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The Wadden Sea is an expansive network of rich habitats in the North Sea, but its richness is also heavily exploited by humans. The first-ever migration report of whole East Atlantic Flyway has shown that the Wadden Sea, a huge migration stop-over zone in the North Sea, is in danger. Europe's Wadden Sea is a vast coastal wetland comprising tidal flats, islands, salt marshes and other habitats. This Natura 2000 (EU nature protection network) site is used by 12 million birds every year, and is crucial for more than 60 species at the breeding, migration and wintering stages of their lives. Alarmingly, a report has revealed that of the 66 species using the East Atlantic Flyway, waterbirds that feed on shellfish, crabs and worms in the Wadden Sea have decreased in number by 2.5 million between 2003 and 2014, although the fish-eating species have seen a rise.
These findings have been published in a census report on migratory birds along the East Atlantic Flyway conducted in 2014 by the Wadden Sea Fly-way Initiative, Wetlands International and BirdLife International, together with national organisations and government institutions from the countries directly concerned.
The report explains the findings of the annual International Waterbird Census, the long-term site-based monitoring scheme for non-breeding waterbirds. These counts how that overall flyway population trends are more positive than those in the Wadden Sea. The count has proved that despite being declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 2009 and being a Natura 2000 site, the Wadden Sea remains in danger. Coastal herons in America shape their lives around the tides according to their size and even follow prey cycles tied to the phases of the moon. Geolocators have been found to have a detrimental effect on three small wader species, leading scientists to recommend their use on birds only over a certain weight. For Puffin Fest, the Scottish Seabird Centre's celebration of the iconic seabird, visitors are being asked to make Puffin models with LEGO bricks to get free entry. Thanks to nearly A?1 million of funding, the RSPB has purchased an area of land equivalent to around 100 football pitches in the Broads National Park, Norfolk.
BTO Garden Birdwatch data has revealed that more individuals of scarcer species were present in Britain's gardens than usual, due to an early April cold snap.
You can update your settings by clicking the Cookie Policy link which can be found any time at the bottom of the page. Conservative MP Alun Cairns wants to introduce a bill to legislate against nuisance calls and is asking for members of the public to come forward with evidence to back this bill.
Alun Cairns MP says, "This is a significant issue, particularly for those who are at home during the day, many of whom are pensioners. The communications regulator Ofcom says it's cracking down on companies which make nuisance calls. Companies by law can’t contact anyone registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) unless they’ve given specific permission to do so. We’ve seen a significant increase in the complaints received over the past few months as they have tripled since January 2012. The Information Commissioner's Office has the power to enforce these regulations and deal with companies operating outside of the law.
Christine Price on Facebook: My phone ringer is turned off these days - sort of defeats the object I know, but they were driving me bonkers!

Two nuisance calls a week is too many and this detailed research will help us understand the root cause of the problem. We will use the full range of our powers to tackle abandoned and silent calls, but this is a complex area that requires joint action from a number of different agencies and Government. In January, it published a five-point action plan for tackling the problem - including trying to better trace the companies behind nuisance calls, and better enforcement. TalkTalk was fined ?750,000 last month for making an excessive number of abandoned and silent calls. People experiencing nuisance calls get an average of two every week, according to research from the communications industries regulator Ofcom. Nuisance calls include unwanted sales calls, where a call centre worker is on the other end of the line, recorded messages, or silent calls, where there is nobody there when you pick up. It stretches more than 280 miles along the North Sea coast of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, and at more than 6,000 square miles, it is one of the largest wetlands in the world. It is also one of the most important and extensive sites on the East Atlantic Flyway, the path used by about six million birds to migrate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering sites in Western Europe and West Africa, thousands of miles away. More disturbingly, birds that are largely dependent on the Wadden Sea, like Oystercatcher, are declining in comparison with those that are not. What has made the 2014 count different is that it focuses on the fly-way as a whole – the first time such simultaneous and integrated monitoring has been attempted. This suggests that differences in the Wadden Sea are mainly caused by local factors such as predation and depleted food resources rather than global factors like climate change; the latter are most likely caused by land reclamation, an increase in fishery activities, oil and natural gas extraction, and pollution. Even though he comes from the other end of Europe, Michail Tzouvelekis is passionate about the North Sea oil and gas industry.
Alun Cairns wants to introduce a bill to legislate against cold calling and make it illegal for any commercial organisation to withold their number. He says making businesses apply for permission to withhold their phone numbers could help stop us from getting them. According to our figures, this is largely because of increased marketing activity of payment protection insurance (PPI), accident claims, energy comparison services, insulation grants and lifestyle surveys.
It’s up to companies to choose to comply with the law, and up to the regulators to choose to take action against the companies that break the law.
I advise people receiving unwanted calls to make a complaint to us as we refer every single one to the regulator for investigation.
We are therefore working with the Government and other regulators to help drive a coordinated and more effective response to nuisance calls. The birds need the Wadden Sea and other similar sites to be able to rest and feed, before continuing their journeys. About 1,500 birders in 30 countries counted almost 15 million individual birds, and the findings were compared with individual surveys from 1980 onwards.
The programme is also working on anti-predation and conservation measures, such as restoring natural structures that provide food and shelter to birds on the coast, and the creation of climate-proof islands (to withstand rising sea levels). But this wasna€™t at all part of the career plan of someone who, only about a decade ago, was travelling to film festivals and press junkets, interviewing George Clooney and rubbing shoulders with Richard Gere and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Degradation or even disappearance of these sites is, therefore, a threat to migratory birds, and makes assessing the populations of these species a good indication of the health of the habitats. His role involves working closely with the sales and marketing teams in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark, which support the companya€™s marine and offshore clients.
Michail also has a very personal connection to Dräger, a world leader in safety, respiratory protection and gas detection, but also a manufacturer of medical devices, such as incubators for babies and anaesthesia machines.
I felt very proud when I was telling them that I got the job and I was seeing their reaction.a€? Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Michail, 36, did not initially set out on a career in oil and gas. With a passion for film, Michail started working in cinema and television and during that time he got to meet stars like Clooney, Paltrow and Kidman and directors such as Bertolucci. I remember him talking about his pet pig more than the movie he was promoting!a€? Michail went on to study corporate communication at Robert Gordon University and Strategic Studies at the University of Aberdeen. He got his big break when he was hired to do business development at a market leading drilling management company.
They were also a really great bunch of people to work with and I still go and visit them, even though I left the company almost seven years ago.a€? During his subsequent time as business development manager at a well known training company, Michail understood that training needs to come with a certificate of competence, not just a certificate of attendance.
So he is now working closely with his colleagues at Drägera€™s Academy to develop a new range of courses specifically for the oil and gas industry, which will be launched later in the year and will ensure workers are competent in carrying out safety related tasks.
But they dona€™t know that we can also provide and service fire and rescue equipment from other manufacturers, such as fire extinguishers or life rafts.
With premises in all the key oil and gas North Sea hubs and with over 100 offshore-dedicated staff, the company aims to be the safety partner of choice. Michail says he is passionate about safety, and not just protecting the health, but also the wellbeing of workers. He thinks the industry is right to aim toward zero incidents, but more work needs to be done in creating working environments where everyone is healthy and happy and safe. Because nobody is willing to shut in wells, and with no significant growth in consumption in the horizon, I dona€™t expect a return to over $80 very soon.a€? a€?This creates a big problem for an expensive environment like the North Sea, where some old platforms are now losing money with every barrel they produce. This means operators need to cut costs, which unfortunately leads to redundancies but also threatens the long term future of the basin.
There must never be a compromise on safety.a€? Michail is urging operators to think outside the box when looking for efficiencies.
Ita€™s about supporting breathing and making sure everyone comes home safely to their loved ones. As for advice to someone starting out now in the industry, he says: a€?First of all, never stop learning. Ia€™ve been lucky enough to work for companies that would train me, not just on-the-job, but also by sending me to courses that have given me a technical understanding; from drilling and subsea, to chemical engineering and process safety.
Hea€™s now retired and he told me a€?I could never imagine myself having worked as anything elsea€™.

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