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When the wealthy, older husband of a beautiful young woman is found brutally murdered, the wife instantly becomes the prime suspect. Archaeologists in Egypt say they've discovered not one, but two beautifully decorated ancient tombs near the historic city of Luxor.
Both tombs contain debris and evidence of ancient looting and vandalism, according to the statement. A Catholic priest blesses a grave during a burial ceremony for the remains of 110 Napoleonic soldiers who died in a major battle against the Russian army, near the of Studenka, about 100 kilometers (63 miles) east of Minsk, Belarus, Friday, Nov.
We love a good love story and the one behind Iman and her hubby David Bowie is as sweet as they come.
Reportedly, the British rockstar fell head-over-heels in love with the Somali-born supermodel the second he laid eyes on her during a blind date in 1990. She also sent a picture of the couple from an old magazine spread commemorating their nuptials. The power couple, along with their two daughters -- 34-year old Zulekha Haywood (Iman's child from a previous marriage) and 12-year-old daughter Alexandria Zahra (their child together) -- have made it through the good and the bad times proving that their love is still super hot!
Adapted from Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the film tells the story of Charlie Bucket, a poor boy who lives in a small cottage with his mother and both sets of bedridden grandparents.
Charlie is excited by the contest, but disheartened that his family’s poverty precludes him from buying the huge quantities of candy bars that millions around the world are frantically snatching up in their search. Before he can run home, Charlie is approached by a sinister man whom we have seen previously in the background of news reports on the previous four ticket-finders.
At the chime of the clock, Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) makes a grandiose, but very strange, appearance.
Wonka ushers the young winners into the factory to begin the tour, and this is where things get good.

Things quickly take a dark turn when Augustus is sucked up a pipe after falling into the chocolate river.
So, why is the film called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory instead of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Brian Terrill is the host of television show Count Gauntly’s Horrors from the Public Domain. Brian T.Brian is the host of the TV show Count Gauntly's Horrors from the Public Domain and the creator of Brian Terrill Movie Night. Caught up in trying to clear her name, she becomes the prime target for the psychotic terrorist who actually committed the murder. Both were covered in hieroglyphics and colorful murals on plaster depicting the tomb's owners, who are believed to be father and son.
The tombs share a courtyard with the Tomb of Djehuty, which was commissioned by a royal cupbearer for the pharaohs Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III, Discovery reported. Two years later the duo were hitched and today they are celebrating 20 years of marital bliss!
He announces to the world that he has concealed five golden tickets under the wrappers of five chocolate Wonka Bars.
Rushing to the candy shop with a silver piece he finds in a gutter, Charlie purchases a Wonka Bar – which holds the final Golden Ticket.
He agrees to accompany Charlie on the Wonka tour, and the appointed morning finds the two of them huddled outside the factory gates alongside the other four winning children and their parents.
He hobbles out of the factory leaning on a cane, only to suddenly toss the cane aside and perform a perfect somersault, leaping to his feat. Not only the chocolate, but the whole Wonka enterprise will some day belong to Charlie and the Buckets.

Well, the film was actually sponsored by Quaker Oats, who had plans of releasing a new chocolate bar.
Charlie shows his moral strength by overcoming the temptations represented by his grandfather.
If the colors were eye-popping on the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang blu-ray, the breathtaking hues revealed in the Wonka blu-ray had me tasting schnozz-berries. 2, belongs to an Amenhotep (doorkeeper to the Egyptian god Amun) surnamed Rabiu, and his wife, Satamen.
The factory’s owner and manager, Willy Wonka, is a mysterious recluse, and the factory itself is enigmatic as well. Each person who finds a ticket will be invited on a grand tour of the never-before-seen Wonka factory, and receive a lifetime supply of chocolate.
As the group zooms through a dark tunnel, rings of technicolor lights flash, accompanied by flickering scenes of a chicken being beheaded and a man with a large millipede crawling across his face. For years, no workers have been seen entering or exiting the building, and yet candy production continues full-steam. And once again, this is a film which successfully creates a feeling of magic: that the impossible truly is possible.

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