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We've rounded up a handful of tips, tricks and strategies that should help you headway in Dodge Roll Games' newest project. Email * Enter The Gungeon made its long-awaited debut last week on PC and PlayStation 4, inviting players around the globe to explore Dodge Roll Games’ new bullet-hell rogue-like. We’ve already spent a number of hours exploring the Gungeon, which reconfigures itself each time you begin a new run, and uncovered all sorts of loot while exploring the bullet-filled labyrinth.
So we figured we’d round up a few tips and tricks for those still struggling with Enter The Gungeon.Fully Explore Each ChamberEnter The Gungeon players who’ve spent some time with other rogue-likes likely won’t need to be told this but if you’ve been making a beeline for the boss in each chamber you won’t find much success in the gungeon. This means that by using Movies Now, you can tell if a TV show is on Netflix, or see if a movie is on HBO. Instead, take some time to fully explore each floor, collecting extra shell casings and locating whatever treasure might be hidden away in the farthest corners of the map. Thanks to the game’s teleportation system, any back-tracking you need to do shouldn’t take long and the extra loot you’ll find usually justifies the extra time spent exploring.Master the Dodge RollHere’s another pretty simple tip. As you’re likely already aware, Enter The Gungeon includes a dodge roll command that offers few brief frames of invincibility to the player.

Mastering this ability is pretty much a requirement for beating the game; particularly when you encounter some of Enter The Gungeon’s late-stage bosses. It’s also worth pointing out that the dodge roll can be used to deal a small amount of damage to enemies if you dive over them at the right time.Take Your TimeOne of the biggest mistakes a player can make in Enter the Gungeon is trying to rush through the game. Many of the rooms you’ll need to clear only house a handful of enemies and can be cleared in a minute or two but you will occasionally stumble into a section of the Gungeon that hosts a high number of enemies. In these scenarios, it’s important you minimize the amount of damage being taken by your character. Success in these sorts of games requires careful resource management, with the player’s health being the most valuable resource of all. Ducking behind a wall every few seconds might draw the gunfight out a bit longer than normal but you’ll thank yourself when you get to the boss with a full health meter.Save Homing Weapons For BossesThere are dozens of firearms to use in Enter The Gungeon. We recommend saving homing weapons, like the Stinger or the Scrambler, for the bosses waiting at the end of each chamber. These fights tend to be the most like a traditional bullet-hell experience, making it difficult for the player to concentrate their fire on the boss. As the name implies, the greenish box will ingest weapons from the player’s inventory, offering replacement firearms in a 2:1 ratio.
But there’s no guarantee you’ll find one or that you won’t be running low on ammunition for a better weapon by then.Use Blanks To Expose Secret PathsFrom time to time, you’ll spot large glowing cracks in the Gungeon’s wall.

What you may not have realized is that there's way to avoid taking damage in these scenarios, provided you recognize them quickly enough.
Turns out players can use blanks in the middle of dodge, giving you an extra "Oh s--t!" button when things get hectic. While you can easily get away with holding the trigger for certain weapons, revolvers, crossbows and many other firearms can be fired much faster by mashing away on the trigger instead of holding it down. Should your character be set on fire, indicated by a small flame icon next to the character’s head, immediately begin dodge rolling around the room until the effect has been removed. It would be a real shame to avoid fire damage, only to roll into a spike pit or an enemy’s bullet.Ignore Brown ChestsAs you've probably realized by now, keys aren't exactly raining from the skies in Enter the Gungeon. You'll occasionally get one after clearing a room but, for the most part, players will have to spend their hard-earned bullet casings on the keys needed to unlocks doors and treasure chests.
Since supply is generally limited, don't waste your keys on the brown chests you find scattered throughout the Gungeon.
In some cases, the player will have to offer a major sacrifice, like a heart container, to acquire something new for their character.

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