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As the founding drummer for the rock band Kiss, “Catman” Peter Criss has been a role model for aspiring rock musicians for more than three decades.
Now he’s celebrating his second “cancer-free” year after being diagnosed with breast cancer and he’s speaking up to alert men to the nasty facts – they can get breast cancer too. He got attention immediately – and was lucky enough to catch the cancer at an early stage.  That’s why he urges men who notice breast lumps to do something about it immediately. Peter says after he made the fateful discovery he went home and told his wife, Gigi, who suggested he accompany her on a gynaecologist’s appointment that same day. In 2012 an estimated 22,500 Canadians were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 9,100 died from it.
Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer both in Nova Scotia and nationally.
Also known as colon cancer, colorectal cancer is a disease in which malignant cells grow in the tissue of the colon or rectum, forming tumors.
The good news is that colon cancer is one of the most highly treatable cancers if caught early. Despite the high treatability, most Canadians have not had a screening test and are confusedabout how and when it should happen. Sign up for FREE and we’ll send you the latest healthcare news, tips and strategies for living a healthier life.

There are many breast cancer sayings that are very powerful in supporting any breast cancer patient in facing their day.
It is really important to support any people who have breast cancer since; this cancer is considered as one of the deadliest disease in this world. Nowadays, some people become more creative in applying some breast cancer sayings as a supportive action to support any breast cancer patients. There is no need to wait whether you are the one who get breast cancer or your family or friends.
Some quotes above are included as popular breast cancer quotes that are often used by many people in showing their concern for the patient. In Nova Scotia, approximately 1,000 men and women are diagnosed every year, and about 350 of them will die from the disease. The Canadian Cancer Society reports that Canada has one of the best colorectal cancer survival rates in the world – slightly lower than the US, but better than most of Europe.
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It becomes a common way that is often conducted by any people who support breast cancer patients. Through internet especially, some social Medias, you can show your support to breast cancer patients with some breast cancer sayings.

The first thing you have to do is to choose any quotes to show your support for breast cancer patient. Usually, any breast cancer organization loves to produce some free t-shirts that are designed with some words to support breast cancer patients. You can type any supportive words to Twitter or Facebook.  Usually, there will be a special hashtag as a mark to show the tweet as a special theme.
You need to tell them that it is the end of world, by having a proper treatment, breast cancer can be cured. It becomes the easiest and greatest way to make any people become aware about the dangerous of breast cancer and start to support any patients who have it. As a beginning to support the patient, you can start to use breast cancer sayings to show your support.
Here are some supportive words that can be chosen to support any breast cancer patients to keep fight.

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