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As some of you know I am in San Diego doing my post-bac before heading to med school and this program has been shedding some light on the current healthcare system and what is about to happen. Some things we have spoken about are electrical medical records and how the medical practice itself is going to change.
The Texas Legislature is trying to pass what many call the “Abortion Bill” which plans on closing the majority of the abortion clinics in Texas. Well, these men don’t like being treated like, well, women and Governor Perry (who won’t be running again) called for a special session to try and bring the issue back to life and today they will be voting on it AGAIN.
Read up on it.) He doesn’t want the old white men government to tell his daughter, his wife, his niece, etc. He took on the persona of the Spaceman or Space Ace, and played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982.
For one, I am so grateful to have such great resources to the frontlines of change and to be given a current, realistic view on what I am getting into.

I feel like many medical students are going into the profession putting these major points on the backburner because they are relying on the good salary and prestige of the profession while ignoring what the profession actually entails. If any have been keeping up with the drama, Senator Wendy Davis successfully filibustered stopped the bill from being voted on along with the support of thousands of men and women there to support her at the Texas capitol.
Today has been a chill day studying, doing some yoga and all of sudden I had a craving to cook. Jessica Ferrari’s office) I hate that I can’t be right there with him standing with Texas women at the capitol today.
He live tweets, live streams, wakes up early, yells, videos all of this history taking place and I am so proud and so jealous! So, I promptly grabbed my bags and headed to Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, and Whole Foods in that order! The nutritional yeast does some magic of some kind creating a cheese-like, creamy taste and texture.

Being a doctor is going to take some serious endurance, upkeep, and consistency to excel in the profession. Hey, not everyone can be a dermatologist and with this new legislation, the pay might not be has inflated as they may be expecting.
He has been down to Austin 2 times to help Wendy Davis and thousands of her supporters fight against this bill that will hurt Texas women and has been very active in women’s rights all of my life. I know it sounds extreme to go to three different stores, but I literally couldn’t find all the ingredients in one place. The secret to less abortions is more birth control, sex education, more awareness and less fear.

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