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It also provides detailed graphical information and statistics based on day, week and months of your activity. I have a habit of reading old messages that were sent by my boyfriend, close friends or families. After losing important messages, the first thing that comes to your mind must be how to recover deleted text messages from Samsung phone. Note: This program will ask for superuser permission on your phone, so you should root your phone first. Before getting your Samsung phone identified, you need enable USB debugging on your device first. Once recognizing your Samsung device, this program will scan your phone data, and your lost messages will be displayed within a few seconds. Cool Apps, Cool Life; Provide the most needed software for global users, Improve the quality of life with science and technology. That’s the URL as well, cool right?) This web based application lets you know on how many people have deleted you from their friends list and who they are. Below is what I found out after checking mine and luckily no one did find me annoying enough to delete me from their list J check out yours! As Android system has been upgraded for several times, you can finish this process according to the system version of your device.
If you have lost text messages or contacts from your Android phone, and you are seeking for a solution to recover them, you can't miss it! What's more, some people have also suffered from losing text messages caused by other reasons, such as the device was broken, stolen or formatted. If this program fails to detect your Samsung, you should skip to the next step to check settings on your phone. Significant openness can make its have more developers and with the increasingly richen users and applications. No matter what may lead to the data loss, it must be a huge risk for all mobile phone users.

With it, you can easily restore lost Samsung SMS messages without any loss, no matter how you lost them before.
Now I'm so regretful for what I have done, but I have no idea how to recover deleted text messages from Samsung phone. By the way, if you lose contacts at the same time, this program can also be helpful to recover them within a few clicks. As you know, the memory of a mobile phone is growing much that users are used to storing hundreds of thousands of contacts in their phones.But it is really safe to save data in the mobile phone? If you have any problem about the operations, you can act as the following guide to complete this process. For example, one you lost your mobile phone, or accidentally deleted the contacts, or mistakenly format your phone, or any other unexpected cases, all can make contacts lost from your mobile phone. Many Android users feel depressed when their contacts have been deleted or lost without making any backup. Is there any solution to restore all deleted contacts back?Yes, of course you can retrieve all lost contacts by using a reliable Android contact recovery tool. Contacts, as well as text messages, are stored in the internal flash memory of a cell phone.
When you delete contacts from Android, they were not really erased, but only marked as useless and could be overwritten by new data. If you are using a Mac, you can launch the Coolmuster Android Data Recovery for Mac and perform the same operations as below: 1. Connect Android phone to computer and run the software Use a data cable to link your Android phone from which you lost the contacts to the computer directly. Once the connection is successful, you can launch the installed recovery software on your computer and get its main interface like below. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your phone Next, we need to enable USB debugging on the connected phone. The activated USB debugging is used for synchronizing data between your phone and computer.

Scan for the lost contacts on your Android phone When the USB debugging mode has been enabled successfully for you Android phone, click "Allow" on your phone to allow the program super user authorization when an Superuser Request pops up. Then, the launched program will automatically detect your phone, including the SD card inside of your phone, and scan them deeply.
When the scan finishes, all the contained files in your phone will be displayed in clear categories. Preview and recover the target files selectively Coolmuster Data Recovery provides you with two preview modes to help you find your wanted contacts quickly and accurately. Then, you can click on the “Recover” button, customize an output location and the program will start the recovery process for your Android mobile phone immediately.After a few seconds when the recovery is done, you can turn to the output location and check the recovered contacts.
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