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This entry was posted in Quotes and tagged Alone, Hurt, Nice Quotes, Nice thoughts on January 25, 2013 by TAyyeb S. But first, a recap: in Japan, names are often selected based on things like the number of brushstrokes as well as the meaning of the kanji characters. The clairvoyant goes on to do what seems like a fortune reading, based on brush strokes, kanji meaning, and, I guess, making crap up. Culture Smash is a regular dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome — game related and beyond. My friend was named Michael because his parents was big fans of Night Rider lucky they didn't call him 'kitt'.

Things were looking shaky for a while this weekend at the Asia Minor, a qualifier for the US$1 million ESL One Cologne event later this year. But while things had been quietly improving for Australian Counter-Strike, the group stages looked tricky. A couple in Tunisia, who currently hold the highest score in a mobile game about cows, were sent a real cow as a prize last week.
Some Japanese parents consult with fortune tellers in hopes of picking a name that will bring their child good luck.
I have a friend in my high school which his real birth name is called 'Rambo' and a kid from my street named 'Fanny'.

Eight teams rocked up, two of them Australian -- and that was only after a public furore that resulted in the organisers behind forced to hold an extra qualifier for Oceania.
But both Australian teams managed to pull out enough solid performances, with Renegades securing a spot to fly the Australian flag in Germany. In the West, it’s not unheard of to give kids names just because you like how they sound or they remind you of, for example, your favourite character.

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