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It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you are the main one in charge of your own success, so I categorize my to-do list by writing down tasks under each role played in this journey of an elite athlete. I really like this above photo, because you see, they say stress and fear are very similar. Feb 19, 2013 – Ski clinic at Theodore Wirth with an awesome group of kids from South high school team.
March 12 – Flew to Truckee for 11 days of western altitude  training in Truckee CA before Canadian Nationals and US Supertour Spring Series.
March 22-29 – Flew to Seattle from Reno, drove from Seattle to Whistler, and stayed with my buddy Munny and his wonderful girlfriend Gillian.
The DSR 1 is a compact bolt-action rifle designed, manufactured and marketed by the German company DSR-precision GmbH and was (until 2004) marketed also by the German company AMP Technical Services as a specialized sniper rifle for police sharpshooters. The 5-shot groups where obtained by test shooters whilst shooting from the bipod and measured from centre to centre.
I really enjoy putting energy into coaching, and highschool kids are the best demographic for my wackiness. The trip started out a solo adventure, but I met so many really great people who have hosted me, I’ve trained with, caught up with, and in general been heart-warming happy to share a west coast spring with. Wasn’t feeling very energetic to start out with, and felt horrible during the first 5k skate race.
Figured out I have a strain of Strep throat, which I am hoping is what is causing the heavy fatigue, lump in my throat, slightly elevated white blood cell count, and nausea when I ski. The Spring Series races are a 3.3k prologue, 10k classic, classic sprint, skate hill climb, and 30k classic distance.
The folding bipod is mounted onto upper rails (above the barrel), and the adjustable horizontal front grip is mounted on the lower rails (under the barrel).
Some people take advantage of the burst of adrenaline you get from both in a positive way, while others let it pull them down in a negative way. More so just felt like I was hanging on for the first half, then picked it up in the second half.
Thank you Peter Hanson, Deeter Family, McClellands, Noah Brautigam, Andrea Brideau-Miller, the crew at Royal Gorge, the wonderful ladies from Tahoe Donner, and many others!
I am fully aware that I am not the prettiest skate skier, but I have spent so much time trying to analyze and fix my own technique, that I enjoy trying to turn what I have learned into something digestible for others.

Thought the classic 10k would feel a bit better (every race is a new day), but ended up dragging myself to the finish line in the high 50 degree weather, exhausted and very out of it. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The 8 inch twist rate of the barrel is especially adapted to stabilize the heavy projectiles of subsonic ammunition.
The blast compensator is a linear compensator or a forward venting muzzle brake that also reduces the perceived muzzle blast. Didn’t know how my body would respond to a 50k race, since my results for distance races have suffered heavily from my late summer illnesses. Met some great volunteers (Thank you Tom and Marlie!)  who became my adopted parents as they gave me fluids, covered me with snow to cool down, then offered me their clothes and covered me with blankets to warm back up once my body responded.
On the promotion website you can vote on various flavor choices, get inspired and create you own flavors!
The holder for a spare magazine is installed in the front of the trigger guard to decrease reloading time. An article on the DSR 1 in the French Armes & Tir November 2001 gun magazine corroborates the German Visier results.
Took me to the medical tent, where there was a staff decision that I would benefit from some IV from the Whistler ER. The create your own chip contest runs until April 5th, 2014 so get busy thinking of great flavors and see if your the winner of the big money! The DSR 1 action features a benchrest match-grade, fluted barrel that is quickly interchangeable and is fixed into receiver by three screws. This term comes from a few people close to me, who have been involved in my tornado, whether they wanted to join or not. Over the years, I have been learning how to turn stress and the fear of what might or might not happen, into motivation. I swallow vitamins, stuff my face with spinach, put gross health stuff in my water, get painful massages, fly all over the place to prepare, and I come to the start line on my knees. Submit as many original ideas about possible future flavors of LAY’s Potato Chips, to enter submit flavor name, up to 3 ingredients, the inspiration for the flavor (140 characters max), Chip style *wavy, original or Kettle cooked and your information of course!
I was still eager to race the classic sprint, so figured I would take it one step at a time.

I have wanted to quit more races this year than in the past 5 years combined, but haven’t. You can enter online, via text message, Twitters, Facebook, You tube and retail stores. Enter unique entries as often as you like, so the more inspired you get the better your chance of winning!
The barrel is protected by a ventilated aluminium handguard and is fitted with a muzzle brake (which is very useful when firing full-power, magnum loads).
No type of suppressor can reduce the supersonic crack of a bullet flying at supersonic speed. I was 13th, not good for me, and felt like someone put me in slow motion mode after the race.
The DSR 1 features a manual, ambidextrous three position safety, located above the trigger guard. Because it’s easier to proceed ahead on auto-mode, I warmed up again for my Quarter final. My show will last for as long as my powers allow, and thank you voluntary and involuntary cast, for being apart of it all. Surprisingly, I was 2nd, and ended up winning my B final, of which I did not think I had in me that day. The grand prize is either 1% of the Net Sales of the Grand Prize Winners Finalist Flavor or One Million Dollars! Still not in the A final where I wanted to be, but considering my previous state, I took it. I think the chance to 1 Million dollars is life changing and all you have to do is think up some yummy chip flavors, not as easy as you think though!
Naturally it cannot suppress the crack of a supersonic projectile but the direction where the bullet comes from is effectively concealed.
Enter the chip contest of a lifetime and you could be the winner of free money, good luck to all!
There is something wrong, more than just average fatigue that everyone is going through right now.

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