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Look at it this way, I am a male who has a pretty good grasp over the psychology of other males. It is my hope that you use this page to better understand men and how to deal with them in certain situations.
It is my goal to create the most complete and educational guide on men found online for free. Ex Boyfriend Recovery PROWant to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
While I am not condoning or praising men who sleep around a lot I do think there is a deeper reasoning for their behavior. One of the most interesting qualities about women is the fact that they love to talk about everything.
I thought a lot about why we are that way and I think I have come up with a really good reason for it. I don’t think anybody would debate the fact that if a man was pitted in a physical fight with a woman the man would win that pairing. Here was the funniest part about it though, I started watching the rest of the classroom react to her presence. So, a saying that you need to live by is, looks get you in the door but personality is really what keeps a guy around.
For people feeling like this I just want to point out that you can’t change your looks but you can improve your personality! It wasn’t so much that I was worried that I was going to fail, I was more worried about what the girl would think about me. So many thoughts rush through a mans head when he is put in a room with a girl he truly has a crush on. The moment was finally here, there she was walking towards the classroom with one of her friends, this was it, I was going to do it! The lesson I want you to take here is that men are absolutely terrified to initiate conversations with pretty women.
One secret that no one ever talks about is how much guys actually like it when a woman approaches them instead of the other way around.
Having a woman approaching a man instead of the other way around is a great way to land a date. Yes, you want to be confident and sure of yourself but don’t take things to an extreme. Here is something that you probably didn’t know about men, their friends matter a lot more than you think. I am sad to say that this has happened to me but in a reverse way, which is why I know about this phenomenon. I study his his girlfriends, befriend them in order to get their perspective and hear all the behind the scenes information. It’s actually quite simple, I have noticed a trend with guys who are jerks and guys who are nice. The best example I can think of to drive this point home comes with these pickup artist communities. I am in one of those rare positions where I am actually qualified to say that I personally don’t believe that women and men are too different. Well, it may be that he is capable of listening but you aren’t communicating with him the right way for him to listen. Now, those are some really general examples (examples that we can crack by the way.) We recognize that these questions are a trap and h*ll will freeze over before we fall into it. I mean, can you imagine if we did tell you that you looked fat in the dress or that sometimes we do wish that we were single? I can say without a doubt the thing that scares boyfriends the most is the emotional factor women bring to the table.
I have been in situations before where I have been standing in front of an emotional girlfriend and have literally have frozen. At a young age millions of men and I learned that if you were completely up front and honest with a girl that she would COMPLETELY FREAK OUT ON US AND SHOW US HER SCARY EMOTIONS. Sometimes, the different between telling you the truth and telling you a white lie is all that stands between us getting lucky or kicked out for the night.
It actually made me angry after a while and I slowly but surely began to lose my feelings for her. In this section I am going to briefly settle the score on whether or not your boyfriend loved you during your relationship with him.
Where women typically run into trouble here is that they can frustrate their boyfriends when they need to be constantly reassured that what he is feeling is real.
Eventually when he goes out into the world he is going to be face to face with a beautiful woman and he can’t help but look at her.
I can tell you personally that I have been uber committed to my own relationship but if a pretty girl walks by I’m not going to cover my eyes. And then continue thinking about how I am going to surprise the girl I am dating with something. The big takeaway I want you to get from this is that him looking at other chicks doesn’t affect how he feels about you one bit. They can choose not to get emotional and realize that him looking at other women is just harmless. A woman who remains emotionally stable and trusts her relationship has a much better chance at keeping her man happy and attracted to her in the long run.
Between 30 and 60 percent of married people have admitted to cheating during their marriage. 80% of people admit to cheating on girlfriends or boyfriends during some point of their lives. Being able to seduce a woman properly for a man is the closest thing we have to feeling like a god.
I put this section together because I want to show you what goes through the mind of a male AFTER a breakup. Also, I think it is important to point out that just because I say something in this section doesn’t mean it specifically applies to your ex. Women generally think that the longer you are in a relationship with someone the stronger your overall bond is with that person. The initial newness that was so exciting when you first started dating that person has worn off and things can tend to get a little bit stale.
I actually learned this concept from a buddy of mine who has been dating someone for close to 5 years. Remember a few sections back I talked about a major difference between men and women being the fact that men don’t know how to deal with emotions? I pin this on the fact that women are used to dealing with the emotions that one would experience after a hurtful breakup.

My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
He then seemed to be closed up, never had time for meet ups or whats app conversations and made me feel insecure. Try to pull back a little, a week of being busy, or cutting lunch together to do other things and then go out with others (group of friends) and post it social media.. This is leaning so heavy on my mind it’s changing the way I am around him, when he wants to help me with something I push him away. I feel stupid just typing this, but I really do need some advice from someone who is objective.
As we hit the year mark I had a falling out with friends, my ex acting strange then and ended up breaking things off with me but after I talked to him we got back together. First day we got back together things were like as though when he was first in love with me.
The next day I went on with life I went to the gym (he ended up running into me because we were at the same gym, I was sure it was his break day), I trained with my girlfriend and enjoyed my time, she and her noticed that he kept approaching me to make conversation and he kept watching me the entire time I was at the gym. I am just wondering with all this silly things I have done, do I have a chance of getting him back? Also with the NC rule we have never ignored eachother’s msgs or calls because we respect eachother. Chris- I first so appreciate your site i was in the throws of really deep desperate emotions about a guy i care a lot about and your site really gave me peace of mind because of how you break things down. I have gone behind the lines for you and I am about to relay some of the most personal details that your boyfriends or ex boyfriends would never want you to know.
You see, when I first started brainstorming this idea I had a lot of great things to talk about but no structure to fit them into. I am going to be diving into the mindset of a single guy before he gets into a serious relationship.
Of course, it is a lot of what they think about but there is more to men than you would initially believe. I actually think that males would be great at talking about their feelings and communicating properly if it weren’t for other guys. It was after his girlfriend broke up with him and he got really drunk to the point where he had essentially no control over what he was saying. Looks will almost always win over personality (in the beginning stages.) If we are going by a looks rating scale of one to ten a nine is going to get away with having a two personality. Men are initially shallow, however once you get to know their true self they can surprise you with how deep they can be. Now, I do realize that I run a site on helping women get their ex boyfriends back and this statement (personality is what keeps them) might rub some people the wrong way. I feel I can really explain this quite well because I have some epic failures in this regard. Now, the thing about me is that if I really want something I will do everything in power to get it. I was going to wait outside the hall with one of my friends, which we already did every single day, and when she walked by I was going to initiate a conversation.
However, if his friends start ragging on him about dating her then she loses some luster for him.
Generally speaking, there are three major forces that shape how a man views and treats women.
From an early age a child will learn about how the world works through studying how his or her parents react to certain situations. I have had friends that have cheated multiple times and done just about every imaginable horrible thing to their girlfriends…. If we act like a total jerk and a girl accepts us then our stupid behavior has just been validated by the girl and we will continue that behavior until it stops working. I know this sounds crazy and I think this is a primal thought within, but for a male who was cheated on in the past he loses a bit of his manhood. In this major section of the guide we are going to be focusing on understanding men who are in relationships. We both want to find love, we both want to have sex and we both want to be worshipped and desired.
They could be talking about one thing but dropping hints in that conversation that mean entirely different things.
Like I said, men are straightforward when they have conversations so if you want a serious conversation make sure you speak to him on his wavelength.
Sure, there are some bad apples that will do that but as a whole we are doing it because we want you to be happy and we don’t want to be in a position where we have to deal with your emotions.
Sure, there is always a honeymoon period when you first date where it seems like nothing can go wrong but eventually the strain of the relationship takes it’s toll and the compliments that were once routine never seem to come anymore.
Women, sometimes without meaning to, can deny that a man is telling the truth when he compliments her. Sure, there is an odd case here and there where he was totally playing you or just telling you what you want to hear.
It is important to remember that you shouldn’t be insecure if he looks at other women. I am very committed to you and the thought of cheating on you has not entered my mind once. Each member of the male gender is unique in their own way and while I think I have a pretty good grasp on the average male it is entirely possible that your boyfriend could be different than the ones I am talking about here.
This usually is a contributing reason to a man breaking up with you seemingly out of nowhere.
Men on the other hand push any type of emotion away and it can sometimes set them down a self destructive path without them even being aware of it. He was very attentive and happy to spend time with me no matter what, I held back on giving the affections while he gave more. I was starting to become more independent again but my sister passed away 2 months after we got back together.
During the next couple days he told me to take our photos off social media and pretty much prepped for an official break up but he called me up 3 days later to say he doesn’t want to break up anymore.
So I called the day after that break up to talk about to apologize for how I said that I wanted to break up and that we should meet up after he finishes his exams to see where we are both at. She said if I still want him back I should tell him that, so I did afterwards in a phonecall. In this complete guide I am going to attempt to help women understand every aspect about a man that they can imagine.
It wasn’t until one of my visitors emailed me with a topic request that the lightbulb finally went off.
Then, once I cover everything that I think needs to be covered there I will start talking about what happens to the mind of a male when he is in a relationship.

However, while women were doing their gathering they were also doing something else, talking.
While every man dreams of having a perfect ten around his arm if she has a horrible personality it is going to really start to annoy him and result in a potential breakup down the road.
Now, no one wants to hear about the wins so I am going to take you step by step through one of my failures at trying to get girls I thought were pretty. I wouldn’t ask for her number there, I was just going to introduce myself so I was on her radar.
BUT in the event that you don’t get your ex boyfriend back I think this section could be useful to you. You have to be really careful when you do this because if done wrong it can be a turnoff to a guy. In the movie there is a scene where he is trying to teach Kevin James’ character about getting a woman he likes.
For example, some men have friends that will do everything in their power to sabotage a relationship if they don’t like the girl. Well, another thing that friends can do is teach you how to treat women (or how not to.) I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about women just from watching my best friend interact with them in his various relationships. Thus, he is going to be extremely cautious about entering into a relationship with another girl in the future. Other women understand this and are able to pick up on this hints and see between the lines.
Basically, projective empathy is the belief that everyone will view the world in the way that we do.
Now, there are cases where men won’t be straightforward and I will talk about those a little later in this guide but for now lets move on.
The problem lies in the fact that a guy will think sending a picture like that is a complete turn on to a woman. Well, I can tell you that when we lie about the small things it is because we sense you will absolutely freak out if we tell you the truth. But I can say that most of the time at one point in the relationship he really had extremely strong feelings for you. Here is the problem with it though, eventually the feelings will come and when that happens men usually have no clue how to handle them. If they show any sign of weakness (like the fact that he really might miss you) his buddies are going to look at him funny.
I know I didn’t cover everything I could but I feel I did go over a lot of the most pressing questions. Her personality resembled mine and thus we went together well (which I found funny because I had the feeling he wanted to make me jealous). The next day we were invited to a friend’s party we went together, we talked about things as I was driving us back. 2 days later he tells me we are starting to just feel like close friends (despite all the intimacies), I left it at that and left it drag on for another 2-3 weeks.
Although it had never been a problem for us, he mentioned we were in two different points of our life and didn’t like that fact.
Finally, I am going to dive in to what you can expect from an ex boyfriend after a relationship.
In this section of the page I am going to be talking about men who are single and some of the thoughts that go through their head. While he was a bit of a jerk to them there was something deeper in him that caused him to sleep around so much.
Women were developing their social skills while men worked solely on their physical skills. I think it will be an interesting look at how a real life male approaches asking a pretty girl out. This doesn’t happen to me very often anymore but I was literally obsessed with asking this girl out. I had an over-confident girl try this on me and it was just embarrassing and uncomfortable for me. Once you make your approach make sure you look the guy right in the eyes and don’t say a word. If from an early age a little boy sees his or her parents constantly fighting that is going to be burned into his character. They taught me from an early age how women should be treated and how to look at the good in life instead of the bad.
They usually enter a new relationship with someone very cautiously and have serious trust issues.
And if he does enter into that new relationship he is going to be very uncomfortable about the girl going out with any guy friends she may have. So I guess this is probably a sign that he cannot handle the emotions after the breakup very well. He keeps telling me he loves me regardless, and he is the first person I haven’t run away from when things got serious. He was there he was supportive, but I noticed as time went by he became more withdrawn and distant. Something I said got him angry and he decided to break up again, 20 minutes later he left me msgs that he was committed to trying to make this work and if it doesn’t he knows I will accept it.
I noticed some changes in his behavior and I thought it meant that his feelings changed so I brought it up. We can see a really beautiful woman across the bar and have an instant attraction and while women can have that experience too it usually isn’t on the level that men feel. Women want detailed and emotional language that can turn them on, not a poorly done naked picture.
If you would like help dissecting your boyfriend or ex boyfriends actions as always I am here so ask away! With him it was like nothing else mattered, he knew about my jaded past and he doesn’t care.
However, the problem I saw right off the bat is that the teachers in these communities are essentially teaching behaviors that will force most men to fake their personalities. Sure, they might succeed at getting their target but no girl wants to have a lasting relationship with someone who is faking their personality. We carried on to say other things I am pretty sure I mention ways that we can try to make things work (I can’t clearly remember) I should have talked about that first honestly I regret it.

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