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Such developments have definitely created a challenging situation for young people trying to get their dream jobs abroad. It isn’t the developing city it was ten years ago, when the exotic Emirate was looking for anyone and everyone to help its booming job market. But no worries, there are surefire ways to find a job in Dubai without any prior experience. If you are looking for work in Dubai, here is a list of tips based on my personal experience that helped me find a job in Dubai. Once you have identified potential companies, verify the company’s details on Google to see if it is featured in international or national news.
You should be more alert if your prospective employer only has a Hotmail or Yahoo email address.
If you want to contact recruitment agents to help you find a job in Dubai, I would recommend being extra cautious of any agents who ask for money for either a placement fee, documentation, or registration fees. Provide all the important information in bullet points to make it readable, since most employers will only scan your resume for relevant details at first.
Several companies include “Career” links to their website to allow job seekers find job openings.
As a young graduate, do not be shy to ask for assistance from your friends, alumni, family, and other people in your social network to help you find a job in Dubai.
Moreover, employers nowadays are increasingly using these networking sites to find their future employees by heavily advertising their open positions.
So as not to get disappointed with your job search in Dubai, it is vital to analyze your earning potential.
Anyone looking to find a job in Dubai should also be aware of its distinct geo-location and tax advantages.
If that isn’t enough to convince you, then knowing your salary is non-taxable may do the trick. If you are looking to work in one of the most exotic Emirates in the world, I highly recommend you look for a job in Dubai.
You will experience an eclectic mix of entertainment and Arabian culture, all the while working in world-renowned establishments which have made Dubai a business hub. Author : Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest in the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. Photographs used under Creative Commons licenses: Thamer Al Hassan, Paolo Margari, AD Teasedale, Elmar Bajora, tmlvngs, James Chan.
SUBSCRIBE now and get instant access to my FREE 52 page preview of "QUIT YOUR JOB AND MOVE TO S.E. Hi Maria, you’ll need to contact recruiters for that, since the salaries vary VERY widely depending on the type of establishment. A larger company could also be able to deliver larger initiatives more rapidly than can an individual freelancer. Hello ,getting a job is every young man’s ambition but for my case its even more serious I have just finished my degree and no field experience at all. Jamal, you will need to contact a recruiter or follow the recruiter’s link in this article best of luck!
With the amount of $$$ that can be made as an ESL teacher in Dubai, I have definitely considered moving there.
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If the early morning sky was a representation of every person I know, you are the sun and everyone else are the fading stars, soon to disappear by your blazing love. Our Services All Over Dubai and Sharjah 24 Hour 7 Days a week Quick, Reliable and Affordable .
Low Price Painting with Best Service in Dubai Are you looking for the best and fast interior or exterior painting services in dubai? The owner of this web site provides no guarantees as to the quality of the items being sold and the accuracy of the information provided about the sale items. Walk In Interview for Personal Assistant Job in Dubai Required an experienced Female Personal Assistant with at least two years of experience in a similar role. Office Secretary Required for Consultancy Company in Sharjah Office secretary for the consultancy company require little knowledge of dealing clinet and payables Preferred female should not be more that less than 1 years Experience Should have good command over English knowledge. Office Assistant Required for Company in Sharjah Urgently Required Office Assistant we are looking very serious person Prefer Understand English, Good Salary with Visa Provided Can Join Immediately. Amazing opportunity to buy Studio in Elite Sports Residence 9 Dubai Elite Sports Residence 9 Due for completion Q2 2016 Proven developer to deliver quality on schedule Prices start from AED 470,000 Great Return of investment from 8.9% on market price rental.
Safi II Apartments by Nshama Available in Installment Plan After the successful sold out of Zahra Apartments and Safi I Apartment in Town Square, Nshama is all set to launch Safi II Apartment with lowest market price of 525 AED per square feet. The Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock is a part of your entertainment system that you can rely on.
With the benefit of Bluetooth 3.0 and the superior apt-X codec, transferring music no longer means a loss of quality. BUSY is one of the leading accounting software in India and fast growing accounting software in Middle East and Africa. Rockford Computer LLC is an authorized partner of Sage which is a Global Software Giant and a leading supplier of business management software worldwide. However, in this competitive job market, finding a job in Dubai is not an easy task, particularly if you are a freshman. It is by no means a complete list, but is certain to help you in your quest to find a job a job in Dubai. There are several online job portals, Free Zone websites, and the Dubai Yellow Pages to help you find listings of companies and their businesses. It is advisable to customize your resume for different job roles and companies to make it a better fit. Overall, try to keep the information in your CV accurate and brief, listing your achievements and percentage growth contribution. Her articles are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines. I would also recommend you use a professional CV service, as sometimes it isn’t your qualifications, but the way your CV is written that may not appeal to recruiters or employers. Aside from discussions when joining forums, they even do meet-ups to help other expats knows how to deal with Dubai locals and have a comfy stay in UAE.

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We Strive to Provide Cleaning Services at the Highest Quality and Care through Our Specially Trained Staff Technicians and The State of the Art Equipment. The Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock allows for faster streaming of data without losing the original sound quality, which is usually the case with file compressions. 4 CCTV Camera along 3 years warranty + DVR 8 Channel along with 60 days memory of Samsung brand only on 2000 AED. We are experts in commercial and residential air conditioning and heating systems repair and maintenance services. Standard & Enterprise editions are available in 3 variants (Single-User, Multi-User and Client-Server) each. With a focus on cost-cutting, several companies nowadays have started reducing entry-level jobs for fresh graduates, while demanding more responsibilities from them. Moreover, if a company is always in the news for bad business practices, knowing this in advance will help you in the long run. However, I feel if any company does not care or cannot afford to get a registered web page or email address, that you should think twice before applying for a job with them. Some recruitment costs include job post advertising, medical examination fees, residency visa expenses, and labor deposits.
Keep a record of the companies and job roles you have applied for–this will help you follow up with them on a weekly basis. Hence, create your profile on reputed social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can easily find great weekend deals to places like Thailand or the UK, since Dubai is a major airport hub. You keep your entire paycheck, which helps you save for future travels,  and are typically provided top-class medical insurance.
Our activity type of painting service(offices,villa, studio flat,shops,apartment,supermarket)etc-all across dubai land area. This flexibility simplifies your audio set-up band also saves you the hassle of having to buy various audio systems that match your particular smart devices.
The highly regarded Bluetooth 3.0 and apt-X technology prevents this from happening, and even allows CD quality music to be sent. Similarly, verify the company’s contact details, licensing, and trading activities to prevent being employed by an unethical company. The actual package, however, depends on the size of the company, the business of the employer, and your negotiation skills. So, if you are serious about your transferred sound quality, Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X technology is a must have feature.

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