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She is always reluctant to pay, resorting to gimmicks like ‘I forgot my wallet at home’, ‘my credit card isn't working’, etc.
I bet most of the men here are not millionaires, and I bet most of them are not actually sleeping with these girls, just having a photos with them.
The moral of the story is that in most instances to get the hotties you either have to be a creepy rich guy or a douche…or both. But for her, the real relationship is with money, and you are just a provider, an easy access to lavish lifestyle.

Understanding the weaknesses of men very well, she uses her charming smile and sexy figure to get things done from them. There is no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in her dictionary, because these words show general respect and courtesy.
Also, just because someone is fat does not mean they would have to be a millionaire to get a thin girl.
When she is with you, in a Mercedes Benz, she is happy because she is in a Benz and the world is watching, not because she is with you.

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