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Facebook ($FB) is taking a bold step in the direction of practicality or privacy invasion, depending on how you look at it.
This morning, Facebook announced that it will be rolling out an optional feature called Nearby Friends which will give you notifications on Facebook if your friends are actually physically nearby so that you can meet and do some face to face social interacting. If you turn on Nearby Friends, you’ll occasionally be notified when friends are nearby, so you can get in touch with them and meet up.
A cautious but optimistic observer of the market, Laurent enjoys finding investment opportunities that might disrupt their respective industries. It will be an interesting feature especially useful to the traveling people to find out the friends updated location as and when they are using the Facebook App. Activating and using this feature is simple that anybody can use these features without any complications. If your device is already activated with the Nearby friends feature, then you can see the nearby friends under the next screen else you will be prompted to enable this feature ON. Open the “Account settings” menu which will be opened in the next screen with lot of options like General, Security, Privacy etc. In the Account Settings screen, we need to find out the “Location” option under the various options given.
In the location settings screen, first we need to verify that your device location history is ON.
After the Facebook app location history is turned ON, then we can enable the Near  by Friends feature by selecting which of the friends we need to see the location in your various groups. Once specifying the group you wanted to know location, you can come back to home screen and again settings to Tap on the Nearby friends option there. By tapping on each of the friends, you can control that how much duration, your location to be reported back to your friends by the Facebook app. The Nearby friends feature is a useful one to most of the users to find out the real location of your friends via Facebook App. Facebook – one of the popular social networking website that connects you worldwide with your friends, families, and many more to your network. Earlier this month, Facebook added new voice calling feature over Internet functionality for its Messenger app worldwide, that helps its users make free voice calls to their online pals by just tapping the blue phone icon and now Facebook is rolling out its new feature which is completely optional, that means you can turn it ON or OFF at anytime accordingly.
That means, people who are really serious about their Privacy and don’t want to share their location with any service provider, even with Facebook, are not recommended to use this feature.
Currently the feature will be available for US based users of the native Facebook application for iPhone and Android in upcoming weeks.
Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? Word broke this morning that Facebook's new Find Friends Nearby feature allows you to find people who are in your generally vicinity. You will have to authorize either the apps or your browser to access your current location. The feature is incredibly convenient if you happen to be chatting with someone in person and want to add him as a Facebook friend.

This new feature will share your location with your friends, but if youa€™re concerned about your privacy you should know that this feature is completely optional. If youa€™re concerned about your privacy we should mention that this feature is optional and no one will see your location unless you turn this feature on.
C’est subrepticement que Facebook vient de mettre en place une nouvelle fonctionnalite sur les applis mobiles (iOS et Android). C’est une nouvelle etape que Facebook vient de passer en toute discretion sur le terrain de la mobilite.
Elle demontre une nouvelle fois la volonte farouche du site communautaire de faire montre d’ubiquite en restant accessible via le web depuis les ordinateurs et en offrant toujours plus de possibilites depuis les terminaux mobiles. La Premiere Guerre Mondial au programme du nouveau BattlefieldAlors que le futur Call of Duty envoie ses soldats dans l'espace, les combats du nouveau Battlefield se derouleront durant la Premiere Guerre Mondiale. Bien que ca ne soit qu'un test, l'idee est seduisante et attirera surement des entreprises supplementaires sur Instagram. Laissez vous surprendre par Nuage d'Aromes, un concept eco-responsable unique en France. For example, when you’re headed to the movies, Nearby Friends will let you know if friends are nearby so you can see the movie together or meet up afterward.
It seems as though real life interaction would be counter-productive to their business model as it means less people would be on their site interacting but at the same time, it gives a new dimension to social media as you'd be able to potentially catch up with people you did not even know were in town. He also has a passion for helping others learn about the inner workings of the markets in order to achieve their financial independence. It will show the list of your friends sorted based on the distance from your exact location by getting location data of yours and your friends.
We will see how to setup and using the location history data and Nearby friends feature in Facebook App. There you might be seeing Nearby friends option under favorites which can be used as a shortcut to reach the settings for location history and Nearby friends feature.
There you can see many settings for the App including the App Settings, News feed preferences, Account settings etc there. This screen will open up the location settings screen of the Facebook app in your smartphone. If your device location history is not yet turned ON, then the Facebook app itself will prompt you to turn it ON. Before that we need to tap on the enable button to show up the options to select the group. It will open the Nearby friends screen and will show the location of your friends reported by the Facebook app. You can also stop reporting your location to specific people by tapping on the “compass” button against that person and choosing the “stop” option. Facebook has now given enough options to customize the feature to suit the individual peoples choice about sharing their location and privacy while using this feature.
Your friends will able to see your exact GPS location on the map, which helps you find each other and meet offline.

We hope that Facebook will continuously tune-up their awesome services without being creepy for users’ privacy and Security. She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.
Rather than tapping out his name and wasting minutes scrolling through a list of similarly named individuals, you can just ask your new pal to open up the Find Friends Nearby page and add him with a quick tap. In order to see which friends are available nearby youa€™ll have to turn on the Nearby Friends feature, and just like News Feed, this feature has complex sharing options so you can choose with whom you want to share your nearby location. Les smartphones sont bien le nouvel eldorado, synonyme de levier de croissance, qui s’avere vital pour la societe de Mark Zuckerberg. Les personnes proches de vous geographiquement et qui auront egalement ouvert cette page apparaitront alors. Toujours est-il que les trois cofondateurs de Glancee, desormais employes par Facebook, vont probablement participer activement a son developpement. However, it seems as though having this feature on would consume a tremendous amount of phone battery (and we all know the Facebook app does that well enough already) and it also seems like this could lead to some very awkward real life encounters. It will be having options like Nearby friends, Place tips, Location history and your device location settings etc. Once the device location history is turned ON, then you can turn-on the Facebook location history by tapping the button against it. It will show your different groups as option and you need to specify which group you wanted to know the location.
Also you can change the group you wanted to know the location by tapping on the settings button on the Nearby friends screen. It is just a nuisance when advertisers barge into your life, but it has far greater consequences when hackers or cyber criminals use to exploit such features to gather a lot of information about your life, your relationships, your preferences, and your comings and goings which you may not want to be in any untrusted hands. As soon as you leave the Find Friends Nearby page, you’ll be off the radar once again.
You can share your exact location with a friend for specified amount of time, and that could be extremely useful if you want to find and meet up with your friends easier. En temoignent les recentes acquisitions de societes dont Instagram, Lightbox, Karma et Glancee.
On imagine et on espere que Facebook enrichira cette nouvelle fonctionnalite en utilisant egalement des donnees pertinentes du Social Graph. Your friends will only be able to see that you’re nearby if you share this info with them and vice versa. If you turn on Nearby Friends, you can also choose to share a precise location with the particular friends you choose for a set period of time, such as the next hour.
This feature uses your GPS, and according to Facebook, this feature wona€™t be too harsh on your battery life, since it will turn off tracking if youa€™re not moving.
When you share your precise location, the friend you choose will see exactly where you are on a map, which helps you find each other.

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