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Getting to know you: But despite Missi setting her sights on Walden, it is actually Jake (Angus T. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Idag ar jag hemma fran skolan for mina vattkoppor ar kvar over hela kroppen och skolan sager att man maste vara hemma aven efter man har varit sjuk. Spidex Software has announced the release of SpidexWM 4.0, the latest version of its widely-implemented web-based module for managing asset care and engineering maintenance. New user interface: enhancements have been made to SpidexWM user screens so that they are now even more straightforward for operators to navigate, enter data and look up day-to-day information. Work order scheduling: maintenance work orders can now be allocated and scheduled in SpidexWM immediately upon creation. The latest medical facility to select Spidex's DataSabre water testing management software is The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.
The Wesley, part of UnitingCare Health group, is one of the largest private hospitals in Queensland.
Like all hospitals, The Wesley carries out a rigorous water testing program to detect the presence of microbes such as legionella. Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented “DataSabre gives healthcare professionals complete beginning-to-end management of their microbial water testing program. Spidex is pleased to announce that Malteries Soufflet has opted to retain and upgrade Mainsaver CMMS following last year’s acquisition of Shobnall Maltings in Burton-on-Trent.
Shobnall Maltings (previously owned by Molson Coors) has used Mainsaver CMMS to record and schedule maintenance activities for well over a decade.
Along with the upgrade comes a new helpdesk support contract with Spidex, which gives Soufflet’s Mainsaver users access to technical assistance via phone, email and web portal.
The addition of Shobnall means that Soufflet now owns 27 maltings in Europe, South America and Asia with a total annual production capacity of 2,273,000 tonnes. Spidex is pleased to announce a new series of public training courses for Mainsaver, Infomaker and SpidexBI users, which will take place in February 2016 at our education suite in Coleshill, Warwickshire. Onsite training courses can be arranged for those who may be unavailable on the scheduled dates, or for Spidex customers with non-standard or site-specific user requirements.
Spidex has announced the launch of a brand new dedicated website for its DataSabre water testing management software. DataSabre is a unique software application which is already in use by a number of NHS Trusts.
The new website was built by Deckchair, the Bristol-based digital consultancy that Spidex previously commissioned to build its corporate site, as well as the dedicated website for EPRAIS health & safety management software.
Spidex Software is delighted to announce that a global automotive components manufacturer has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support a best-practice maintenance programme at its UK manufacturing facility. The company is a Tier 1 supplier to household-name automotive OEMs such as Jaguar Land Rover.
The company’s Maintenance Group Leader led the project team which evaluated competing CMMS offerings. Ultimately, production operatives will be able to raise work requests directly from the factory floor with just a few mouse-clicks, using a custom-built interface that shows each plant item’s location on a graphical layout of the production area. The anticipated process improvements don’t end at day-to-day work order management however.
Spidex Software has announced that Lightbody, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of celebration cakes to the retail multiple sector, has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support best-practice maintenance at its production site in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. The CMMS implementation will supercede manual maintenance recording methods which, while well managed, can no longer provide the requisite real-time visibility of departmental performance. Spidex Software will be showing the latest version of its water-testing management software DataSabre at the forthcoming ESGLI Conference in London. ESGLI (the European Study Group for Legionella Infections) will be convening at the Barbican Centre on 16th – 17th September 2015.
ESGLI’s audience comprises academics, scientists and health professionals from across the UK and Europe, many of whom are directly involved in the prevention of legionella and other waterborne microbial infections. DataSabre's new suite of easy-to-read reports enables users to retrieve test data using a range of search parameters such as test type, sample location and time period. Spidex Software has sponsored one of its customers Lee Manford, who is taking part in a gruelling three-part physical challenge to raise funds for the charity Dementia UK. The physical trial Lee has set for himself consists of endurance bicycle, swimming and running events. The final, most daunting hurdle will be the Chester Marathon on 4th October, for which Lee is now in intensive training. Driving him forward in these endeavours is passion for the work of Dementia UK, whose support for those affected he has seen first-hand after a close relative was diagnosed with the condition aged just 44. Lee is currently more than 70% of the way towards his donation target and any additional contributions are extremely welcome. In addition to facilitating the 5-stage questioning process, the new EPRAIS functions enable users to propose and archive a variety of corrective tasks to identified root causes, attribute costs to each proposed solution and when agreed, schedule and assign them to named individuals.
Spidex Software has announced that MacDermid Autotype, a leading global manufacturer of high quality precision coated films and blended liquids, has selected Mainsaver CMMS and EPRAIS health & safety software for implementation at its Oxfordshire manufacturing facility. Having decided to look in the market for software solutions to support those objectives, the evaluation of competing CMMS products was led by Site Maintenance Engineer Graham Brindley. The implementation will also include the EPRAIS Permit-to-Work module, which impressed the evaluation team for its flexibility in allowing the creation of permit templates configured to reflect the specific requirements of MacDermid’s operating environment.
Leeds Bradford enjoyed a record-breaking 2014 in terms of passenger numbers, and the acquisition of Mainsaver and EPRAIS represents part of a concerted strategy to further improve departmental service to visitors and commercial tenants at the airport by the maintenance and engineering function. The opening phases of the project will have the twin objectives of increasing the percentage of planned maintenance works around the site and further improving management of engineering stores inventory using Mainsaver CMMS. The Leeds Bradford maintenance department is looking ultimately to attain ISO 55000 accreditation, and would be among the first UK airports to do so. Spidex Software has announced that its health & safety management software has been re-branded as EPRAIS.
The decision was taken after an evaluation exercise which concluded that the previous name ISIS (an acronym of Integrated Safety Information Systems) would have negative connotations with potential customers for the foreseeable future. The name EPRAIS was formed using the initial letters of various modules in the software suite and is not a word in English.
Schlegel UK, leading European manufacturer of door and window sealing systems, has selected Mainsaver CMMS for its manufacturing facility in Bedfordshire, Spidex Software has announced. Mainsaver is expected to support the establishment of a new preventative maintenance (PM) regime at the site, whose top-quality ISO-accredited range of architectural hardware products is distributed across four continents. Gary Williams, the company’s Divisional SHE Compliance Manager, led the evaluation of competing CMMS products.
After an extensive pan-European comparison exercise, carried out over a number of months and which examined the comparative features in a number of CMMS solutions, Schlegel finally decided on Mainsaver. Spidex User Conference 2014 has been declared a great success by speakers, delegates and organisers.
Mainsaver USA’s Dominic Fortino (pictured above) crossed the Atlantic to give delegates a well-received early insight into developments that will feature in upcoming versions of Mainsaver. Gerard Delahunt and Ian Craig of Dublin Airport Authority delivered a case study that explained how the Spidex CMMS suite is supporting a Lean Asset Care strategy at Dublin Airport, one of Europe’s fastest-growing transport hubs. The background to a brand new Spidex product was given by George McCracken of Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, the largest NHS Trust in the UK. Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling, who delivered the opening address on both days, commented “2014 really has been a terrific User Conference. Spidex Software will be officially launching its latest software solution DataSabre at the forthcoming Healthcare Estates 2014 exhibition in Manchester. DataSabre is an easy-to-use application that is already helping a number of NHS Trusts attain improved regulatory compliance through better management and control of test results for waterborne microbes such as legionella and pseudomonas.
The software provides a central repository for all testing records with comprehensive search, filter, scheduling, alerting and reporting facilities. Healthcare Estates 2014 takes place at the prestigious Manchester Central exhibition venue on 7th-8th October 2014.

Spidex has announced the release of Accident Investigation, the latest software module from its comprehensive new EPRAIS health & safety management suite.
Accident Investigation provides the means for organisations to ensure that all evidence, statements, documentation and correspondence pertaining to a lost-time event can be gathered and safely consolidated into a secure digital repository. Powerful analytics tools within the Accident Investigation module help to establish root-cause information on individual accidents and provide visibility of trands over time. EPRAIS Accident Investigation can be used as a standalone solution or operate alongside its sister module EPRAIS Adverse Event Reporting to provide a seamless, continuous audit trail from the very first report of an adverse event right through until case closure and settlement of claims.
Leading food producer Greencore Prepared Meals has achieved measurable bottom-line benefits since introducing Mainsaver CMMS to support best-practice maintenance at a number of its production sites.
Mainsaver has also proved flexible enough to facilitate quick and easy logging of maintenance jobs in the production area.
As well as a complete asset register, Mainsaver also now holds the entire associated PM schedule. UC2014 presents a unique and valuable opportunity for Mainsaver users from across the UK, Ireland and further afield to exchange ideas, tips and advice in one of the region's finest conferencing venues. A range of UC2014 attendance packages are available to suit all requirements and budgets, with early-bird discounts for those able to book by Friday 11th July. Harvest Energy, one of the UK's largest independent suppliers of road fuels, has implemented Mainsaver CMMS from Spidex Software to help support a best-practice maintenance program at its production plant on Teesside. Harvest Energy's biodiesel facility at Seal Sands has an output capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes per annum. Plant Manager Lee Wood led the CMMS evaluation, with the objective of finding a software solution that would make the process of scheduling critical preventative maintenance tasks quicker and more efficient. Spidex Managing Director Jonathan Starling commented: "It is a great pleasure to welcome Harvest Energy to the Mainsaver CMMS user community in the UK. Harvest Energy already supplies more than 10% of the UK's requirements and is working towards market leader position in the supply of motor fuels to independent retailers.
Adverse Event Reporting provides the means for companies to fulfil their statutory duty to record, report and investigate accidents and also enables recording and analysis of hazards, near-misses and unsafe practices to help create a safer workplace. If an accident occurs, it is vital that as much information about it as possible is collected quickly and accurately. Spidex is delighted to announce that leading food ingredients manufacturer AAK UK has selected EPRAIS Permit-to-Work software to support management of health & safety at its production site in Runcorn.
AAK, a world-leading producer of edible fats & oils used in the food manufacturing and baking industries, had been conducting a review of existing paper-based permit procedures at the site when it was introduced to EPRAIS. Health & Safety Manager Mike Pocock contacted Spidex to request an online demonstration of the Permit-to-Work module. Documents such as method statements, risk assessments, factory layouts and circuit diagrams can be attached to each permit electronically. Acceptance and sign-off of individual permits is carried out either electronically or manually, with a full audit trail of changes easily retrievable for subsequent examination if required.
Health & safety managers at larger sites can also view the precise geographical location of every current permit, including its status, on Google Maps.
Spidex Software is delighted to announce that Tech Group Ireland has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support management of maintenance activities at its manufacturing facility near Dublin.
The company had previously managed its maintenance program using paper work-order printouts, the details upon which were subsequently added to spreadsheets by administrators. Having surveyed the CMMS market in general, Tech Group originally narrowed detailed evaluation to three solutions. Implementation of Mainsaver commenced with systematic collection of site plant data to create a new, properly-structured asset register. This latest version of the EPRAIS software has also benefited from a raft of other enhancements which contribute to further improvements in general user experience. The EPRAIS suite has been developed in conjunction and partnership with a broad cohort of health & safety professionals, and is already working within operating environments as diverse as the NHS, food packing plants, multi-site dairies and the air travel industry. For organisations of all types and sizes, EPRAIS is designed to give health & safety personnel the tools at their disposal to reduce the number of near misses and adverse incidents, minimise the associated financial and management costs and attain regulatory compliance. The company had previously created health & safety risk assessments on paper, and although the process was robust and well-managed, it presented many of the usual challenges associated with paper-based administration.
The principal benefit derived so far from the EPRAIS Risk Assessment module has been to allow Muller Wiseman personnel to input and store their comprehensive suite of control measures within the software. The entire lifecycle of a risk assessment - creation, signoff at senior management level, assignment to relevant individuals to read, acceptance and signoff prior to work commencing - is carried out electronically.
The EPRAIS software, with its drop-down menus, searchable database and automatic renewal reminders, is designed to make creation, storage and retrieval of risk assessments as straightforward as possible without compromising safety.
Muller Wiseman Dairies is already using the EPRAIS Permit-to-Work module at its production sites with similar levels of success. World-famous soft drinks manufacturer A G Barr has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support management of maintenance at its production site in Cumbernauld. The state-of-the-art Cumbernauld factory can produce a staggering 690 million cans of soft drink per year. Alongside Mainsaver, the implementation at Cumbernauld features the SpidexWM web maintenance module, Mobile Mainsaver, Spidex IA (Intelligent Alerts) Spidex dRA (Dynamic Risk Assessment) and an interface between the CMMS modules and Barr’s ERP system MFG Pro.
According to Jim Anderson, Spidex dRA was a significant factor in the decision to adopt the Spidex offering. Schematic Drilldown: users can now locate the piece of equipment against which they wish to log a work request by drilling through simple pictorial representations of successive layers of the asset hierarchy. Shift Log: a new module of SpidexWM that enables operators to record minor lost-time incidents that occur during their shift using a simple touchscreen on the shop floor.
Swipecard Login: users can now log in to SpidexWM using swipe or RFID access control cards to facilitate speedy yet secure access to the system. Configurable Homepages: SpidexWM can be configured to direct users straight to the page of their choosing upon login. EPRAIS 1.2 features some significant enhancements, including email alert notifications for Permits-to-Work, multiple level PPE selection and sub-questions on checklists, among many others. The EPRAIS suite has been developed in conjunction and partnership with a broad cohort of health & safety professionals, and is already working within operating environments as diverse as the NHS, food packing plants, multi-site dairies and the airline industry. For organisations of all types and sizes, EPRAIS is designed to give health & safety professionals the tools at their disposal to reduce the number of incidents, minimise the associated costs and attain regulatory compliance. Simpsons Malt, the UK’s largest independently-owned malt producer, has expanded its Mainsaver CMMS installation to a second manufacturing site, in a move that is keenly anticipated to replicate the success of its predecessor. The site selected for Simpsons’ second Mainsaver CMMS installation is situated at Tivetshall St Margaret, in the barley-growing county of Norfolk. Simpsons Malt has been using Mainsaver successfully at its largest manufacturing site (and head office) at Berwick-on-Tweed for over 5 years. The procedural improvements and cost-savings achieved under Chief Engineer Pat Richards’ maintenance regime at Berwick were fully enabled and supported by Mainsaver. An immediate key benefit from the new installation will be clearer visibility of operational performance within the group.
The project at Tivetshall consists of the installation of 10 additional Mainsaver software licences together with a standard Spidex implementation and user training programme.
The latest issue of "The Spidex Web" features a full report on proceedings at the 2013 User Conference, held in Cheltenham. International flour and food coatings manufacturer Bowman Ingredients has selected Mainsaver CMMS to support best-practice maintenance management at its production facility in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
The implementation includes the core Mainsaver work order management, preventative maintenance, time & materials, personnel and reports modules. Bowman Ingredients has other production sites in South Africa and Australia, and with additional bases in France, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, there could well be opportunities to circulate the maintenance best practice established at Hitchin in other parts of the globe. Man kan gora sa himla manga olika figurer och jag har borjat prenumerera pa nagra kanaler som visar tutorials pa hur maa kan gora coola parlplattor.
The new version of SpidexWM has benefited from a host of technical enhancements and further improvements to general user experience. It employs over 2,000 staff and delivers tertiary-level medical and surgical services across 30 specialisms, including cardiology, urology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, maternity and women’s health.

Such programs naturally create large amounts of data in the form of sampling records and test results, which in many cases is stored in manual formats such as log-books and spreadsheets.
This means straightforward set-up and maximum data security, without occupying valuable network space within the hospital’s IT infrastructure.
However the system, well-liked by the site’s engineers, had not been upgraded for some time.
Their production site manufactures a wide range of high-specification components associated with vehicle exhaust and fuel systems. Work requests were phoned through to the maintenance office, logged and then written up on a board, to be allocated to an engineer when one became available. In addition to Mainsaver, the installation will include the SpidexWM web maintenance suite including risk assessment, auto-alerting and report dashboard functions. The two-day programme features specialist guest speakers who will be giving presentations on key topics relating to Legionella such as epidemiology, typing & diagnosis, prevention strategy and outbreak analysis. Sika selected Spidex’s Mainsaver CMMS, SpidexWM and EPRAIS Permit-to-Work solutions earlier this year.
The first was a 203-mile return bicycle ride between Wolverhampton and Aberdovey which took place in June. EPRAIS is a new breed of health & safety software, already being used successfully in a wide variety of operating environments, from airports to food manufacturing. Every stage of this process is automatically logged, providing a complete audit trail for subsequent analysis. When these are established, future phases will include the deployment of the EPRAIS software suite to support an improved health & safety regime for the benefit of passengers, employees and external contractors.
Spidex customers using versions of the software with the previous name will be contacted in due course to discuss upgrading. The latest releases of SpidexWM and the EPRAIS Health & Safety suite were also showcased. DAA’s speakers also showed how they are using the EPRAIS Permit-to-Work module alongside Mainsaver to support best-practice contractor management.
He gave a riveting description of the inherent difficulties working within the compliance framework for microbial water testing. As part of the IHEEM Annual Conference, the show provides a unique gathering-point for facilities, estates, risk and compliance professionals working in the health sector. Supporting documentation such as policies, work permits and photographs can also be linked. During this period, it emerged that a number of the site engineers had previously used Mainsaver at other industrial sites and spoke highly of its usability. This was followed by collection, formatting and upload of plant & asset data into the CMMS, to which was attached the new preventative maintenance schedule.
There are now more than 100 distinctively-branded Harvest Energy forecourts in Britain and the company also supplies a wide commercial customer base that includes supermarkets, logistics firms, bus operators and local authorities. The software, with easy-to-use flexible forms, drop-down menus and body-map graphics (shown above) ensure that this data entry is as straightforward as possible. Impressed with what he saw, he then arranged for a more detailed demonstration of the product for AAK’s safety and engineering teams.
Permit expiry and renewal is managed entirely within the module, with clear report overviews available to show current, expired and upcoming permits. Tech Group is a leading global supplier of medical devices, with the production plant in Ireland specialising in metered-dose inhalers. One of the competing products was disregarded at quite an early stage when it emerged that it could not be interfaced with OEE systems. This new database was then used to create a Mainsaver test environment in which the engineers were able to practice their new-found skills following user system training.
Keith Henderson has a few ideas about what will “The immediate benefits I expect to see in this department are better co-ordination of maintenance works and easier, more accurate recording of asset information.
The user simply highlights and clicks on any permit displayed on the map to retrieve its details. The first site installation has already gone live and the software is expected to be rolled out to additional facilities in due course. Muller Wiseman selected EPRAIS with the twin objectives of simplifying the risk assessment process while maintaining the content and quality of the assessments produced. Safety assessors using EPRAIS are thereby provided with a standardised range of realistic control measures for each of the identified hazards on site. The key factor to that success lies in how straightforward the EPRAIS modules are to operate, even for personnel who don’t possess IT expertise. The drinks giant, which produces such household-name brands as Irn-Bru, Strathmore Water and Rubicon, will go live with Mainsaver later this month. It has recently benefited from a £50m investment in uprated production, warehousing and logistics facilities, an investment which the maintenance department will play a major role in protecting.
This further improves SpidexWM's ease of use and speed of operation, particularly for operations personnel who may have little previous experience of using CMMS systems. At the end of each shift, a summary report can be generated giving details of all such events, which gives maintenance managers actionable insight into recurring small-scale engineering issues before they result in a serious breakdown. This ensures that users are in front of the information they need to do their jobs in the shortest possible time. The Tivetshall maltings, which has been producing malt continuously since 1872, now boasts an output of some 50,000 tonnes every year. Such a tremendous success story is the Berwick site that it became the subject of a Mainsaver case study.
These improvements formed the economic justification for investment in the Mainsaver rollout at Tivetshall, which is hoped to deliver similarly impressive results. Senior management will have the ability to accurately compare adherence to maintenance KPIs between the two sites, as each will be using exactly the same CMMS, asset data structure, inventory and finance systems. These are augmented by the SpidexWM web maintenance suite, which enables site-wide work request access for day-today users.
The last few years have seen substantial investment in new plant, including fully-automated blending and heat-treatment facilities. Jag alskar att dansa, vara med mina kompisar, fota, blogga, filma, shoppa, bada, resa och mysa med min kanin Xpress. The change of ownership offered a means to access the latest technology available in Mainsaver version 11.6 whilst retaining departmental continuity in ongoing day-to-day usage of the core Mainsaver modules. The second, a one-mile swim in the frigid open waters of Salford Quays, was successfully completed earlier this month (see main picture).
Their presentation featured a live real-time link to the airport’s network to show how EPRAIS displays the exact map location of every live permit.
These issues ultimately led to himself and his team working alongside Spidex in the development of DataSabre, a new water testing management module which subsequently replaced the Trust’s manual recording systems.
If you are interested in seeing DataSabre, you are very welcome to visit Spidex on stand C16. Each investigation has its own "home-page" from which all the required information can be accessed with a simple click for retrieval and analysis by authorised individuals.
Spidex customers will have an opportunity to view the product first hand at the forthcoming User Conference on 1st-2nd October.
Each permit is stored electronically in a central database for quick and easy reference and retrieval. Of the remaining options, Mainsaver won out because of superior performance in two key areas. Hon har gjort jattemanga sota olika parlplattor och hon gor orhangen och annat av det :) Sa nu vill jag ocksa borja gora parlplattor.

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