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Today's Hoda Kotb Finally Opens Up About Her Mystery Boyfriend of Two Yearsa€”Find Out His Name! Today's Hoda Kotb Finally Opens Up About Her Mystery Boyfriend of Two Years—Find Out His Name! Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Well this trip isn't going to stop those romance rumors.As fans continue to speculate on Jennifer Lopez's relationship status with Casper Smart, E! Gunvalson and Ayers went through a bitter split, got back together despite warnings from her friends and family but now it looks like she’s moved on to a handsome and successful lawyer. The Bravolebrity met John Pankauski, an attorney, in New York City and they apparently hit it off immediately, as evident by the exclusive photos Radar has obtained of the pair. Unlike Ayers, who was entangled in multiple lawsuits over child support, Pankauski seems to be a much better match for Gunvalson. Bragging about his physique, the source dished on his personal stats that Gunvalson clearly finds attractive. Starting a bi-coastal relationship, Pankauski and Gunvalson were spotted at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills and the source said “they’re working on several projects together.
Gunvalson and Pankauski hit up the Kim Vo salon in the Montage, getting her hair and makeup done for the Diamonds by Vicki promo shoot and then they had dinner in Beverly Hills together too.
They are even taking their romance on the road, with Pankauski expected to join Gunvalson at the Women’s Expo in Phoenix, Arizona in late April.
The former America's Next Top Model contestant, 25, wore floral overalls over an anti-drug muscle tee and a pork pie hat. The former Cosby Show cutie also posed alongside her manager and LudaDay co-founder Chaka Zulu on Monday.
On Sunday, the That's So Raven star put her braids into an elegant bun while her tattooed ladylove wore a clean white dress shirt. LudaDay Weekend is the eighth annual charity event thrown by rapper-actor Ludacris featuring appearances, concerts, and a celebrity basketball game.
The cute couple began dating over two years ago and they reportedly share the Raven's luxury $11,000-a-month Manhattan pad. AzMarie was voted off The CW's modeling competition when she refused to wear a butt pad for a 'Bootie-tooch Teach' class taught by Tyra Banks. Five-foot-10 Livingston was famous on cycle 18 for her strong, androgynous beauty not unlike her idol Grace Jones. Meanwhile, Raven's last acting roles were on Broadway's Sister Act and voicing the DVD release TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings last year. The eight-time Grammy winner, 34, even faced off with bearded Houston Rockets player James Harden, who was on the gold medal-winning 2012 Summer Olympics team.

But in the end the Love in This Club crooner's team won against the Area Codes rapper's team at the GSU Sports Arena Sunday.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. These services have a fast turnaround and orders are usually processed with 24 hrs and cost around $40. While it may seem tempting to create a fake profile and catfish your partner yourself, you must realize how difficult it can be to make an authentic looking fake profile. 20 years ago you would rarely catch anyone over the age of 25 on the computer using it to socialize. Later on the came AOL and with it a community of chat rooms where females and males could flirt.
Nowadays we have sites like facebook and dating sites with millions of profiles that one can browse through much like shopping for something in a catalogue. It all starts innocently enough.  Your husband is browsing through the comments on a friends photo and notices a small profile pic of an attractive female. The harsh reality is that a recent poll suggests that 80% of married men or long term boyfriends who use Facebook have used it to secretly flirt or befriend a female that they are sexually attracted to.
The only surefire way to find out if you can trust your husband on Facebook is to  enlist the services of a professional flirt company. Thanks to the Internet and the way we meet and flirt with people online these days, a new version of the honeytrap service is available. After spending enough time with the person you are dating you will eventually find out if they are prone to lying.
If you are constantly being lied to and worst if the person lying to you pulls it off like an Oscar award winning actor than my advice is to run for the hills. I am a firm believer that you always need some type of evidence before accusing anyone of anything, so just because you are involved with a liar don’t go accusing them of cheating.
The answer to your question is: If you think your husband is cheating – he probably is!
A new study indicates that nearly 90% of woman who truly thought their husband was cheating despite having no physical evidence were right. Big!The Today show host has been dating a mystery man of almost two years, and has somehow managed to keep his identity a secret until very recently. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
News can confirm the "On the Floor" singer joined her twins and the famous dancer for a weekend road trip to Mexico.A source tells E! News.On Easter Sunday, Smart spent the day on his wave runner cruising around with friends in the ocean.

A  honey trap is a loyalty test conducted by one of the partners in a relationship by means of hiring a good looking person to approach and flirt with the unsuspecting partner who is suspected of being a cheater. In the beginning we had BBS systems (Bulletin Board System) that we logged into using 96kbps modems. The Internet and Facebook specifically has become a the perfect setting for would be cheaters. He clicks on it and before you know it he is visiting his new found profile every night.  An online crush develops and one night after a few too many beers your husband decides to send her a friend request. Services like BaitMyDate  offer to test your partner’s loyalty online using Facebook Messenger or Instagram.
Now pretty much everyone tells a white lie here and there but once you have caught your partner in a major lie, such as their whereabouts etc, then take a close look at how well they told the lie.
They may not have cheated yet, but your lying spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend  simply may not have had the opportunity. On the other hand almost 75% of woman who felt their husband would not cheat were also correct. Only referring to him as "Boots," Hoda never revealed his name, just like Carrie never revealed Mr. These BBS sites had chat rooms but 99% of users were nerdy teenage males discussing how to make cherry bombs and download porn. You may or may not notice his new “friend” that he has just added but if you confront him on it he will probably tell you it was someone who randomly added him or some other type of story like she was a girl who was dating a friend of his back in school etc etc. The minute a good looking person hits on them when you aren’t around or as soon as a new sexy co-worker moves into their office space – look out! For only $37.95 they will use good looking people to approach your partner on Facebook Messenger and flirt with them to see if they flirt back. The second statistic shows that men are capable of pulling the wool over our eyes at times but for the most part what these statistics teach us is that you should trust your instinct. Only until recent years have their been a surge of new businesses that specialize in this online. But if your partner can tell you a grand fish tale without blinking an eye then you have reason to suspect they are very capable of cheating. Perhaps some water sports are on this group's agenda?The whole gang traveled for several hours before stopping at a San Diego County gas station for snacks and a quick trip to the bathroom. We have to admit that we're excited to because it finally answers so many of our lingering questions!

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