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He parachutes out of the damaged jet onto the building (I think he clipped a crane or something) in passive mode. Me and a friend were doing some rooftop sniping from different buildings and I notice another player on a roof near my friend, and there was no movement going on. I most satisfyingly walk over to him, auto shotty pointed at his head, and pump a couple of rounds into him. Dayum,i was doing the briefcase money-drop in a  invite-session with a kid(20-30 millions) suddently his friend jump in to our session and he is recording everything,dayum i thing i got busted!!! Hilarious, this AI controlled tank defended my cargobob when I picked him up from the Army base. I was playing survival wave ten in boneyard and all the rednecks sneak attacked my friends. Was minding my own business driving along in my Entity over by the beach and someone opens up at me with a minigun.
I'm going to have to get a PS4 soon, it seems like everyone on here is talking about stuff that only relates to next gen. They keep trying to kill me by running me over, but i simply circle the tree as they do so.
Enterprising GTA Online players have managed to locate Grand Theft Auto 5's prologue map hidden within the game's multiplayer mode.
The snowy landscape of North Yankton - the setting for GTA 5's opening scenes - can be accessed in full via a simple glitch.

Once there you can then race around and explore the area as if it were any other part of Los Santos, and view a number of areas unavailable in the main campaign. To access the area online you need to replay GTA 5's opening mission (just select it from the missions menu) and play through until you leave the building and the cops arrive.
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If you drive by there in a hearse and see no other hearses there, I'd say that's very unusual indeed. I saw a hearse spawn once when I was in a Vapid Stanier and the other time when I was in a Bravado Buffalo. I agree the chances are waaaaay better when someone else has a Hearse, the point of this comment is that for those who don't have anyone to spawn one for them, that there is hope but it's rare. Thanks to nato i got my hearse, after spending hours looking nato invited me to a game and drove to the graveyard and one was there instanly. No problem, the spawn still works after the cash thefts (they took my legit 3.1 mil) so at least that's something.
Fortunately I'm in the unfinished building which affords a good degree of overhead protection. I call a quadruple a "grand slam." I can count on one hand the number of those I've gotten.
I didn't back up at him, pulled a bit forward, noticed the car was on fire, went into passive, stepped out of the car as it 'sploded.

North Yankton will now appear within the GTA Online map, floating over the south east part of the game but fully acessible via helicopter.
We've got an essential guide on how to make money in GTA 5, along with all the cheat codes available for the game. I'd just like to mention that it was me who introduced the whole discovery of the hearse spawning at the graveyard to the GTA Forums community which lead me to spawn hearses for about 7 GTA forum members if I remember, which then let them help others spawn them and the whole concept of spawn requests spread like wildfire. Ok, so if anyone needs help spawning one for their collection, I shall spread the love as well (360). A guy came after me and I scoped him all the way but thought he looked ghostly like he was in passive mode so didn't bother to shoot. Just watching the bullets and sticky bombs rain onto my Carbonizzare, occasionally operating the hood thing (?) to open or close as their attack raged on. So, being a smug asshole after humiliating this person who is two times my level, i stand in the middle of the street and bring out my phone. But all the dozens of times I went there by myself in some other car, before I found someone to help me get one, there was never one there.

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