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See the article by Sue Armitage called The Truth About Taurus for many insights into this "sensational" Sign of the Bull.
Because the planet Venus is the "ruler" of two Signs, Taurus and Libra, some of the things described here about the Sign of Taurus will also apply to the Sign of Libra. Something I have come to notice in myself (Sun = Self-Identity) is that I tend to try to take a rather "mystical" or abstract subject like Astrology or Tarot and then bring it "down to earth" so everyone can understand it in familiar terms, with real-life examples and analogies to familiar figures - our modern "mythical figures". I have placed many of the Taurus traits in bold italics when they are mentioned in Sue Armitage's article The Truth About Taurus, and also in my "Taurus Teaching Tips 3" article.
In an old Hollywood film titled "The Dirty Dozen", twelve soldiers convicted of various military crimes are given the option to stay and serve time in prison, or to join a special team created to accomplish a specific strategic mission in World War II. Like the twelve specialists in "The Dirty Dozen", there are twelve Signs of the zodiac, which each have a different "strategy" set for accomplishing the "mission" of the various Planets.
If you have Planets in Taurus, you will be using the Taurus strategies, many of which happen to start with the letter P, like perseverance, persistence, patience, peacefulness and pleasantness, among others. Note that in Western geo-centric (Earth-centered) Astrology we use eight planets of the solar system, not counting Earth because we live on it, plus the Sun and Moon - and we refer to all of them as "Planets" simply for the sake of convenience, even though the Sun is really a star and the Moon is a satellite of planet Earth. Some people were born with a natal horoscope chart which has each of the ten Planets in ten different Signs, indicating a more complex set of strategies. As Sue Armitage explains in "The Truth About Taurus", what is often called a "key word" for the Sign of Taurus - "possessiveness" - is really just a variation on one of the true themes and key words for the Sign of Taurus, which I suggest could be called Inertia or Momentum.
By contrast, the Signs before and after Taurus both seek change for their separate reasons: Aries seeks new challenges, while Gemini seeks new perceptions.
In the physical science of Physics, "inertia" is the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion - whether it is resisting being moved from a position of rest, or resisting a change in speed or direction of its present motion. If you simply remember to think of this particular "key" word of "inertia" when you think of Taurus, you can probably remind yourself of most of these traits which are found behind the door in your imagination which that key opens.
Another way to understand a Sign is to use the Symbol for that Sign, which is illustrated by an animal or human figure (or The Scales for Libra), as well as by a pictograph called a "glyph". Bulldozers are too big to push or pull, but you can get them to move with just two fingers holding their key-ring.

Alternatively, you could simply think (as a Mercury in Taurus type would) of Taurus the Bull and imagine the real-life, plain-and-simple traits of this animal symbol for the Sign of Taurus.
In the constellation of Taurus the brightest star is Aldebaran, known as "The Eye of the Bull", which is what I believe the name means in the ancient Arabic language, and may be the source of the archery term "bulls-eye".
Contrary to the image of the Bull depicted in the descriptive phrase "mad as a bull", the Bull is basically a peaceful creature who only charges at the toreador or bucks off the bronco-buster because he has been tormented beyond the breaking point before the spectacle starts. Now remember, you can't push a Bull - but you can lead him gently by the ring in his nose, or coax him with tasty food or the sight of a sexy heifer in heat. In the typical Taurus temper tantrum, it is usually just a table being thumped or a handy thing being thrown; but a rare Richter-scale rage could result in the destruction of something valuable or valued - even something the Taurus type worked hard to create, like a personal project or a romantic relationship. This often means that like Libra (the other Venus-ruled Sign), the Taurus type - with that exceptionally calm and peaceful nature - tends to naturally and easily suppress the feelings of anger which can come up in everyone at times.
But the ruler of Taurus is Venus, the Planet which indicates how we give and receive affection, and how we attract what we desire in a passive way.
There are some "mixed messages" being given when the Planet of the God of War tries to use the strategy of the Goddess of Love and Beauty! To some extent, this applies to all the Planets, but especially to Mars and the Sun, because the Sun IS your sense of identity and its self-expression (your BE-ing); and Mars is the physical ACTION that accomplishes that self-expression (your DO-ing).
Now, Venus-ruled Libra is naturally a nicey-nice "lover" and really hates physical violence anyway; so Mars in Libra just can't let himself get angry in any really "physical" way like attacking someone. Mars in peace-loving, Venus-ruled Taurus can't let himself get angry either; but Taurus is a sensual Earth Sign which tends to express in a physical manner. Something has to give sometime, and when that Mars in Taurus (or Sun in Taurus) has to vent the built-up anger (building is a Taurus key word), then it is more likely to come out in a very physical way - like breaking a table or charging at a bully who is threatening the Taurus type. I call this paradox a situation like "sending a Klingon to the peace talks", to use an analogy from the popular TV series "Star Trek, The Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine". So there you have it - war-making Mars-ruled Rams butt heads at the slightest provocation and blow off steam; but peace-keeping Venus-ruled Bulls stuff their anger until it builds up and blows up - and then they come at you with head down and horns directed at your vulnerable parts.
Maybe that's what happened in Somalia when a few of the "peace-keepers" took some irrationally hostile action against a hapless Somali scavenger who sneaked into their stockade?

This brings to mind another infamous "scape-goat" incident, which I hesitate to mention because I happen to have Sun in Taurus, as did the perpetrator of this major crime against humanity. I certainly don't mean to imply that Taurus is a terrible Sign, for other Signs have their negative side and their villians too.
Taurus types are not often seen to be angry, since they will usually do a "slow burn" when something provokes them, and keep the energy bottled up inside.
This tends to remind me of that other TV series, "The Incredible Hulk", where the nice, gentle doctor turns into the raging muscle-bound bully when his anger gets the best of him. Often the Taurus type will stomp out on his own and go for a walk around the block, or throw some rocks or kick some cans or something. This page and its contents, including the horoscope readings, are copyrighted (c)1998 by Michael Star. Hyperlinks to the TOP of this page or the weekly horoscope pages, or link exchanges, are invited. 00No puedo negar que es original, pero creo que nunca seria capaz de hacerme un tatuaje como este. Taking note of these italicized words and phrases can help you learn about the Sign of Taurus and see how learning the key words for each Sign is a wonderful way to really learn Astrology, right from the start.
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