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So doing this exercise stretches my hip flexor and when I am having lots of back pain it really hurts but like they say no pain, no gain. This Next stretch is basically doing the same thing but it is stretching both sides at the same time.
This next stretch is great for the lower back as well because some times a twisting motion is the only thing that can relax those tight lower back muscles. Because of this the pain that you are feeling is because one muscle group is overly tight while the opposing muscle group is compensating to find a balance.
I have the tendency to rotate my hips forward (this is a postural distortion) and raise my but in the back.
Over time it gets worse and worse because these muscles have battled back and forth so long (for what ever reason e.g.

A advanced tip to really stretch out that hip flexor is to prop your back foot up on a wall and lean your head back and push your hips out away from the wall. This is necessary because the glutes tie into the lower back and some times they are too tight and cause back pain so they need to be stretched as well.
If I don’t stay on it my squats produce a lot of pain and then I move around like and old man for a few days. But I have to say if you are in the Grand Junction Colorado area do yourself a favor and look up Dr. If you have chronic back pain but notice when you get out of a hot shower or the hot tube or sometimes after getting good and warmed up during exercise this means your problem is muscular not due to nerve damage and is easily fixed with some key stretches.
So what happens the muscles in my lower back compensate and attempt to pull my hips back into position and before I know it i have pain.

I will talk about how frequently you need to train our different muscle groups and […] AaronReedMy 6 Top Stretches For Low Pack Pain November 28, 20136 stretches to Eliminate Lower Back Pain! Like a collar of a t-shirt if you stretch it out it wont got back to its normal elasticity (it will remain loose) that will in turn relieve the pressure and that relieves the pain. Because remember the body searches for balance so sometimes stretching only the tight side will fixed all the problem. You have to carry some extra pounds for while so your body has a conducive environment to grow muscle.

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