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When 16-year-old Rachel’s father fails to return from a courier mission and is declared dead, she is made the ward of his 19-year-old apprentice, Logan, her unrequited first love.
Sixteen-year-old Rachel Adams, a strong-willed female in a male-dominated society, finds herself without a protector upon the disappearance of her father, a valued courier for the ruthless Commander of the walled city of Baalboden. Gr 7 Up—Fifty years ago, the Cursed Ones escaped their underground prison and nearly destroyed all life on Earth. When young Layla Towsey fell into a coma after contracting meningitis, her family was told to give her a kiss goodbye. A three-year-old has mysteriously picked up an addiction to smoking cigarettes and downing beers after surviving a road crash.
A mother waited 41 days for her injured son to come out of a coma - only for him to tell her to 'f*** off'.
A newborn's pinkish face just after birth is the first memory of their child for many new moms. An 81-year-old granddad has been put under house arrest by his family after a bizarre accident turned him into a sex addict.
After years of excruciating pain that drove him to thoughts of suicide, John Roach decided to gamble on a controversial new treatment—a ketamine-induced coma. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. While other girls in Baalboden sew dresses and obey their male Protectors, Rachel knows how to survive in the wilderness and wield a sword. Rachel is certain her father is alive, but to leave the walled city-state of Baalboden and search for him she must agree to help Commander Chase, the violent despot who sent her father on his last journey. Survivors cluster within the walls of Baalboden, living in constant fear of attacks and relying on the protection of cruel Commander Jason Chase.
When Rachel's father, Jared, the best tracker in Baalboden, doesn't return from a mission, he is declared dead, and his teenage apprentice, Logan, is unexpectedly named her Protector. But it was far from the final curtain for the three-year-old, who awoke and began singing Abba's pop hit Mamma Mia!.
Ya Wen has been smoking up to a pack a day since an accident where she was hit by a speeding van. It was his way of telling her he was going to be OK.Joanne Hopkins leaned forward to hear son Joey whisper his first words since cheating death in a car smash.
But Valerie Leah doesn't have this memory, because her son Oliver was born while she was in a coma.
But drugs to treat the condition are expensive and not funded by her local NHS trust, meaning she has to shut off her emotions to avoid collapsing.Mrs Richmond, from Pitsmoor, Sheffield, has suffered from sleeprelated illnesses cataplexy and narcolepsy since her late teens but was diagnosed only in her 30s. Frail Angelo De Luca was in a coma for four days after he fell out of a plum tree at the family home in Biasca, Switzerland.
Mr Wallis was 19 and had just celebrated the birth of his daughter when, on Friday 13 July 1984, the truck he was travelling in slewed through a road barrier and plunged 25ft into a creek.
She decides to rebel against this unacceptable situation and take matters into her own hands. Unlike the other women, who are helpless and submissive, Rachel Adams is a survivor and a fighter.
The musical recovery came after she spent five days in coma, with mother Katy waiting only to see how disabled her daughter would be.Layla was diagnosed with meningitis B and meningococcal septicaemia and spent the next five days unconscious in intensive care.
Her parents say that her personality has changed since leaving hospital, where she recovered from five days in a coma and severe injuries. Valerie, a 35 years old expectant mom, was sick with the swine flu while she was 27 weeks pregnant and in a desperate attempt to save both mother and child, the doctors decided to put her in coma and perform a C-section.

Her remarkable story began in 2008 as she was driving the familiar short route to work in Golcar from her home at the time in Linthwaite.
She spoke Croatian before, but since waking up from her 24 hour coma, she has been unable to speak Croatian, but is able to communicate perfectly in German.
But coming round from an operation his family was horrified to watch their devoted widower dad turn into a randy teenager again.Sex mad Angelo blew ?3,000 of his savings in one session at a local brothel after falling head over heels for a hooker young enough to be his granddaughter. Rachel swears to bring back the item, free Logan, and make the commander regret he ever knew her, but a rival power is also seeking the parcel, and the commander has some tricks up his sleeve. Her plan is to escape the oppressive city and go to the wasteland with the hope of discovering what has happened to her beloved parent. When her father goes missing while on a secret mission to retrieve a device that would enable its holder to control the Cursed Ones, the Commander recruits Rachel to find him-and, more importantly, the device-at any cost. But they both loved Jared, and they are both determined to defy the megalomaniacal Commander that rules their city-state to find him. But then Layla began singing the words to Mamma Mia!, having seen the film starring Meryl Streep.
It wasn't until 3 weeks after she had actually given birth that she was able to finally hold her newborn.
His son Daniele has taken control of his dad's two houses and bank accounts after judges ruled that his sex addiction made him unfit to govern his own affairs. Left with only a fierce belief in her father's survival, Rachel decides to find him herself. In a society where the feudal system meets high-tech gadgetry, she must use all of her resources to achieve this difficult mission. Readers will be frustrated at the textbook way Rachel and Logan fail to communicate with each other, as each plots separately to escape into the Wasteland and find Jared.
If the novel-writing gig ever falls through, she'll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day. She was soon breathing by herself and only blood poisoning scars on her legs betrayed her ordeal. The couple, who already has two sons, said the ordeal began when all members of the family were struck down with the H1N1 virus. Despite doctors giving him little chance of regaining consciousness, Mr Wallis's parents and his wife Sandi put him in a rehabilitation centre. Her characters are interesting, but so capable and polished that they lose realism and sympathy. Told in the voices of Rachel and Logan in alternating chapters, a story of survival, cunning, and compassion unfolds as the reader learns the thoughts and feelings of two young people struggling to find happiness in a hopelessly brutal situation. Predictably, they are found out, and just as predictably, they discover passionate love for each other. He faces two years of rehabilitation but his mother is optimistic he will make a good recovery. Valerie was the last to catch the virus but her condition deteriorated fast and she was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties.
A week later the 23-year-old was struck down by a series of violent and prolonged seizures. Every other weekend they drove him to their farm 26 miles away, where they talked to him in the belief that familiar surroundings might restore him back to consciousness. Schwartzman, neurology chairman at Philadelphia's Drexel University College of Medicine, sent more than 60 patients to Germany and Mexico, since coma therapy isn't FDA-approved. The story offers solid writing, ample action, and a sweet romance, but also implausible science and an unexpectedly messy climax that leads into the next book. The tale ends with death and destruction as the young couple realizes the inevitability of a war and the responsibility they now must take to protect Baalboden's surviving citizens.

Mrs Gao, who lives in a shelter, said her daughter has now been addicted to smoking for a year and has also changed her preference in clothes. When she didn't respond to treatment doctors decided to sedate her completely, and put her on life support. Her partner Shelton rushed her to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and she spent many days there while doctors tried to diagnose her illness. Four weeks ago, Mrs Wallis went to the centre for what she believed would be a typical visit.
Unevenly written, the constant restating of the characters' feelings often gets in the way of the progression of the story line. Vague reference is made to an energy shortage that led to drilling that woke up the Cursed One, a reptilian monster that lives underground, but there is no attempt to flesh out the catastrophe that destroyed civilization as we know it. Baby Oliver later arrived by C-section weighing 2lb 10oz and was immediately whisked away to the special care nursery.
Doctors then took the drastic step of inducing Liz into a three-week coma to try and save her life.She was eventually diagnosed with encephalitis, the illness causes inflammation of the brain and is caused by a virus, infection or mosquito bite. John, a jovial retired phone-company worker, had tried surgery, physical therapy and heavy doses of pain medication, including OxyContin, codeine and fentanyl.
Science fiction readers will discover the familiar concepts of emerging technology, absolute evil, and mindless destruction interwoven into a story that centers more on social, political, and romantic themes.
Redwine's YA debut is an admirable attempt at following in the footsteps of such genre benchmarks as Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games (Scholastic, 2008) and Scott Westerfeld's Uglies (S & S, 2005).
How women came to be relegated to positions of extreme subservience is also left completely unexplained. Mr Wallis, from Arkansas, is talking freely and getting to know his daughter, Amber, who is now 19.The brain damage he suffered in the accident has left him with poor short term memory, and, perhaps inevitably, he remains stuck in 1984. Apprentice to the city's top courier, Logan is focused on learning his trade so he can escape the tyranny of Baalboden.
Despite its disconcerting setting, predicable plot, and tedious supporting characters, fans of romance may find the young protagonists' complicated love story compelling.
That all of this seems to have happened within the lifetime of the Commander who founded Baalboden beggars credulity.
She could no longer do the simplest of tasks – even walking and talking had to be relearned. Internal logic takes a backseat to overwrought, present-tense narration, which alternates between Logan's and Rachel's nearly identical voices.
She spent 11 months in special centres in Leeds and York alongside other victims of brain damage, including serving police officers and soldiers from Afghanistan. Getting regular ketamine booster injections (at non-coma levels) from his physicians, Schwartzman and Dr. Liz still suffers from some short-term memory loss and lacks confidence in certain areas, but her recovery steps have won her a nomination for Most Determined Learner in the Kirklees Community Adult Learning Awards. Anthony Kirkpatrick, he has removed a protective compression sleeve he wore for years and can once again wear his watch and wedding ring. Best of all, he can walk hand in hand with Rosemary and scoop up his granddaughters for hugs.

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