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Additionally, you'll find some gender-specific resources geared specifically to help both guys (trying to get a girlfriend back), and girls (attempting to win back an ex boyfriend). Before making a single move, you need to understand the mechanics behind the average breakup. More importantly, your boyfriend or girlfriend is prepared for exactly this type of response. Allowing your breakup to happen with the least amount of resistance possible is the only true way to maintain position, control, and most important of all, your ex's RESPECT. This is another mistake people make: promising 'to change', or that 'things will be different', or even to 'do anything' to get an ex to take them back. By far, one of the best things you can do to help get your ex back is to stay calm, cool, and focused. There are certain adjustments you need to make if you want to stop your breakup in its tracks and reverse the way your ex feels about you. As bad as it is to picture you in bed with someone else, it's the loss of trust that really takes its toll on your now ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

The good news however, is that even after you've cheated the relationship can still be saved. So unless your ex is violent or throwing things across the room in your direction, your first move is always the same: silent acknowledgment.
When things have calmed down sufficently and the brunt of the rage has subsided, it's time to own up to what you did. Right after you've been caught cheating, this is the only type of apology you should be making. The last part of the apology, where you promise never to cheat again, is tremendously important.
Here's where things get tough, and where most people who've cheated on someone make their biggest mistakes while trying to get them to come back. The longer you steer clear of an ex you cheated on, the more their mind will play tricks on them.
Most important of all, you should both agree to bury whatever happened between you in the rubble of the past, and to only concentrate on going forward.

This optimistic viewpoint gives your new relationship the best chance to succeed, and it also draws lines between you and your cheating past that shouldn't be crossed.
For a complete list of ways you can get your ex to trust you after being unfaithful, check out The Magic of Making Up. This instantly downloadable guide to getting back together contains specialized sections dedicated to cheating, as well as Clean Slate Techniques you need to know before moving forward.
You'll learn how to get your ex to feel safe with you again, even after an affair, and even if they feel they'll never be able to trust you again. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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