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Thought religious women skip the draft or rush to get married before completing IDF service? The IDF has avoided taking official steps to promote the issue in order to prevent confrontations with rabbis in religious high schools. Just before stepping down, Avichai Ronsky tells Ynet there is a problem with high percentage of religious commanders.
Senior staff at General Headquarters explains that just as religious men have understood that the army is a place to make a difference and they fulfill their potential in combat units and command courses, women are now coming to the same realization. Brigadier General Amir Rogovsky, head of the Israel Defense Forces' Human Resources Branch, says that the rise in the number of enlisting religious women has managed to put a stop to the draft dodging trend among women making a false religiousness declaration. Today, out of the 43% of girls who do not enlist, 35% do so after declaring that they are religious. The IDF estimates that most of the women who studied in secular high schools and declare themselves religious are imposters. When second lieutenant Danit Moran got married two months ago, she could have just given up her officer stripes and gone home as many have done before her. When Sergeant Liat Zinger enlisted, she realized that her choice puts her in many situations she wasn't used to encountering. I saw Lois Morton play a Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) showcase, then reviewed her debut CD, As I See It, for our December 2011 NERFA wrapup issue. I listened to a€?Side Effectsa€? about those TV ads for drugs and learned how perfectly Lois could encapsulate their lunacy. The wonder of all of this was that I was listening to a grandmother who had, for a number of decades, been a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL), an administrator and a therapist.
She was a little prodigy, always performing for the family and picking out songs on the piano. Lois was a voice major at the Music and Art High School (There were two coexisting schools, Performing Arts High School and Music and Art High School on West 46th Street.
At age 16 or 17, she could perceive how high the level of talent was at the school a€” television and stage actress and singer Diahann Carroll (Carol Diahann Johnson then) was in her senior chorus.
She had taken piano lessons for two years in junior high school, but had such a good ear that shea€™d fake it a lot of the time and didna€™t practice.
Lois played basic guitar and sang in a program called The Musicians Emergency Fund, which sent performers into hospitals to play for patients. After he died, Lois began to explore other avenues of coping and expression, entering several programs. Lois described how the song gained exposure: a€?I was involved in a community theater group and we were doing a show at that time. In a€?The Cell Phone Song,a€? another of my favorites, written about two months after the Clutterholic song, she skewers egocentric, obsessive cellphone users perfectly with: It doesna€™t seem to matter, youa€™re assailed with noisy chatter when you only want a quiet, peaceful walka€¦ Pretty much everything I despise about those people is in that song a€” but humorous. Lois began playing open mics on Long Island and found that she could cross over into the folk arena. A big component in driving Lois to embark on a new career was having a source of purpose and income taken away from her. As she perused her earlier resume as a teacher, therapist and author, she looked at what she was doing as a performer and thought, a€?Who is this woman?a€? At first glance, nothing seemed relevant. Anti-aging products that fill pharmacy shelves and magazine advertising space push the message that it is better to look, feel and be younger. To help you feel great about getting older, we’ve assembled nine of our favorite quotes about aging. So your first Jewish girlfriend has this annoying habit of needing everybody to know exactly where she stands on contentious Jewish issues.
I am getting older, and tired of focusing on an ever-shrinking pool of Jewish potential mates without pets (I’m allergic to pets).
A woman who speaks with words of love and kindness, attends to her mans’ physical needs, will have no trouble finding a good husband. Subscribe to Heeb Subscribe to our newsletter to get fresh Heeb stories and events in your inbox! But recently, when talking about skirts in the field, the code doesn't necessarily have the same old meaning: More and more religious women, some already married, are passing up on national service and choosing to enlist in the IDF. The growing number of long skirts seen in the IDF has caused another unique phenomenon – more women in the IDF with covered hair – as many religious women cover their hair once married.

Over the last two years the glass ceiling has shattered and paved the way for additional significant roles. The IAF has the unique distinction of having one religious cadet who is in advanced stages of the course. An impressive presence is noted in the intelligence corps, mainly in the elite Central Collection Unit of the Intelligence Corps also known as 8200 and the Military Intelligence Directorate research units. The number was set to rise to 37%, but the IDF was surprised to discover that it remained the same over the past two years. The course allows the women to serve together throughout their IDF service, like the special arrangement the IDF has for yeshiva students or the Hesder.
The team will go between the various units and teach IDF officers how to handle these women – bringing their background and terms of service into consideration. I'm a career officer, leaving is not an option; they can do so at any moment and yet they choose not to, I'm very proud of them". There is also the issue of being in constant contact with men, wearing pants during training.
It's difficult, but it also leads to unique and beautiful situations with the secular environment – people are really touched by it.
Both times I was confronted with a sly, satiric commentary on the idiocies of human nature. She had as keen a mind in viewing modern foibles as anybody Ia€™d ever heard and had only been pursuing this avenue of performance for a couple of years. Her father died when she was an infant, so her mother moved to The Bronx to live with her parents. She decided to go into education, something a€?with a greater chance of successa€? than she foresaw in performing. She also advertised as an international songstress, doing a few shows she called a€?Around the World in Song.a€? Lois was in a Broadside concert during that time. After teaching school in Manhattan full time for five years, Lois took a maternity leave and she and her husband, son and daughter moved to Long Island.
The following year, 2007, she attended a conference of organizers in Minneapolis and got a standing ovation from 900 professional organizers a€” a€?Me, the client!a€? she exclaimed. She got her biggest response when she played the open mic at the Mansion at Acoustic Long Island in St. Shea€™s been using French in her songs for some time including the conclusion of a€?The Last Goodbye.a€? In 2009, an audience member, hearing her sing in French, asked her if she could do an Edith Piaf show, Lois asked, a€?How much time would I have to prepare?a€? The woman said shea€™d need it the following year.
Therea€™s a new CD coming (one of her new songs deals with GPS users a€” whata€™s she going to say about that GPS womana€™s voice?) and a new concept show in the works a€” a show in Yiddish using a Jewish theme. She decidedA  to go into education, something a€?with a greater chance of successa€? than she foresaw in performing. It began with a€?Confessions Of a Clutterholic,a€? rising from her experience working with a professional organizer.
While of course aging is often accompanied by negative health side effects, these anti-aging messages do not tell the whole story of what it is like to grow “old.” Aging is by accompanied maturity, wisdom, new opportunities -- beautiful things that are certainly not “anti" anything.
But before you tell me that you need me to know what type of tribe-member you are, which is arguably relevant, and then you sign off with a declaration of your musical tastes, which is as relevant as what I ate for breakfast. And you’re whining about this to the Jewish female author of What’s Wrong With You—no question mark there—whose very existence can be credited to her Ukrainian and Polish forebears busting Nazi balls to escape to America? Since Jewish women notoriously speak with words of spite and sarcasm, and find the very notion of catering to a man deeply offensive, there’s little doubt why no one wants to stay married to them.
The women who reach these prestigious units usually choose to become career officers in the IDF.
50% of the women declaring religiousness are haredi, 30% are national religious and 20% study in secular schools.
Today, they are married and living in Ein Tzurim as they both continue to serve in the Education corps. I had quite a few struggles with my conscience, but in the end I changed my perspective – wearing pants or defending my country – the country won. As I See It is categorized by iTunes as a€?Easy Listening.a€? This is true only if youa€™re not paying attention. As I See It went on to lampoon a range of topics such as rude cellphone use, pack rat clutter, the weirdness of digital communication and kooky dieting.

Her grandfather, a€?a little Jewish tailor from Russiaa€? had a voice like operatic tenor Jan Peerce. In junior high, a€?The Ballad of Rodger Young,a€? a song about a martyred World War II infantry hero, was one of her strongest pieces.
In 2009, she did another cabaret show in Manhattan and included the a€?Dieta€? and a€?20th Century Girla€? songs. New York state licensing laws changed in 2006 and, uninformed about required paperwork, she was left unable to practice professionally.
All together this is a lot for me to untangle after being on hiatus from advice-giving for ten months. If you were chatting with them about music, making micro-assertions of your coolness, and a guy came along and changed the subject, you’d either change the subject back, go with the flow, or shrug and walk away.
The torrent of descriptive terms dealing with the less attractive activities of homo sapiens demands complete concentration. She was supposed to teach drama to 6-year-olds, but the music counselor turned out to only play the tuba, a€?and he hadna€™t even brought it!a€? she said. Pete wrote back and encouraged her to keep writing and told her to send her songs to Sis Cunningham at Broadside Magazine. She decided not to do that after conferring with her husband, telling me cautiously, a€?It was not something that would have worked out. To date, shea€™s done about 25 Piaf shows, accompanied on a number of songs by Larry Moser on accordion. Although she might have chosen to give herself another title in order to practice, Lois had already made a conscious decision to commit to a career path as a performer. A genre that I had not written in before came popping up, that was very Gilbert and Sullivan with some Tom Lehrer thrown in.a€? Because she and her husband never threw anything away, after he died, she began the process of letting go of clutter. Granted, there are some ballads that mean only to entertain, but theya€™re outweighed by tongue-twisting rhymes laced with brilliant sarcasm. She had an aunt with a a€?wonderful singing voicea€? and an uncle who played a€?at least six instruments.a€? Like Lois, many in the family a€” her aunt and her cousins a€” thought easily in rhyme. The camp administration a€?put him in a canoe,a€? she said, a€?and I became the music counselor.a€? She played the morning sing-alongs. One of the places was Queens College, where her husband was chairman of the Political Science Department. In early 2010, Lois screwed up her courage and asked Dave Dircks, the director, for a slot in the regular performance schedule. She got involved with making a CD and putting together promotional materials and getting them sent out.
Later in 2010, she made her first trip to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) conference, staying briefly, since she had Piaf shows scheduled that weekend.
She had to develop a mindset in which she did not fret about every cent it was costing her. Jewish women should be shunned, left severaly alone, and be permitted to rant at the four walls of their empty olives.
In 2011, she was sponsored for a DJ showcase at NERFA by Barbara and Graham Dean of radio station WBCR-lp in Great Barrington, Mass. As Lois described it, theya€™d role-play and her opening words to the person playing the patient were: a€?Hello!
She characterized this opening phase as a€?a different path on the mountain.a€? She wondered if she could write more like these. So, in May 2012, Lois did her own show and considers it her first successful gig in a folk venue The huge following she already had from the Mansion open mic was there for her. I worked with the organizer for about a year and a half, not so much in throwing things out, but in organizing it.a€? While they organized, she wrote a song about it. In grade school she was, as she put it, a€?a big fish in a small pond.a€? This changed when she got to high school. These days when she plays for Alzheimera€™s patients or older ailing people, without using sheet music, she just asks what their favorite songs are and she always knows them.

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