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Thinking of what to do with your dorm room can be tough, but to make it easier for you, I gathered up some pictures of other dorm rooms online.  Hopefully, by looking at a few of these 8 pictures, it will give you a better idea, or some other ideas on what you want to do with your dorm room in college.
If you want more ideas on what you should keep for your dorm, be sure to check out our dorm room checklist. I was honored to connect with Lanita last year, when she began participating in my viral social media #40DaysofJoy campaign. Of the experience, Lanita said, "I started recognizing more of our common humanity, being more open and kind to people I meet along life's journey. A few weeks ago, I asked to talk to Lanita about her work with Where Success Blooms, which I find very intriguing. Approaching that process with candor, humor, and compassion, Lanita guides her students in connecting authentically with who they are as young adults and who they wish to be.
Lanita became interested in her line of work due to her family background as well as her personal college admissions experience. As a high school senior, when it came time for her to select a college, Lanita found herself struggling to figure out which one would be the best fit. I asked Lanita what scared her most about leaving her career at a top-ranked school in order to strike out on her own. How do you know if the college or university that your child ultimately attends will provide him or her with an excellent education?
College pricing is inching closer to transparency thanks to net price calculators, but it’s largely impossible to form an educated opinion about the strength of a school’s learning environment beyond checking  an institution’s graduation rates. To get some sense of whether the professors are doing a superior job of educating students, you should check out a couple of statistics in the big, thick annual guide that the Princeton Review publishes.
One reason why I  think these ratings are worth consulting is because of the pronounced pattern that I noticed when reviewing the scores of many schools in the guide. Professors at liberal arts colleges received much higher marks than professors at universities (including the Ivy League schools). Professors at private universities received better marks than professors at state universities.

In contrast, professors at research universities are focused on their own research, which brings an institution prestige and  revenue. Private universities will typically enjoy more resources than state institutions, which can shrink class sizes and provide more opportunities for undergrads. In every category, I found outliers – schools that did better than their category would suggest and those that did worse.
Wabash College (IN) and Hampden-Sydney (VA), both all-men’s colleges,  both got nearly perfect scores.
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Along with a small group of Joy Champions, we made an effort to perform one item off the 40 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life list each day for 40 straight days.
She's about emphasizing the importance of finding the right college fit, engaging the whole student, and finding a place where a student can thrive. Coming from a very large extended family that migrated West from the deep South, she became a natural connector of people across cultures, ages, and communities. It took an honest and irreverent Trustee from the Class of '55 to assure her that at Stanford, she could be authentically herself. She replied that she had to stop defining success by traditional standards -- a nice title, a prestigious institution, a certain number of years in tenure -- and begin defining success in terms of living and helping others to live authentically. Liberal arts colleges exist to teach undergrads and thankfully professor research is secondary at these institutions. Even if they are lousy teachers, professors can gain tenure because research is the most highly prized.

I went there for grad school and I had professors actually tell the class that they HATED teaching. The best way to keep your mouth clean and ache-free is to maintain a regular dental care regimen. We also had a great time supporting each other in tapping into positivity, gratitude, and connection. She said, "The college admissions process is not 'one size fits all.' Sadly, we as a culture treat it that way. As the daughter of an elementary school principal, education was always one of the highest priorities in her family, second only to spirituality.
At these universities, it’s the grad students primarily stuck with dealing with undergrads.
He really seemed to take into account all of my needs -- academically, personally, and emotionally." He inspired Lanita to want to provide the same care and attention to others.
According to Princeton Review,  roughly 30,000 students were surveyed, which breaks down to about 120 respondents per campus. And when professors are teaching 15 to 20 kids in a class at a liberal arts college, the faculty should be far more accessible. After the Boston Marathon bombing, officials temporarily set up a memorial site in a square nearby, filling it with yellow tulips for as far as the eye could see. I took a picture and I use that photo to explain to students and families that a great majority of applicants who apply to selective schools have perfect scores, perfect grades, and tons of community service.
Yet how does one stand out like that single red tulip in an increasing crowd of applicants?

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