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Don't find what you are looking for, get our detailed catalog, samples, services and price list. Maye Hair Extensions Manufacture and Factor suppliers ,Offers Itip Hair Extensions for stylists,Hair stores and Beauty supply stores.
Pick a color that is a closest match to your own hair to see our antastic ombre solutions for you.
How to measure your hair lengthYou should measure the hair starting from the top of the head to the bottom tip.
How to choose hair weight: You can go for 95g-135g(14inches-24inches) extensions if your hair is fine and just want some extra length and volume.
We recommend you should go for the 170g-260g (14inches-24inches) hair extensions if you have a thicker hair type or looking for maximum volume and amount of hair as it will blend the most naturally.
You can select a closest color to your own hair from color chart, which would bring you a natural looking. The silky straight hair texture is the natural state of the Indian Hair as it comes from the donor. We will process your order within 24 hours after receipt and contact you by email or telephone in time for any problems. The glue is made out of keratin, a primary component of hair fibre, so it is one of the safest ways to attach hair extensions without damaging your hair.
It takes between 2 to 5 hours, depending on your hair thickness and the style you are aiming for. If you aim to increase your hair volume, it should be at least 3 to 4 inches long, whereas 4 to 5 inches long if you aim to lengthen your hair.
When the hair extensions are fitted, each layer is managed so that the lowest layer is free of hair extensions.
To receive 50% off your order, visit, choose any design layout that fits your business goals and enter the coupon code 31959239 at the check out. If you want to start an online store, we offer you to try out this clean Electronics Shop Theme for PrestaShop.
Sometimes photographers manage to present city scenery in their works in ways we can't even imagine. It is always a tough thing to find appealing, user-friendly and at the same time crisp fonts for your latest web project, yet Google Fonts helps sort this problem out.
Today Ia€™ve assembled for you a collection of some of the very best web layouts oriented to cinema and movie business.
Every web designer has his favorite fonts for headings designed specifically for large point size.
One page layout designs are extremely popular these days especially with people willing to showcase their works in a single instant and interesting way without excessive mess with the core information displayed. With the arrival of the first month of summer I have assembled a new collection of photographs devoted to this beautiful season. Forms are significant part of any web page used to collect information from website visitors and guests. Today, it is very popular to hire pro web designers and developers to build one's online store. Additional brushes for Photoshop provide a huge opportunity to create beautiful drawings, posters, collages or website designs. In the last few years you can observe the development of trend of creating designs that are very simple and minimalist. Google Maps is a very effective implement to help us find points of interest we want to know about.
If you are about to add an artistic and professional look to your image gallery, this showcase is your lucky chance to do everything so straightforward, so easy. If you are an artist, photographer, graphic designer or web developer, it's important that you set up an impressive online presence to showcase your greatest pieces of work. Quotes on posters are extremely popular today and, in my opinion, a great way to decorate your work space or some place at home.
A website dealing with automotive business is usually image subject and supposed to contain a lot of pictures, audio & video, animations, and other winning features.
Video editing is quite money consuming thing, as there's a number of significant requirements needed for this task. Many artists and designers pay much attention to every detail in their work, but sometimes they forget about a very important part, the negative space, although the use of negative space is a key element of artistic composition. Our todaya€™s showcase will teach you how to create a realistic and awesome stone text effect from scratch in Photoshop. If the scope of your activity is agriculture, then web design templates compiled in this collection are ideal choice for creating your own professional website.

It is our pleasure to announce that a new E-commerce theme, Motorcycle Parts Shop built on the basis of the awesome shopping cart, VirtueMart, has joined our library of premium quality website templates. Series of high-quality vector frames always comes in handy when you need to decorate a photography or some text. Today I'd like to present you a set of responsive WordPress themes you can use for your website for free. Calendars are usually used on weblogs, personal, corporate and e-commerce sites to inform users about upcoming events, sales, contests, to make reservations, and much more. Would you like to create an online store specializing in children's toys, pet care products, cosmetics or electronics? Sometimes it's difficult to create an attractive design without using Photoshop brushes, as they are one of the most used ways to decorate and liven up your creation.
Surrealism denotes a type of art and literature in which extraordinary or even abnormal things are revealed happening. Due to the fact that the popularity of online shopping increases every day, more and more websites provide customers the best conditions for the purchase of products. For your web design inspiration we have brought together a collection of beautifully designed websites for kids.
Today is Tuesday, April 2 and it's time to gladden you with a new collection of wallpaper calendars.
Video Shop VirtueMart Template is a premium quality Joomla e-commerce theme, developed by our web design studio. If you are involved into security service business, but you don't have an online representation till now, it's time to think about that. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own movie inspired poster or graphic?
This post will be highly interesting for web developers who have to inspect their codes in order to make sure that everything is running fine. If you are looking for professional and well-designed template for your online store, blog or website but you don't have enough money, you can use one of our low-budget website layouts. offers you a fresh selection of bright and inspiring wallpapers for your iPad collected from the web.
Here is a new classy Joomla Shopping Cart theme available at, Jeans Store VirtueMart Template. If you are dealing with wine business and want to bring your business on the Internet, there is no better way than the creation of an online store. If you need a beautiful, fully functional, and reliable web site for the organization of e-commerce business, then this Sunglasses Store PrestaShop Theme is the very thing for you. Here is a collection of high-quality website templates ideal for those of you who want to sell goods online. These days it is smarter and more efficient to open a virtual store as opposed to the real one. Often, when a website consists of lots of elements, you need to wait some time to have it fully loaded. Nowadays e-commerce is greatly popular and in order to put your business online, you can choose the most suitable CMS and an appropriate shopping cart theme ideal for your business needs. The team of is glad to present you this appealing Baby Shop VirtueMart Template! Acousto-magnetic and radio-frequency protection systems against stealing in supermarkets, video surveillance cameras in large companies, car alarm systems - all this and much more includes the concept of security systems. Product catalog is an integral part of every business, as well as it is one of the effective tools of marketing.
We are proud to present you our fresh VirtueMart 2 Template that offers the possibility to launch professional, premium quality web storefront. WordPress CMS is considered as one of the most popular and widely used softwares for creating websites. If you don't know how to choose colors to match your own hair, you can also email us some hair photos.
Then we will inform you the tracking number within 24 hours after delivery of your order, and you can check the delivery status via Courier Company. Synthetic hair extensions are lab-produced, while natural hair extensions are grown and cut-off from humans. Virgin human hair refers to hair that has intact hair cuticles, and the hair is bundled in a way that the cuticles lie in the same direction, allowing the hair extensions to be stronger, healthier, and tangle-free. However, if you don a ponytail, the short hair underneath the hair extension will be obvious as the bonds will not be able to cover the bottom layer of the graduated bob, unlike normal hairstyles.
Furthermore, your hair from the sides and bottom will cover the bonds, so you can wear your ponytail worry-free.

Thanks to light design and well balanced elements, it is suitable for a wide range of situations or needs. It is quickly approaching with lots of attributes of this fantastic day: candies, pumpkins, black cats, bats, witches, spiders, castles, bonfires, fog, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, and other spirits of the night.
They are able to transform common yet beautiful places into the masterpieces of modern art. If you do, you definitely need to take a glance at this professionally made Dating Page Joomla Template.
Flat icons are perfect solution if you are looking for a beautiful and minimalist design to grab your audience's attention.
Take a look at these original logos we have brought together for you for your design inspiration.
Usually, we use hypertext markup language forms to collect info such as contact details, messages, emails and other sensitive information. When speaking about creating an E-commerce website, we should not forget that it's a really costly matter, yet there is always an affordable way round.
Additionally, the time of holidays and vacation is knocking the door, so let's enjoy this great season!
These are large hard-disk storage, high computer performance, expensive video editing software, etc. The main features of this trend are less use of gradients, subtle color schemes, emphasis on usability and cleaner interface. In this article, we are sharing creative and great-looking single-page portfolio websites for your design inspiration.
With it, you can easily get started your own online store built on the principle of simplicity and versatility. This newly built Music Store PrestaShop Theme will be perfect solution for the online presentation of the musical instruments.
These patterns might be pretty useful for creating some amusing backgrounds for your current or upcoming project, be it is, for example, website design, wallpaper, abstract typography, abstract digital art work or print design. To show website visitors the percentage of loading of the page, some extra loading screen picture is used.
Woody look can be realized by means of using some patters or textures, although it can be realised via an appropriate wood font. This is because PrestaShop is really powerful, secure, versatile and advanced software for creating professional web shops. And in our today's post we are sharing with you some beautiful website templates for setting up and running flowers oriented sites. Try blending a color that is slightly lighter or darker than your own hair, as it is likely to look more natural and will add depth and variance to your color. The advantage of natural hair extensions is the realistic look it creates, but can be more expensive because a human had maintained, cut, and sold their hair.
On the other hand, you can wear a loose tail since the hair drops downwards, covering the bottom area. One of the most amazing things about building your eCommerce site is choosing a style that perfectly suits your business type. Because of these factors, it makes almost impossible for regular users to play around with video editing. It is also obvious that one's mind is full of pleasure while walking along the beach, because glittering seascapes reveal the divine beauty and power of nature.
Retro patterns, textures, brushes and fonts are widely used in retro style design projects to add a vintage look to one's work.
With this ready-made Books Store VirtueMart Template you will be able to sell books over the Internet without a long wait.
Modification on custom order in 72 hours after placing is free of charge; if out of 72 hours, it will charge on modification, and the detailed charge standard refers to the website clauses. Plus, each strip of normal-sized hair extension will be split into half to relief the pressure off your own hair. With this in mind, we have decided to assemble a selection of fresh web themes based on this system. Where ease of attaching the extensions is concerned, synthetic hair is easier because clip-in varieties are widely available.

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