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First off, I’ll be speaking live today on the David Pollock Beauty Inside Out show on RadioMD.
Be sure to come back on Thursday for the next post in the Back to School, Back to Pretty series where we will be focusing on Goal Setting for Fall. Get Your Pretty On, the GYPO logo and Style Challenge are registered trademarks of Get Your Pretty On.
Aubrey and I each styled it in our own age appropriate ways.  I picked out more sophisticated pieces like plum jeans and a long necklace with ankle boots, while she opted for a youthful look with bright jeans, a scarf and combat boots. You are both so beautiful, while she styled in a youthful way you look so elegant in your sweater. Hi, this is the first time that I’ve commented on here but just had to say that I LOVE this post (and that sweater)! Is it bad that everything that makes your daughter embarrassed makes me want to be your BFF?
You both look great, and your looks is very appropriate, though you don’t look old enough to have a almost 15 year old. I have to say I always love your pictures, you are lucky to have someone who takes the time to take such beautiful shots of you.

Ok, first of all you look beautiful and don’t look like you could have even close to a 15 year old daughter. I definitely rely on more sophisticated elements to bring an outfit around to a place where I feel like it’s age appropriate for me.
You are the perfect example of dressing age appropriate while still looking trendy and gorgeous Loved this post! As a teen I was always trying to give my Mom suggestions and get her into clothes that I deemed more stylish. I definitely think choosing colors can make things more age appropriate.You both look great though! Well, first of all, I love your outfit, but I honestly don’t see how one is more age appropriate than the other. Such a cute sweater, and I love how you showed how it works for both you and your daughter. Crew $300 gift card giveaway yet?  What a great way to jump start your fall wardrobe!  Enter HERE. I have been a little bogged down lately, but I’m so glad I stopped by to see your big announcements!!

It gets a little blurred especially when we sometimes shop at the same stores and share clothes.
Whether it’s a new outfit, hairstyle, or makeup, the I Feel Pretty link up is about anything and everything that makes your life prettier. For me I would draw a line if I hesitate in wearing it outside for even a sec, I trust my sixth sense on this.. I think I am still in the middle, not yet a mom, not a teen, so I am going to have to copy both looks! I mainly look for clothes that flatter and make me feel put together and confident in how I look.
Sometimes I will find myself really liking something a teenager is wearing and then I remember I am almost thirty. Great adjustments although in all honesty, you truly don’t look much older than her at all!

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