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When the episode opens, Michonne is still at the prison, taking down as many walkers as she can.
Her absolutely adorable son runs into the room, and we get a peek at how maternal and compassionate Michonne really is. In this series of posts, we’ll take a closer look at our Skybound Exclusives that you’ll be able to get your hands on in San Diego at SDCC!
We did a Michonne figure with our partners at McFarlane a while ago, but it’s no longer in print and Michonne is a very common request at cons, so it made sense to bring her back. Ill take all the Michonnes they make, also looking forward to seeing who is coming in Series 5 and in the future for the exclusives! On last nighta€™s The Waking Dead themed episode of Conan, Conan Oa€™Brien talked to Danai Gurira about her role as Michonne.Conan started by commenting on much different and how much happier Gurira seemed from her character, and Gurira said that playing Michonne probably made her smile even more.

Following Hershel’s beheading, the prison group was forced from the concrete castle, and our beloved characters are now worse off than they have ever been.
Then they got to talking about her swords.a€?You are fantastic with that sword,a€? said Conan. Everyone is scattered, and they must not only process a gut-wrenching death, but learn how to survive on their own.
The katana-welding warrior does the only thing she can think of…she puts his head down to save anyone else from being bitten. At one point, the adolescent kid ventures off on his own, in search of two walkers…maybe to make as pets?
We’ve been itching to update her look so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and release an all-new sculpt of Michonne with her All Out War look, and we think it is super badass.

McFarlane Toys get better and better every year and it really shows in the details of this new Michonne figure. But there is no sign of Lilly, who put the bullet in his head at the end of the winter conclusion. Do you carry it with you when you got to the supermarket?a€?a€?I dona€™t, but I do have a few in my trunk,a€? responded Gurira.
Available in color or black and white with blood splatter, this figure is only available from Skybound.

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