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Or, you know, he could mean Andrew Friedman's orders to get into the dugout dressed as a banana in the 12th inning of Monday's 14-inning Dodgers win over the Giants.
According to Hoornstra, the president of baseball operations found Hernandez sitting in the clubhouse during the extra innings of Monday night's game and ordered him to become his own rally banana, harkening back to Hernandez's possibly-magic, possibly-coincidental fruit-scoring powers from May. When we got back from our resupply mission yesterday, we had an email waiting for us from Nadine, a really nice cashier at one of the outdoors stores we visited. After several hours of journaling, we put Nadine's apartment into the GPS and made our way there at a leisurely pace, enjoying a brilliantly sunny late-afternoon (a first in nearly three weeks, we're told).
Close to Nadine's apartment, we passed the LA¶wenbrA¤u brewery, where these ladies were preening and chatting before starting their shift. Nadine thoughtfully invited us a bit early so we'd have time to chat before a mass of her friends arrived.

As people filtered in, (many from the same apartment building) we quickly realized we were in for a fun evening. The jovial and friendly Marcus, who shared travel stories with Tyler and I about the time he spent in India.
Over the course of the night, and many beers, we talked about our trip, showed curious people our website and tried to learn a little about the big soccer match.
When we weren't engaged in conversation, we were eating our fill of the delicious food everyone brought. Dessert was a raspberry parfait of sorts, along with this thin wafer cookie, a tradition from Felix' hometown. Over the course of the night Tyler and I would often look at one another and say "This is so fun!

Although, considering Adrian Gonzalez hit the walk-off two innings later, maybe the Dodgers' rally banana isn't a coincidence.
Maybe he meant "boss" in the Rick Ross sense, referring to someone like Clayton Kershaw and his MLB-leading 236 strikeouts.

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