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Picture this: A big-boned Jesus-looking figure with flowing hair, a folded up blue bandana across his forehead, and a long beard reminiscent of a 30-something Santa walks into a gas station. That might just explain why Willie can’t even stop at a gas station without taking a picture. That doesn’t mean the production company won’t make suggestions about certain scenarios or that every interaction goes off without a hitch. And while each situation is rich in comedy, sometimes there is Robertson history baked in that might be lost to those unfamiliar with the now-millionaire family’s humble roots – roots that aren’t ignored in the show. Take one of season three’s premiere episodes, which features the clan’s tradition of camping out before the duck hunting season’s opening day.
He adds later: “Our house was like a camp-out growing up and I certainly slept outside and all that.
When it came time to start filming “Duck Dynasty,” the network said it was having a hard time telling all the Robertson brothers apart. And each episode is a reminder: the show always ends with the family saying a prayer before a meal.
And the success of the show has shown that there is a large segment of America that appreciates the faith aspect of “Ducky Dynasty’s” brand of reality TV.
In fact, on Wednesday viewers will see how Phil, after all these years of marriage, is still trying to woo his wife, referred to as “Miss Kay.” That’s where the scripture comes in – and a lot of flirting.
When asked about sexual banter between Phil and Kay – which is regularly featured – makes him feel, Willie takes an approach that might surprise some.

For now, Willie and the Robertsons have turned flirting with hit TV into a marriage between great television and hot ratings. Editor’s note: We discussed this story and all the day’s news during our Monday, February 25, live BlazeCast. Trump Lashes Out at Famous Christian Theologian, Labeling Him 'A Nasty Guy With No Heart!' But It's the Preacher's Simple Response That's Getting Attention.
At least we can say with absolute certainty that this is not a meeting of the State of Jefferson initiative committee. From left, matriarch “Miss Kay” and original Duck Commander founder Phil, Korie and Willie, Uncle Si, and Jase and Missy.
On Friday, Duck Commander CEO and the show’s main character, Willie Robertson, called this reporter to talk about the show’s success and what it’s like having a family reality show.
He’s heading to Melbourne to visit his friend — Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche – who also happens to be his partner in another show called “Buck Commander” on the Outdoor Channel. The show’s season two finale in December was the “most watched series telecast in network history” according to information provided to TheBlaze by A&E. It’s not just random hidden cameras,” he says, having pulled over to the side of the road after his gas-station photo session. Those interviews – especially those with the sometimes-hard-to-understand Uncle Si – are many times the highlight of the show. From left: Korie (Willie’s wife), Jessica (Jep’s wife), Miss Kay (Phil’s wife), and Missy (Jase’s wife).

While Willie’s brother Jase, Uncle Si, and a few other Duck Commander employees try hard to stick to the traditional, outdoor, tent-and-camp-fire method, Willie decides to use the company’s extravagant RV. Hunting, despite what theories some might come up with, is a gun sport – especially duck hunting. But he does try to limit wearing it when the cameras aren’t rolling, like in gas stations across the South. And in an age when one’s Christian faith is increasingly a closet belief, the Robertsons aren’t ducking out (pun intended). But in the town of West Monroe, Louisiana, that just means at least one of the Robertson brothers has pulled up – and it’s about to get good. LaRoche is there for spring training and Willie is hoping to hit some baseballs with him before heading to the Daytona 500. The family’s patriarch, Phil, regularly is shown reading his Bible – and scripture even makes an appearance in the season three premiere (but not in the way you might think). But for Willie talking about it after-the-fact, it’s also a reminder about where the family has come from and how they haven’t abandoned their humble beginnings.

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