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Get Your Own Back was a British children's game show that was broadcast on CBBC during the 1990's. Dave and the audience always showed bias against the grown-up by booing the oppressed as much as possible.
Throughout every series the final round was called the "Gunk Dunk", where the losing adult was always thrown into a pool of colourful, messy gunge. These 'crimes' were usually trivial, such as singing badly or asking the child to tidy their room.

Once was in a Christmas special in 1996, hosted by Peter Simon and another was in another Christmas special in 1998 where Kirsten O'Brien and Mr. It has been presented throughout by Dave Benson Phillips with the addition of Lisa Brockwell as a co-host from 2001 to the programme's end in 2003. When he was finally taken to the Gunk Dunk, Kirsten told Dave that if answered one question right, they would let him go, but unfortunately Mr. Blobby was asking the questions, so Dave couldn't answer them correctly and went headfirst into the gunge.

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