.
Eat it by placing a lump of fish, which you can pick with your fingers, some noodles and spicy sauce into a lettuce leaf and shoving the whole package in your mouth.
Inside the ground floor of the Thai mall is a nail bar that is also chokka with ladyboys as are the mobile phone stores upstairs. As you face The Mall Bangkapi, look to your right and follow the sidewalk until you reach another Thai style mall that has several tattoo parlours and cheap goods of all descriptions.
Walking past Papikanet on your right the market proper begins and stretches along both sides of the road into infinity it seems.
But this new found freedom you have found as a tourist or ex-pat carries some risks to both your financial and emotional health.
You already know this, you have already achieved a degree of wisdom and that’s why you are searching for a girlfriend that you can trust. I feel that it may have become a little more ‘self aware’ now in as much as there have been some articles written about it and the entire staff are now ladyboys but I think that it is still likely to be fairly ‘farang free’! You can catch a taxi at the front of The Mall Bangkapi that will take you to MRT Ladprao in about 10 minutes.
Most of the shops and stalls are selling clothes, make-up and shoes until you turn off the main street where you may find goats and chickens in noisy overcrowded pens. Near the bottom of this amazing road is Asiatique, home of the Calypso Cabaret and more to the point, there is a series of Thai food shops opposite Asiatique where the showgirls regularly eat.
There are lots of places to sit and eat in the market even air-conditioned restaurants so it can be a fun evening and every time I have been there I have seen lots of ladyboys. The traffic can be terrible along Ladprao road which is why the boat is a good call earlier than 7pm or so. A friend who went there once on my recommendation was disappointed that he did not see any ladyboys so I guess you need a little luck as well!
The area itself is really interesting and the Chao Phrya River is truly beautiful at all times of year. If you go very late you will encounter lots of hookers who often go there after 2 am when their bars close. The truth is that bar owners, sex tourists and whores work very hard at normalising the experience of buying and selling human beings but it is not really a question of normality. It’s possible to catch a free boat from the dock outside BTS Saphan Takhsin and sail down to Asiatique. It is a question of the negative affect prostitution has on both the buyer and seller and, crucially, their ability to have a relationship with another person beyond those opposing parameters.
Hotels that are between 300 and 600 baht a night where Thai men take their mistresses for a few hours.
It has been said before that Thailand is like an adult Disneyland, but would you want to live in Disneyland forever or marry one of the characters who was never out ‘of role’? Now, I am not going to tell you that I see them every time I go out but it will be fun to take a look. The show is on every night and there is enough literature about it available so I won’t bore you with details.

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