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I've been up to a lot of building since Digiex, but I'd say my best building I've done is one that I'm working on at the moment. Ive only really played Minecraft for the odd few days, more to see what people had built in the old Digiex server. Not exactly mine, but it's on my friend's Xbox 360 where I like to help out a lot with such things! To avoid creating OP items, I made it so that one most fall more than a block's distance to catch enough air to glide downwards, and must be sprinting before they catch air in order to fly upwards (and maintain their acceleration, aka not stop). Equipping either the Horns or Halo will grant either Speed I and Resistance I (Halo) or Strength I and Fire Resistance (Horns), so long as you have the correct pair of wings on.
Nether Leather (the dark leather item as seen in one of the below recipes) is dropped by the smallest Magma Cubes in stacks of 0-2, or more if slain with Looting. If had an idea that you might use, the black demon wings from the older version can be used as Fallen Angel Wings.
UPDATEI recommend redownloading, and deleting the old configuration file, as some changes have been made to the code.
If there is anything that you would like added, drop a comment, and I will see what I can do!
No and no, but you make make a block model, and then make a mob wearing the model on it's head.
This is the first requested creation I have made and this was requested by my friend Stephen4400 who requested a reasonably large desktop computer.

I'm pleased to announce that my professional looking thumbnails have been finished and have been put to use on all of my projects. There has been a tick box section added to my Projects for when I reach a target regarding Views or Downloads. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Sorry I haven't been around for a while, been working 2 jobs lately and it's taken it's toll.
Nether Leather can also be used to craft Leather armor, using the same shapes as normal armor crafting recipes.
A config file will generate on first use so that you can change item IDs if need be (to avoid conflicts).
Then, after running the profile at least once, a 'mods' folder will generate in the Minecraft appdata. I was testing my limits, seeing if I could make custom model armor, and this was what I thought of. So I decided to create the request and I thought that I should just make a basic screen which just says MineCraft so for those of you who decide to download this can add your own design on the monitor. Now because that has been removed it has taken me down two levels, so is there no way I could get them back with the same amount of views and downloads?
I will get survival craft because I don't use the pc much and I think id rather play on a tablet.

Among the additions will be altered crafting recipes, a few new items, and more uniqueness between the variants!
Simply drag 'n' drop the .zip file you download from here into that folder, and run Minecraft with the Forge profile.
I was actually inspired by an old Oblivion mod I remember seeing, one that added huge anime style angel wings. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I  make dirt houses while most people build cobblestone houses because they think it is cooler when it is longer to build while dirt is way faster.
Should be up within a day or two!In the future: Angel mobs, and Demon mobs (humanoids that are equipped with these armors). Angel and Demon mobs are something I was planning on, but I wanted to brainstorm on what I would actually add and make them do. I'd recommend checking my server out, which is almost always running, except when the server requires a reboot, or the Minecraft server application requires updating. Tip1: if you are ever attacked by a bull or wolf\wolfmen eat whatever you like but don't kill wolves because they don't give you anything.

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