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Meet Adonis Tsilimparis he dated Jennifer Aniston very briefly while they attended Rudoplh Steiner School. Jennifer Aniston was a pretty seventh grader at Rudolph Steiner Junior high when she went on a date with Adonis Tsilimparis who like Jen has a Greek heritage, the year was 1981 and Adonis still treasures the memories he once share with the girl that became one of the most beautiful t.v actress. Adonis Tsilimparis didn’t became a regular guy in a regular job, like her talented junior high ex-girlfriend Adonis is in the showbiz business, he is an artist, a music composer for films and television, who still has the love card Aniston once send him, his friends keep telling him he should sell the card on E-Bay but the card has a priceless sentimental thing for him.

45-year-old Adonis Tsilimparis  was born on April 18, 1967 inn New York, he attended Rudolph Steiner Junior High and graduated from State University of New York Purchase. Adonis still has the love card the famous Friends actress gave him, the girl he describes as a world-class kisser.

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