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Okay, we're not embarrassed to say that we go weak in the knees for that shaggy, grown-out hair that hipster men can cultivate so well. After all, no one wants to pull out a long blond hair from their vegan organic burdock-root-and-shiitake soup, because that’s nasty, no matter how gorgeous the hair-shedder is. And in the meantime, we just have to hope that the boys don’t figure out that irresistible beauty secret of high bun = no shower.
After years of the "metro" aesthetic, shows like Bored to Death, and all things Williamsburg seeping into the national consciousness, men's hair, in general, is longer.

We have to say, we're torn: On the one hand, Olivier Theyskens pulls the high-on-the-head bun off better than most of the chicks we know. New natural hair brands are popping up left and right, while "mainstream" lines are adding more products and tools for curly locks to their collections.
So long, in fact, that it necessitates some means of getting it out of your smokin'-hipster-man face. On the other hand: If we see one more bun comprised of hipster dreadlocks, we are going to have to resist the urge to buy a razor and slice it off.

Hot weather, functionality, and FDA health codes all contribute to rise of a new and slightly confusion trend: the man-bun.

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