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If Saturday Night Live did a parody of it then you know its something to laugh about, so moms why do we keep finding ourselves still buying them?…dare we say it…MOM Jeans! Moms, I get it, with our busy schedule its hard to find time to enjoy a day of shopping let alone trying on different pairs of jeans but, lets not embarrass our kids let alone ourselves by wearing these no-no flashbacks from the 80’s. Meat pieces, now almost always sausages, baked in Pudding Batter, in the manner of Yorkshire Pudding. Earlier receipts (Moor 1823, Soyer 1845, etc) use whole meat joints, so that in 1797 the writer Fanny Burney could complain that Mrs. MIX a pound of flour with a pint and a half of milk and four eggs into a batter put in a little salt beaten ginger and a little grated nutmeg put it into a deep dish that you intend to send it to table in take the veiney piece of beef sprinkle it with salt put it into the batter bake it two hours and send it up hot.

My goal is to help people create a space that supports them, mentally, physically, and aesthetically.
To keep up with Angela’s House updates, Dream Closet posts, Win-It Wednesday contests, and more, follow her blog at Girlfriends Get Organized! 5.- Calves', or any brains, previously parboiled in water) and the skin removed, well seasoned with pepper and salt, and a few slices of bacon added to the batter, make a very delicate dish. 6.- Six larks or twelve sparrows, with a slice of bacon skewered round each, with the batter, and put into the oven for two hours. 7.- Ox cheek and sheep's heads, previously cooked and nicely seasoned, with the addition of a little chopped onions added to the batter, is an economical dish.

9.- Remains of previously cooked hare may be done in the same way, with some currant-jelly in the stuffing. 11.- Remains of salt pork, or any roast meat, may all be done in this way, and varied according to the taste of the partaker. When the pan is ready put about two pounds of previously boiled potatoes, cut in slices, and bake as before.

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