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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I will comment on individual tracks at first, and then provide some semblance of a summary. Are we at some awful party where I’m too nervous to talk to a girl who I know is way too fucking stupid to be interested in? Without the proper broken home type scenario, I truly belive you have nothing viable to say about life on the streets.

Basically, this guy takes himself too seriously and there is no Hayley Williams this time and that makes everything worse. This beat would sound good in someone’s garage with a wal-mart disco ball hovering abovethe proceedings. I’m beginning to suspect that bob is a prick in real life, despite the fact he wants to take you to Europe if you have a big butt.
I just held my hand high even thoug I’m wearing basketball shorts and scratching my man parts while I listen to this record.

I will not buy this, but I will dance to some of the songs in bars but I will not add them to my karaoke wishlist. This chorus is tight because it makes me want to get a lcatoste polo and tell people whats up.

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