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Steve Buscemi may sometimes come across as a tad creepy, but who could possibly resist that heart-melting gaze of his?
Your friends may be saying that you’ve reached a new low in celebrity boyfriends, yet he makes you feel so young! Luckily for you, this online quiz to find your celebrity boyfriend is just as pointless as the all the other ones. Previous Article← MEME MONDAY: This Could Be UsNext ArticleI Look Like Shelley Duvall! Your match is the dapper Mr Cumberbatch, and you like your men well-dressed and well-spoken, with a traditional approach to romance.
Your love match is Idris Elba, the irresistible silver fox who's had us swooning ever since The Wire.
Tom Hiddleston is the man for you, so chances are you're after a guy who can make you laugh one minute and make you think the next.

This total sweetie would spoil you rotten and make you feel like the only girl in the world, even if you're just staying in with a bottle of wine and a box set. The London boy is a DJ as well as an actor, so no doubt he knows all the cool places to take his dates.
As Loki, he proved he can smirk with the best of them, but we also love it when he tackles more serious roles. Brooding Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is your romantic match, but don't worry too much: he's a lot more fun off screen! We've spent a long time trying to work out exactly when the man behind Bane first caught our eye, but whenever it was, we've been swooning ever since. Find out which of our favourite British actors is your ultimate love match by taking our quiz now! After all, Cumberbatch is as well known for his sci-fi roles as he is for his characters in period dramas, and he's just as likely to be snapped getting down on the dance floor as he is reading a poem at a public event.

Smart, cute, and absolutely devoted to the important people in his life, Eddie's definitely a keeper . Those soulful eyes and irresistible curls are probably enough, but if you need more persuading, he's also totally relaxed about nudity.
To top it off, he's well known for his charity work and devotes a lot of his time to helping good causes.

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