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The fact that NHL hockey is returning this Saturday is creating quite the buzz around the water cooler these days. With so much anticipation being felt across the country for the pucks to drop this Saturday, one may be so inclined to think that the NHL lockout was actually good for business.
Nadia Luna, who also doubles as MeloTel’s Voice Talent Production Manager, is a shining example. Where else are you going to find this combination of talent who is willing to utilize their amazing vocal skills for you – for free? While we have shown you ways to calm down before a speech, new research suggests that’s not always the best strategy to deal with performance anxiety. When people feel anxious and try to calm down, they are thinking about all the things that could go badly.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention.
Maybe you’ve had this experience, as well: you remember reading through some of the latest posts on a new blog and immediately sign up for the RSS and newsletter subscriptions.
The posts were spot-on for what you needed at the time, and they always seemed to deliver exceptional value. The reason those things are important to all of us interested in building our platforms is they allow us to develop and maintain relationships with our audiences. In other words, this style of writing helps us build true community.
We can’t create something and give it to people (or sell it to them) if they’re not listening to us, and we can’t get them to listen to us without giving them something valuable first. Imagine you’re in your living room, hanging out with a close friend who’s come over to visit. My favorite bloggers do an exceptional job making me feel like a friend, even though I’ve never met most of them in person. When they write, it’s like I’m being invited into their living rooms to sit down to chat. When it seems fitting to mention their latest book, course, product, or whatever, I’m going to be interested—because I like this person.
I’ve received so much value from some bloggers that I’m more than happy to help them out with whatever they need: by buying their book, promoting a product, or just bragging about them to my friends. Most of the time, if you’ve done a great job getting to know us and building trust, we’ll want to hear about your stuff. That’s so true — when I recently moved to Colorado Springs from Austin, I found out that a handful of authors I followed on Twitter and through their blogs lived here!
I struggle with the tension between the desire to get my words into the mailboxes of those who will be encouraged by them and conversely, self-promotion. I really hesitated to say anything because I want to be positive and encouraging, and I mean it when I say there may be a perspective I’m missing.
In my opinion, Spielberg is no less an artist because he spends some of his time selling cars. I read your blog and books because you get me to feel good about me, writing, and other writers.
Relationships start because the people first have good social manners. Demonstrating altruistic behavior allows you to be more socially welcome.
Stick with it, Lucrecer; focus on helping others at any cost, and you should be good to go!
I’ve just experienced this first hand when I lost my brother last weekend to an overdose.

That aside, thank you for commenting and sharing with us — talk to you soon, and wish you the best! Thanks also to Jeff for hosting Nick and to Nick for always engaging us with important info!
I think you hit it on the nail: most of the bloggers I like make me feel like I am in their living room chatting with them like a friend.
My dishes are already piling up and my laundry is dirty, so I can’t say that I need to give up somethings for others. So — when I said I needed to be gone awhile, to marry off my youngest son in another state, they did what you said: they bought it!
Don’t Miss a Thing!Every week, I write new articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference. Canadians are especially excited as a winter without hockey is pretty much like a winter without snow. Common sense will tell you that it wasn’t – but it certainly has done a lot to whet the appetites of hockey fans everywhere.
For audio evidence, we encourage you to download the album she put together with our company President, John Meloche – an incredible voice talent in his own right.
Because some jobs are just too fun for us to turn down, we’re willing to excite you to the point where you begin talking about MeloTel as you would the upcoming NHL hockey season – with a lot of excitement! Sadly, most of us get well under eight hours per night, which is the amount recommended by most sleep specialists. GeForce GTX 1080 Australian pricing and release date, Aussie dollar could hurtle below 70 US cents, three League Of Legends teams hit with banhammer.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Despite how much these blogs have grown, you’ve always felt like the person was talking just to you.
The best blogs get their communities excited and passionate, and then use that momentum to create more exciting opportunities. You and this friend swap the usual stories—life, work, relationship updates—and then they notice your book on the coffee table.“Hey—did you write this?” they ask.
This friend is interested in your overall well-being, not just one particular interest you might have in common.
You can use a blog, Twitter, or something else, but you need to find people who share your passion. Most of what you read about “building a platform” or “developing an online presence” can be boiled down to these three components.
If you entice me with great content, provide massive value about something I need help with, and then over-deliver on that expectation, I’m going to be a fan of yours. Since I consider you an friend, I’d be interested in hearing about any of your upcoming projects. Would your brother, friend, or mother-in-law be excited about an upcoming project, and be willing to support you in some way?
They want to support you in whatever you do — if you care enough to treat them as you would a real friend or relative.
Can you get people excited about whatever you write if you first show interest in them? Share in the comments.
If you look like you care you can win people over. How do you get people to believe you care about them?

Speaking for myself, I feel that connection when I sense that they get me and that I matter to them as a person, not just as another stat or someone who will add to their bottom line. I’ve written about grief and had an outpouring of condolences from my tribe (some of the same people here in the comments) and many have shared the content because of the way it spoke to them about loss.
I really needed to have all the  information you pointed out as I weigh on the idea of starting a new blog. It is also how I have become friends with some of them because of a genuine interest in them. And yes, I agree that switching to WordPress is one of the best things you can do for your platform! I’ve tried hard to keep my blog personal, to a point, and my subscribers love it, they say. Honesty goes a long way in this world, and I think most people understand that bloggers are people too, and we have “life” things to attend to! It takes some time to convince bloggers and other writers that they need to be themselves, but it’s true!
It’s so nice to see you in so many places spreading the good word and doing so much to help others. This blog is where I share my best work and test out ideas before they make it into my books. And as we all should know, there’s no better type of promotion than word-of-mouth promotion. Here are five most important things you need to know in order to make the resting hours you do get count.
The last double-dissolution election was held in 1987, when the Hawke government was returned to power. And without fail, I show up day after day, week after week, excited to read what these writers have to say. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.Start Building Your Audience TodayDownload my free eBook and learn exactly what I did to grow my blog from zero to 100,000 readers in 18 months. I have also found so many people who are willing to share my thoughts just because I took time to interact with them and show an interest in what they are doing. My biggest concern was how are people going to find my blog and what would keep them coming back.
If you have a unique project that you think is so cool, it would look great on our portfolio, we’ll go ahead and record it for you – for free! His latest single “Love Again”, as part of the duo Perfeck Strangers, was released yesterday! For more information on other exciting products and services offered by MeloTel, call 1-888-MELOTEL.
I’m selling used cars now!”) probably won’t be well received, nor will incessant promotions in rapid succession. I think people can easily tell when you are only about promoting your own work instead of trying to help them. But, in most cases, the excitement that you generate from freebies encourages customers to keep coming back, while recommending you to others.

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