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The Queen of Pop recently decided to dress up as the wildly popular show Game of Thrones' Dragon Mother Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke's character) for the Purim celebrations this year.
Madonna dressed up as Khaleesi and posted a photo to her Instagram account with the caption "Happy Purim!!!!! Talking of the similarity, Madonna's long platinum rough blonde locks with the odd plaits, fierce V-neck gown and two baby dragons perched on each shoulder were as close to the Khaleesi as can get. Madonna is so confident in her own skin that she can seamlessly carry off any look she sets her mind on. Like a true queen, Madonna endorses the issues that she feels strongly about, and has been embraced as an LGBT icon for relentlessly promoting the causes of gay rights.
Khaleesi has the nerve to run the whole Dothrak kingdom and conquer foreign lands all on her own, while Madge here has been running the music industry since 32 years, ever since she first broke on the scene with her first song Everybody.
I got an email from my foster group about a mom and two kittens who were found outside the shelter Monday after Easter in the rain. The kittens were in such bad shape one actually died.  I called the vet Friday to see if Cocoa (the mom) and surviving kitten were ready to come home, and I was told there had been “a development” overnight.  I braced myself to hear that the other kitten – or Cocoa!
I foster for a local no-kill cat shelter called Challenger’s House and usually get to foster a pregnant cat around this time each year. I was willing to give it a try, and while we were waiting for the woman to bring over the little orphan, Khaleesi delivered kitten number three. When it comes to the resident Newfoundland Mix Shyler, she cleans her eyes, her face, and her paws.
When it comes the resident human (yours truly), well that woman just can’t seem to keep her face clean. Their mom couldn’t be trapped and the decision was made to bring them into foster care and see if Jade would take on more kittens. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE PET PARENTS! We know what it means to work tirelessly without much thanks (at least not verbally…at least not most of the time!).

Tamar began "I Have Cat" as a way to chronicle her life as a 30-something NYC singleton looking for love despite the complication of owning cat (s). It is a celebration of the Jewish community's escape from persecution and destruction at the hands of the Persian Empire, which is celebrated by wearing costumes, doing public readings, and indulging in a massive feast.
With her strong jaw line, deep eyes and thin, pursed lips; she looks like she's ready to kill.
Even though she's 55, she's selling her records like hot pancakes and performing at sold out concerts the world over. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform. Those cats (and dogs), who’ve proven themselves to be shining examples of motherhood. I went to pick them up to foster, but kittens weren’t doing well so all three (Mom and two kittens) were transported to our vet.
But she adopted them and nurtured them as best she could anyway!  Cupcake, the older kitten, is now about four weeks old and is socializing in the “general population” during the day and only goes back to the nest at night, but when she cries, Cocoa still runs to the nursery door and cries out to her as if she were her very own!  Cocoa’s two week-old babies are fat and happy! When we unexpectedly had a litter of 4 two-week-old abandoned kittens dropped off at our (pet) store last fall, it turned into a full time job just keeping up with their needs and antics.
She decided they were her babies and would climb into their box to cuddle and lick them just a mother cat would do. Last May I had Khaleesi, who was with me for about two weeks before she finally went into labor. When the little kitten was brought to us, we rubbed afterbirth on him and slipped him under Khaleesi.
When this batch is weaned, she will be done raising kittens, get spayed, and  be available for adoption! Yeah well, let's not get talking on her musical performances and videos, which are kinda too risqué for even the most forgiving of us.

She didn’t attempt to nurse them, but she kept them company and provided the warmth and snuggles that they needed.
Not only was the mom cat wonderful with her own babies, but when another nursing mom with 6 kittens stopped being interested in them, I started putting them with Cheerio for hours at a time to get a good meal and bath.  She accepted each kitten with love and grace.
She was taken by our local rescue Colony Cats and we agreed to foster her and her 3-day-old kitten.
A month later, she is taking wonderful care of them, and they are all growing and bouncing around. They’d gotten a call from someone with a newborn kitten whose mother and siblings had been killed in a tragic accident. But she took to him immediately, mothered him alongside her own kittens and loved him with all her heart. It’s to the point that Shyler loves it so much, that she goes and finds Emily for the attention.
And although the woman may be freshly showered, she’s still dirty by Emily’s standards!
24-hours later we got a call that there were orphaned kittens found where there was large scale TNR going on. She and all her kittens have been adopted into forever homes now, but I’ll always remember the look on her face when she saw him laying there next to her. If they get picked up and scream too loud she will come over and chirp for you to put those kittens back! She floofs her sister, and if her backside isn’t clean then she’ll clean that too!

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