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The newly downloaded pictures are saved to a folder called My Online Documents, located in the user’s home folder.
As for the social media side of it, the Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive Dashboard fails miserably for Mac users. It’s not necessary to install the Dashboard to use the Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive as strictly a hard drive.
About Elisa PacelliElisa is a wife, mother to 3 boys, "creative genius", and all-around techno geek. First of all I believe the drive you received was our cross platform sku, which requires that Mac OS users install the MacInstaller.dmg when connecting the drive. I’m hoping you can help me with something, since the Seagate website seems singularly unhelpful. I’m going to forward your question to Nathan Papadopulos, Senior Manager of Retail Corporate Communications at Seagate. In these media-rich days where we?re all storing our music, photos, movies, TV shows and more on our computer there just never seems to be enough hard drive space.
If this sounds like you, then perhaps its time you moved on up to a new, and larger, hard drive. As a general rule, power consumption of a hard drive will tend to increase as you get larger capacity and faster rotation speeds.
If you?re considering a move to a solid state drive you will definitely see a performance benefit but almost certainly not an increase in available storage - solid state is still fairly expensive for higher capacity drives. This tutorial doesn?t really deal with the physical process of pulling your computer apart and replacing the hard drive. In a previous tutorial I looked at moving your operating system to a new drive in an external enclosure.
Originally, I planned to also write a tutorial on how to do this using a Time Machine backup. In broad terms, what we?re going to do is create an image backup of your internal hard drive, then replace your internal hard drive with the new, larger, one and then restore from image backup to your new drive.
Keep following the instructions after Option 2 - Boot from an external hard drive (click here to skip over).
Now that you?ve got your image backup on your external hard drive, you can shut down your Mac and do the physical hard drive swap. Once you?ve done that, we?re ready to get all your stuff restored back on your new, roomier, hard drive.
If you?re using the install DVD option, power up your computer and hold down the ?c? key to boot it from the DVD.
Select your external hard drive (it?ll most likely be orange in colour) and then click on the up arrow (that should now have moved to the drive you just selected). Once your Mac is booted from the external hard drive, run Disk Utility (usually found in Applications -> Utilities). For either option, you should now be at the point where you have Disk Utility running from your install DVD or external hard drive. Change the volume scheme to ?1 Partition? - you can select other volume schemes if you wish but this is my recommendation. Move your mouse over your internal hard drive (usually, this is going to be the one that?s a silvery grey colour and, in this case, will probably have the name ?Untitled 1?). Click and hold your left mouse button, drag the mouse over the text box beside ?Destination:? then release the mouse button.

Select the drive image you created earlier (and just scanned for restore at step 4 of this section) and click ?Open? to load it. There?s no message to tell you it?s done, when there?s no activity in Disk Utility it?s done.
Assuming it all went right, your new hard drive (which you?ve already installed in your Mac) is all restored back just the way it was last time you booted it normally. If you?re booted from an external hard drive, go into system preferences and select ?Startup Disk?. From there, select your newly upgraded hard drive (it should be the silvery grey one, don?t pick the orange looking one) and then click on restart and then restart again to confirm. Your Mac should now be happily booting off it?s newly installed and roomier home but with everything looking just like it used to except with more free space. David Freeman is the proprietor of Outback Queensland Internet (aka Leading Edge Computers Longreach). Scored an LC630 for $50 yesterday, it didn't have a hard drive but it did have the full 68040 with FPU.
There is been a substantial decrease in activity on all sorts of forums, particularly the last 12 months.
It's a year and a half later, and that Mac Pro has been working spectacularly well since I did the processor upgrade. Recently, Seagate released a new type of driveā€”one that helps you share and save your digital media on social networks. The difference is the Backup Plus’ Dashboard, which users set up to upload pictures and videos to Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, or download pictures from Facebook and Flickr.
The Dashboard can also give users information on the health of their drive and report how much space is being used. It would have been nice if the user was given the option of saving to the computer or the Backup Plus. She enjoys reading, quilting, knitting, cruising to Caribbean beaches, and learning new things in the technology world.
I’m writing to just clear up a few details that may have been over looked in your discussions with Eastwick about the product. Seagate is the only HDD manufacturer that has taken into account that there are now numerous multi-platform households and offices that require the ability for an external drive to work on both platforms. Hopefully he’ll be able to solve your problem, or at least get you in touch with someone who can. Once, having a hard drive at all was an expensive luxury but now it?s a necessity and, often, today?s standard options just aren?t enough. There have been reports that some hard drives have compatibility problems in some models of MacBook Pro, including original drives supplied pre-installed by Apple. There?s far too many Apple models out there for it to be practical to detail how it?s done for each one.
This is a great, and fairly simple, way to move into a roomier home without doubling up on moving data around. For reasons discussed in my earlier tutorial on this topic, I decided it wasn?t really an appropriate method for this process.
Creating an image backup of a hard drive is far easier when it?s not the drive you booted from. No matter which option you used above, the aim was to get you to Disk Utility and you?re here now.

To do this, you?re going to have to re-visit Disk Utility from your chosen boot disk (be it the Install DVD or an external hard drive). Once the system boots up follow the steps listed here from the Option 1 procedure above to the point where you have Disk Utility loaded and come back here.
You want to make these changes and there shouldn?t be anything already on this hard drive that you want to keep. While a recent returnee to the world of Apple he has worked as a technician for over fifteen years and been involved in computers and the Internet since 1988 when he purchased his first computer (an Amiga 1000). The hard drive icon shown in the upper right corner of the Dashboard is the same color as the drive, helpful when more than one Backup Plus is attached to the computer or network. After all, the point of an external hard drive is backing up critical data, photos being at the top of the list. The two year warranty and small footprint make the Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive a good choice for a portable hard drive. In the evenings Elisa can be found knitting while listening to podcasts or watching Netflix on her iPad. Sooner or later, you reach a point where you don?t want to have to delete some stuff off your computer just to fit the latest album by your favourite band into iTunes. If this is your only computer, print out this tutorial first as you?ll need to refer to it as you work through this process. So, the first thing we need to do is get your Mac booted from something other than your internal hard drive. Select the file(s) you want to upload, choose an existing set or album, or create a new one, then click the checkmark. Checking the Auto Save button beneath Facebook or Flickr will cause Seagate Dashboard to periodically scan those sites and automatically download any new pictures it finds.
Keep in mind that the largest Backup Plus drive is 1TB, so plan accordingly for Time Machine.
The Dashboard can help keep track of storage capacity, though it’s really nothing more than a Get Info on the computer. It’s telling me to connect a hard drive to be able to use the desktop, but my hard drive is connected and is being shown as connected on my computer. They can walk you through troubleshooting to determine if it’s simply a setting that needs to be tweaked or if there are issues with the drive itself. If you don?t have an external drive enclosure but you?ve got access to an external hard drive then here?s a method that?ll work for you.
Windows users also have access to a one year free subscription of 4GB of Seagate Cloud storage.
It worked fine for awhile, then I got an error message saying that the drive had been improperly disconnected (although I hadn’t disconnected it). I was able to drag my Seagate Dashboard to the trash, but I’m not having problems with it.
When I try to find it in the Dashboard to run a diagnostic, it freezes not only the Dashboard app but my whole system.

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