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Thank you very much for your letter, emotional abuse is one of the lesser known but very common form abuse in relationships. Emotional abuse is often continual, consistent, and, over time, can work to destroy someone’s self-esteem. Emotional abuse is characterized by heavy criticisms, ridiculous expectations, threats, rejection, neglect, isolation, silent treatment, etc . Abusers can also sabotage their partner’s support network by forbidding contact with others such as family and friends or by acting jealous and threatening punishment. Because it is not physically manifested, it is difficult for the abuser or the people around the person being abused to accept that there is actually an abuse going on.
While emotional abuse is damaging, there are often aspects of the relationship that are comfortable, secure, or even happy, that compel people to stay with an abusive person. Develop emotional intelligence -In cases of abuse, both partners are often unknowingly suppressing important emotions. Protect yourself -It’s easy to think that your partner is in charge of your safety depending on his or her behavior, but this is not true. My professional experience is in Management Consulting & I enjoy being outdoors, volunteering and observing social interactions between people. The summary of emotional abuse captured in the lemon, orange and yellow box contains generalisations which I disagree with. My frnd is being emotionally abused by her husband and ryt b4 our very eyes, we've watched her turn to sm1 with little or no self esteem left.
Got marid to d man of my drims until few months in I realised I marid a damaged man who feeds on control,power n abusin me to get me to do wat he feels is d right way for a wife.
Emotional abuse is a very common factor here with men that want to control you, it's silent and invisible. Here is the number for the Nigerian based UK trained counsellor run by the NGO Project Alert Violence Against Women it's also the sexual assault hotline. About UsThe Naked Convos is an interactive community designed to create safe spaces where young Africans engage in OPEN and HONEST conversations.

Are you suffering her back you absolutely need to do is to determine whether it’s important things to say to get your ex back? Don’t put on understand exactly will need to pursuing him start to work on yourself physically it may be wise to talk about your not giving the way to our raw emotionally and physically. She has been dating this guy for 3 years now and I am worried that she has lost her self esteem and dignity. It takes several forms – from name calling, to emotional blackmail and derogatory comments that are passed as jokes.
This increases feelings of isolation, vulnerability, and separation in the life of the abused. There may also be practical issues of money, children, housing, and others, that keep people in an abusive relationship.
We all have that one friend who knows just how to spoil everybody’s mood or whom everybody is scared to upset because he or she throws tantrums. Abuse most often exists because the emotional weaknesses of the abuser demand the exercise of control or torment of others (you) to give them a feeling of emotional security and fulfillment.
If you are on the receiving end of abuse, it’s up to you to set up clear, reasonable boundaries for an honorable relationship and to consistently stick to them. Receivers of abuse are often uncomfortable expressing authentic, respectful anger, which is necessary to establish boundaries.
For your sake, and for the sake of your mental health, try hard to recognize as early as possible whether or not this relationship is even worth working on.
Unlike physical abuse, which manifests itself in a single act or event, emotional abuse is a series or pattern of behavior that occurs over time. Emotional abuse, like other forms of abuse, uses fear, humiliation, and verbal attacks to control and assert power over another person.
For some, abuse may have been a regular feature of family and other relationships throughout their life, including in childhood. While everybody deserves to be in respectful, healthy relationships, it can be difficult for anybody to admit or identify that a relationship is abusive. Let your partner know that you now recognize your responsibility in allowing the disrespect in the past, but that this era has now come to an end.

An addictive cheat who beats me everytime I try to talk him from doin destructive things by claimin he was livin in the moments. While the damage may not be visible, emotional abuse can leave very real scars and may lead a person who is abused to feelings of worthlessness and self-destructive behaviors.
You have an innate navigational system within yourself that allows you to make decisions which feel right for you, and which will keep you safe and happy. We thwart that process when we refuse to see that being treated poorly by another adult is unacceptable. After a suicide attempt, few abortions n him flirtin with my best friend wen I av tried to cope wit his cheating attitude n not contact HIV, I realised dat one cannot change a damaged man whose parents are d worst of enemies n stil live together cos he believes dats wat marriage value is about.
More often than not this is more wide-spread and sometimes its what makes being abused by someone else easy. There is no strong gender slant with emotional abuse although in most relationships & marriages, the abuser is usually the woman because it is a slow and subtle way of gaining control and power over a physically assertive man. Victims usually feel insignificant, worthless, undeserving, and emotionally needy and over time, believe they deserve to be treated that way.
When you learn to pay attention to your instincts, you will know which choices are life affirming, and which ones will drain you of your energy or create chaos.
If you are unhappy in your relationship, and have been for longer than half the time you have been together, leave.
I'm stil in d marriage to be financially stable before I seek seperation but I have moved on wit my life witout him. Its mostly caused by low self-esteem and external pressure not necessarily directed at them.

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