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As the name suggests, these gift boxes literally come in a crate, along with a crowbar to open the crate.
Sujeet Patel is the founder of Guys Gab, and one of the biggest automotive enthusiast you'll ever meet. If you thought a box of Hot Pockets, a two-liter bottle of Shasta, and a Rush mix tape are the only things a gamer needs in life, youa€™re wrong. The greatest game series of all time is arguably Valvea€™s Half-Life, and now your gamer can pay homage to this classic while staying warm with his or her own $70 Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman HEV Suit hoodie. The level of detail on the HEV Suit is amazinga€”the stitching is just right, and the zipper pull even features a Black Mesa logo. For most gamers on a budget, ita€™s hard to beat EVGAa€™s $199 GeForce GTX Gaming ACX 2.0+. Enter Corsaira€™s $169 Strafe RGB, which addresses the noisy mechanical key issue with authentic Cherry MX a€?Silenta€? switches.
Even better, the Strafe has per-key lighting and a dizzying array of modes to keep anyone busy for weeks customizing the colors just so. If your startup for a real-time pet chauffeur service just hit it big and youa€™re looking to drop a serious chunk of change on a gift, put MSIa€™s $3,100 GT72S Dominator Pro Dragon at the top of your list.
This laptop features none other than Intela€™s quad-core Skylake Core i7-6820K, along with the current king of mobile GPU: Nvidiaa€™s GeForce GTX 980. The GT72S also features RAIDed PCIe SSDs, a SteelSeries keyboard, and G-Sync-rated 17-inch IPS panel. It supports 1080p and 720p video, takes stills, and performs H.264 hardware compression onboard to keep the workload lighter on the PC that youa€™re playing games on.
The secret to a good Podcast, Twitch, or YouTube stream isa€”drumroll pleasea€”solid audio. Controls include an adjustable gain, mute button, and analog port on the bottom to plug your headset into. Fantastic and budget rarely coincide, but Kingstona€™s $80 Hyper X Cloud headset is one such product.
However, there is a case where this doesna€™t applya€”if your gamer is using a mouse that came a€?freea€? with the computer.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. If you’re an outsider to the wonderful world of gaming, it can be difficult to pick up the right gift for that special someone. Top 10 Best Gifts Ideas for Your DadDad certainly doesn't want another tie or mug, but what else can you get him?
Nothing helps a man escape from life quite like having a stereo gaming headset on his head.
Top 8 Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets 2016A good headset is a great tool for any online Xbox One gamer to have.
Regardless of what console he owns (or is about to own), you’ll want to get him a second controller.
You don't really mind all that quality time you get to yourself when the Xbox Gamer Chic in your life is indulging in her gaming habit, so support her addiction with one of these great Xbox-centric gifts!
She won't be able to hear you cursing at the TV or playing your own videogames with these on!
Folks, I’m here to tell you, Gamers are the easiest people in the world to pick a gift for! So, in this article I’m going to run down ten great gift Ideas for your resident gamer. If you want to drop some serious dollars, there is a 25th anniversary Street fighter Chess set available through the Capcom store online that sells for $299.99!
These always make for fun gifts that may even get your gamer away from the screen and interacting with the rest of the family for a few minutes! Every gamer loves a new controller and with all the special editions and colors available you’re certain to find something they would like.
You can check your Gamers setup and often times, whether they have a peripheral or not will be pretty obvious.
You can also look where they keep their controllers to see if a Move controller is present. On the more extravagant side, you can find messenger bags, wall scrolls (a cool alternative to posters), and other such items too. It may not sound like something you would think of right away, but if your gamer has their TV sitting on a desk or dresser, (or God forbid an old milk crate) Maybe an entertainment stand would be the right choice for them. A lot of gamers do not have all of the consoles available to them and a lot of people shopping for gifts do not know that having one isn’t always enough. This is an especially good year to buy a new console as Nintendo’s Wii U just launched on Nov. Also, in this category, a projector makes a great gift for the Gamer who wants a 100″ screen!

If your gamer is a collector and already plays those old school games, you can find a game they’ve been looking for or are eager to add to their collection. A vintage game or console is always a great gift that is bound to be appreciated and there are so many out there that finding something your gamer doesn’t already have is a fairly easy task. Man Crates knows that guys aren’t interested in ugly neckties, cologne samplers, and executive trinkets. They have packs for men who love whiskey, new dads, athletic types, avid gamers, and for those prepping for the impending zombie apocalypse. This blast from the past came with a Retro-Bit NES console, two classic Nintendo games, and a bunch of candy (Red Vines, Bottle Caps, Mike & Ike, Nerds, Now and Later, Jaw Busters, Pop Rocks, and Pez) from this era. Games like Double Dragon, NBA Jams (Boomshakalaka), Street Fighter 2, Excitebike, and more. Fear not, for our gift guide should give you some great tips on cana€™t-lose gifts for the gamer in your life. Stolen right from the laundry department of the Black Mesa labs, it mimics the Hazardous Environment suit worn by Gordon Freeman, the hero of the franchise. The size runs a tad small, so we recommend going a size up from your usual size to make sure you get the comfiest fit.
The most important component in a gaming desktop PC is the videocard, also known as the GPU. The card will run just about all modern games at 1080p resolution under high image quality settings. While ita€™s not truly silent, these switches are far quieter than standard Cherry MX switches. Logitecha€™s $99 C920 is among the top pick by those who streama€”ita€™s fairly effective in terms of room lighting and offers a good viewing angle for streaming. The good news: If your kid strikes out on YouTube, he or she can use it to Skype you from their dorm at Stanford instead. Ita€™s driverless on Windows and OS X, which means you just plug it into an open USB port and it gets right to work. Combining excellent audio quality and great build quality (except for the mic), this is one headset that wona€™t disappoint when unwrapped. For this gamer, any gaming-grade mouse will be a quantum improvement in mousing, and more importantly, gaming performance.
It lets you tune weight by adding or removing metal weights to its interior, and has an LED-based sensor that will hit a resolution of 8,400 dpi. Herea€™s our advice: Any PC gamer worth his salt already has a Steam account, and a gift card to Steam will make them smile.
Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
Sure, he talks to his coworkers, but when was the last time that he contacted his old college roommate or his “best friend” that he never sees? Sure, surround sound speakers are great, but to really immerse yourself in a gaming world, a gaming headset is the way to go. Not only does it contain over 80 hours of gameplay, but it’s set in an absolutely gorgeous open world that really pushes the limits of the new gen consoles. No matter how old your Gamer is, they’re never too old for an action figure of their favorite video game character. But, there are so many great video game themed board games these days that I’d be crazy not to mention it! Most gamers will always wear a cool shirt sporting their favorite video game franchise, developer, or characters. The Razer Onza is a fantastic controller for the player who takes their gaming very seriously. You can find Key chains, patches, cell phone charms, buttons, coffee cups, bracelets, pins, cell phone cases, wallets, Belt Buckles, and a plethora of other great Video game related accessories at a lot of stores.
Sure, your Gamer may already have a Wii, PS3, or 360 console on their shelf, but if they have only one or the other, they will be missing out on many exclusive titles on the systems they don’t have. If your Gamer is still playing on an old standard definition television, this may be the year to help them out with an upgrade.
If your gamer is older and has fond memories of the gaming days of old, this is the perfect gift of nostalgia.
Take it from me, as a collector of video games myself, there is no shortage of games one needs to add to their collection and the great thing about this gift is, it can be as inexpensive or extravagant as you want.
So, figuring out what games you can get for them is as easy as taking a peek at their collection. Gifts that get people gathering round at the office, following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar. From a new video card to the gear theya€™ll need to get their YouTube career off the ground, wea€™ve rounded up the best gifts any gamer would want. Ita€™s a cotton polyester blend, but youa€™ll want to wash it in cold watera€”without any adding any radioactive material.
The truth is, once you have a relatively powerful CPU and enough RAM, ita€™s all about the GPU, baby.

Ita€™s also ultra quieta€”even after long gaming sessionsa€”and it runs on a single 8-pin power connector, which means just about any modern 400 watt PSU can run it just fine. Ita€™s about as soothing as walking around with two packs of half-empty Tic Tac boxes in your pockets.
For the older generation who just dona€™t get it, just note the statistic that YouTubers get more attention by the youths today than Hollywood celebs. There are four modes available, including a solo mode or one designed to be used if youa€™re conducting an interview. You can read our review for the full details, but to sum up, ita€™s just one hell of a bargain for what you get. To expect to pick the perfect mouse for someone is like expecting them to fit into a pair of your own shoes.
It comes with a raft of adjustments that lets the user tailor it to his or her needs, including lighting control. The most popular option will be for Valvea€™s Steam, the most popular electronic game distributor for PC gaming. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Why not get your gamer guy something he really wants for Christmas this year (you know, like gaming stuff)? However, this year’s game from Sledgehammer Games is really something different, but it still keeps the core elements that make it a Call of Duty game. The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four Xbox One headset offers the best bang for your buck, being the perfect mix of great quality and a great price. Often times they end up displayed on a shelf or their TV stand, but they always seem to be cherished. Your local video game store is bound to have a few to choose from and there will almost certainly be something your gamer will want to own.
If they have the space, a cool stand to hold their TV and consoles is always something they can use. All the new game consoles and services like Netflix support HD and viewing their favorite games and movies in HD is something every gamer loves.
If your gamer is younger, it’s the gift of video game history and something you can use to connect with them. Really, unless it just doesna€™t fit, this one is a no brainer for someone who still uses a Dell, HP, or Lenovo mouse to play games. While the single-player campaign is fantastic in its own right, the real fun begins with online multiplayer.
The Xbox One allows for a party chat of up to 8 people, Skype, and interaction between friends on Xbox Live such as comparing achievements and game videos. Not only will he be able to chat with his friends, he’ll also be able to hear his game better.
The great thing about this one is that when a new blockbuster game comes out, you can almost always rest assured that there will be an action figure featuring the characters from said game on store shelves as well. The trendier places like Hot Topic and Spencers are certain to have some as well as Kohls, Wal Mart, and others. If they love Football, you can very likely find a controller that sports their favorite NFL team logo. If you only want to spend a dollar, that’s an option,  If you want to spend thousands, that’s an option too! Playing Call of Duty is a great escape from reality, especially since it’s set in the future where soldiers wear Exo-suits and shoot futuristic guns. From Halo and Assassin’s Creed, to God of War and Super Mario, there are tons of toys to choose from when looking for a fun and interesting gift to give to the gamer in your life. Though some of the major brands have models with higher price tags, you can pick up a basic 32″ HDTV for under $300 at your local best buy, Wal Mart, HH Gregg, or other local retailer. Sometimes, it’s just great to kick back after a long day at work and play some mindless video games while talking to an old buddy. Plus, you know, it plays the latest and greatest video games, Netflix, and has a slew of other features he’ll enjoy. Or if they like something a little more flashy, there are some great “chrome” finish controllers out there and The Afterglow controllers  featuring Clear shells and bright LED lights inside are as flashy as it gets! PDP, the company that makes the afterglow controllers also made some amazing Tron themed controllers. Any gamer who doesn’t already have one will enjoy a gift that organizes their gaming experience and makes their gaming area look good.

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