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Inevitably your garbage dump will fill up, sooner than you think, so be prepared to either expand your dump, or purchase the incinerator (25k Simoleans), this will give you some air pollution, but cap the size of your dump and reduce ground pollution. Once you've added your dump you may also still get alerts to say that not enough rubbish is being collected.
Soon after installing a dump you'll probably be asked if you would like to take part in a challenge called 'The Day After', basically you need to be able to ocllect 250 cans of garbage within 24 hours of starting the challenge and be rewarded with 25k Simoleans for your troubles. Don't consider this block unless you are generating a lot of cash and can handle burning the cost of the depot plus extra trucks and all the recycling stations in addition to the initial depot.
Utilise the recycling depot with the Trade depot and the global marketplace to maximiase your profits.

These stink, and can also cause ground pollution, (and air pollution if you fit the incinerator), so carefully consider where you want to place this garbage block.
Monitor your collection levels throughout a day (by selecting your dump) and see if your indicated numbers turn green which basically says you are collecting enough rubbish for the size of your city. Make sure your garbage center is fully staffed and you have at least 3 trucks in operation before you begin this challenge as it's a good and easy money spinner that you won't want to fail.
But once it's in operation, it is a fantastic money spinner which gives you good revenue from plastics, alloys and metals. Don't worry it will work through just give it some time, the depot may be waiting for more resources.
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These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. My personal preference for garbage is to place a standard dump close ot the industrial zone, away and out of the wind direction of residents. If it's still not doing anything after some time, try opening up a trade depot and fit warehouses for each of your recycled materials, this has always got the depot into action for me. Ideally also away from good supplies of water, however since I usually always opt for the incinerator when the first dump is close to getting full, ground pollution is not so much of an issue for me.

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