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I'm trying to open the Metro version of Internet Explorer, however it opens as a desktop app. Now, double click on "Set how links are opened in Internet Explorer" and change it accordingly. Note that in the second screenshot, the option "Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop", is exactly the opposite of what you want, so you need to change it to "Always in Internet Explorer" to always use the ---Metro--- Modern version of IE.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-8 internet-explorer modern-ui or ask your own question. This tip is directed to people experiencing Windows 8 for the first time on a desktop or notebook computer who want to minimize confusion by spending most of their time on the familiar Windows 7-style desktop. When you click on Internet Explorer on the Windows 8 Start screen, you won’t see that comfortable, familiar desktop version.
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Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. The transition between them is one of the most jarring experiences for first-time Windows 8 users.

Instead you’ll be taken to the full-screen IE app, a completely different view of the web where pages are displayed full-screen with no visible controls at all. As with most other apps, a right-click on the mouse exposes controls on the top and bottom.
It appears unexpectedly – there are rules about how one or the other browser is chosen but my first impression was that the IE app was appearing haphazardly, and I found it unwelcome. The backside of each wheel features a machined smooth and comfortable finger indentation for grip. The option immediately below it, "Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop", may also be helpful. Clicking on the wrench icon transfers the onscreen page to the desktop version of Internet Explorer. It’s not easy to predict which version of Internet Explorer will appear if you click a link in another program or app.
Many people will want to spend most of their time in the Windows 8 desktop, in an environment that closely resembles Windows 7, and that means minimizing the number of surprise trips out to full-screen apps like the IE app.
The touchscreen friendliness of the IE full-screen app makes it worth learning how it works.
Clicking in the address bar brings up an additional bar at the bottom showing pinned sites and Favorites. Not to mention that addins do not work in the IE app and I feel helpless online without LastPass.

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