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Here is how to use this You Can Have Your Heart Back Sorry I Broke It Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. So far during my Spider-Man series, we’ve touched on Great power and Great responsibility, and the Wingman salute in the Sinister Six.
I believe that both sexes are equally easy to read when equipped with a potent Spider Sense.
I think all people and animals have an innate sense that something might be going on or something isn't right but women are breed to think that they have this great sense of intuition and they can just always feel that something is going down and take it is a truth and run with it. Women also have a similar sense when they walk in the club and see a dude popping major league bottles. As far as knowing whether or not someone is interested in you, either these signs are vanishing or my spidey senses are broken. Today, I wanted to touch on that certain sixth sense that we all possess that warns us and makes us aware of situations. It appears to be a simultaneous, seemingly clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena.
Let’s say a woman is real chill about a dating with no title, or dating for years without an engagement, or even studying with you and showing no signs of attraction? I have never really been the one to play Sherlock Holmes, and to be honest I hope I never do.

Good things and red flags pop up–just have to pay attention and not get blinded by the physical attraction. Intuition is great if it is used correctly it should be used as a stepping stone to finding out information not for absolute truth I think that is where most women go wrong.
That isn't intuition at all most of the time it is lack of trust or something that you did in the past that bothers her but she never said anything. We walk into a room filled with women dressed in tight, short, and freakum outfits who all happen to be tipsy and are talking about wanting to have a good time. Ive had about 3 male friends tell me since 2010 started that "____________ just told me she cheated on me" Whomp whomp Im thinking there needs to be a turn your spidey sense THE HELL on seminar!! As for snooping around- i'm very against that- especially if there are no obvious reasons to go down that route. There have been many a times where I didn’t, and ended up in a situation that was a complete disaster.
They get within sight and hike the skirt a couple inches and just like that some drunk unsuspecting dude is duped into inviting them into VIP which ends later with breakfast at the diner. I had a cousin that would get her guys phone bill and call every number that she didnt know and if a girl answered she would tell her to stop talking to her man! I wouldn’t be surprised if Stan Lee (creator of Spider Man) had women in mind when he thought of the Spider Sense!

There’s different levels of crazy that are tolerable and manageable, but it depends on the man to discover his limits. Like I said, I have never looked through a phone, pockets, etc, but on more than a few occasions I have seen my phone code cracked,purse rummaged through, etc.
It deals with issues surrounding relationships and challenges men and women to be real about issues that we traditional don't discuss with each other. Men can tell when a woman likes us more than she wants to reveal, you ladies are too in touch with your emotions to hide it. I remember this super duper snooper mentality being a relationship deal breaker for me too. I will admit that your gender are the masters of illusion, but when men listen to you, they can piece together that puzzle, calculate simple math(2+2=?), and decipher your riddle accurately. They let their insecurities eat them up to the point where they have to start playing the P.I.

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