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I've been through all kinds of orthodontic work, and now my teeth are all pretty and nice and stuff. Or, of course, you can just tell him the truth: that you’re missing a couple teeth, you have a cosmetic retainer, and you’ll be keeping it in at all times—including during makeouts—because you want to. Which brings us to this: this whole scenario, original and interesting as it is, still boils down to the very unoriginal fact that a person who has a problem with your body—whether you’ve got missing teeth, no legs, or a mysterious superfluous bellybutton on your hindquarters—is a person you do not want to date. And that’s why, really, I hope you’ll just skip the subterfuge and tell him whatever version of the truth you’re most comfortable with.
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193.  I love how you can go back in time to relive an awesome memory just by playing a song =) I couldn't live without music! 187.  Caring for someone is easy, but to make someone care for you is difficult, So never lose the one who really cares for you! 176.  Sometimes its strange to think how you can make the one you love feel like if they are a stranger to you!!
161.  You never know what true love really is until u have experienced long distance relationship! 128.  It's amazing how one word from the right person can turn your whole day around and make you feel better in a second!
95.  losing you it doesnt mean its the end of everything, but its a start of everything, but how?
91.  How is it possible to be forgotten by the people that you thought would never forget you?
But sometimes, even though some memories are too hard to even bear, you want to hold on to the BAD and the GOOD memories. In the past I've gotten with other guys, but most of them were flings that I didn't expect to go anywhere, and I wasn't really worried what they'd think.

I'm not comfortable with taking my retainer out during kissing (as many other normal retainer-wearers would).
I never, ever want to see the inside of another person’s mouth again for as long as I live.
Unless I’m missing something, I cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone kissing your mouth would notice that something was different. Because the best way to enjoy kissing this guy without freaking out over what he thinks of your mouth gear?
A minor (or major!) physical idiosyncrasy is nothing to be ashamed of—and if someone acts otherwise, then shame on them.
Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. Some of the greatest memories can be some of the most painful when you have to relive them alone!! Every time i saw you with her my heart died a little more, knowing that i could never have you forever more. Never make a decision when you are angry and never make promises when you are happy.Because both of them will ruin your life. Don't be too confident when someone tells you that they love you, the real question is "until when"? The treatment plan my parents, orthodontist, and I have chosen is for me to eventually get dental implants (which should actually be happening within the next few years). In the past I've received mixed reactions to my missing teeth from various people who've known about it.
It's been suggested that I just not kiss with tongue, but, quite frankly, that's not something I'm willing to give up. Do you actually expect that this guy is going to cram his tongue back behind your teeth and onto your upper palate?

You can warn him in vague terms that you’ve had dental work and that he might notice something when you kiss. Is to find out what he thinks of your mouth gear so you can quit freaking out and enjoy kissing.
And when it comes to your confidence, the single best way to keep it blazing on is to remember that whatever your physical differences, there’s nothing (NOTHING!) wrong with you. In the meantime, I have a removable retainer (the plastic, roof-of-your-mouth kind) with false teeth attached to it, which I wear all the time.
You can tell him you have an orthodontic implant that doesn’t come out (without ever mentioning the part where it doesn’t come out by choice).
Hell, you can tell him that your teeth were kidnapped by alien pirate bounty hunters and that they installed a tracking device on the roof of your mouth to monitor your activities. Don't ever take your retainer out ever." Some are grossed out by the fact that I have to wear a retainer at all, and some people simply don't care. Should I say it's a permanent retainer and that doesn't come out (because *it's not coming out.*)? By looking at me, one would *never* be able to tell I had fake teeth or even that I was wearing a retainer. Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.
How am I going to be able to kiss him while internally I'm freaking out wondering what his opinions of my mouth gear are?

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