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With beauty, brawn, and brains any single man would jump at the chance to be with a woman like her. Then why do most men put up with women who give them nothing but grief and make them feel small.
They say the woman who is willing to eat ramen with you while you fight for your dreams is the woman who should be dinning with you at top expensive restaurants when you make those dreams a reality. Men can do fine by themselves but they will move mountains and lift up trains with the seductive magic of a woman standing behind them. It would be stupid for Superman to ask Poison ivy to help him on his mission to save the world.
I say this because I assume any man reading this article who is subscribed to this website is a man who also is working on raising his value in any aspect of life he chooses. That meant he had a higher chance of not getting killed off so he can spread his seed with a fertile mate. So even if she can buy her own house or lift a truck she will still be attracted to a man who is on her level, higher, or thankfully is striving to reach that level. TACOMA — Detectives are asking for public help, to find a woman who has been missing since June. Her family reported her missing in August, after they hadn’t heard from her in two months.
She reportedly suffers from a condition that requires medication and she has no prior history of running away. Detectives are offering a $1,000 reward for any information about her disappearance or whereabouts.

At the time of her disappearance, Mardelle Ann Carmickle was a white female, 59 years old, 5’7” tall, 115 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.  She does not drive, and is not known to have a vehicle or a cell phone. It’s 30 minutes focused exclusively on how tonight’s developing news will impact you tomorrow. Some married men will forever keep the secret of wanting to leave their wives for a woman like her. She must either be an enthusiastic fan or a calm behind the scenes supporter of your goals.
Am I telling you to dump your girlfriend just because she isn’t doing the same workouts as you or going for the same career?
I know most people who read comics are still mad that superman and Wonderwoman are now with each other and not with the characters we grew up on them being with. Well if you want to catch a woman whom already has high status then you need to be high status yourself. Nowadays you don’t have to take down the biggest guy you see to get women to want to be with you. If a woman see’s clearly that you have potential and are working your ass off to reach a higher level she will date you regardless of how much more money she makes.
Carmickle’s family members even stopped by her apartment in downtown Tacoma several times, and found no indication she was missing.
Although there aren’t any women with superpowers like wonder woman, the good news is there are real women out there with the same qualities. The other problem is that most men simply chose the WRONG woman to date and even worse marry.

And that a nagging, screaming woman who makes you feel like shit sometimes is how it’s suppose to be. Being around anyone who doesn’t support your goals be them your girlfriend, wife, friends or family members can be stressful and leaves people broken hearted. Her way of thinking stays the same and more and more you find yourself becoming less and less attracted to her. So below are the things to look out for to snag yourself up your own personal wonder woman. What I’m saying is as you grow and evolve the woman you are with should also be striving to become a better version of herself as well. Before women would mate with the strongest male in the group because he had high survival value. It’s built in a females programming to want to mate with a male with high survival value. If you’ve chosen the right woman then yeah sometimes you will have slight disagreements.

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