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Comments (0) Gabrielle RevereInviting friends over to play at her Long Island, NY, home is one of Bethany Spencer's* favorite things to do.
At first, we wanted to respond with frustration, threats and consequences if the bed didn't stay dry. My husband and I would sit and talk every night about why it was happening, and what we needed to do to stop it.
After it went on for quite some time, we made a visit to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't a medical condition. Did you know that over 5 million kids a year experience bedwetting and it is one of the most common experiences during childhood development?
White Cloud Sleep Pants have been developed to provide exceptional comfort and leakage protection while looking like underwear. Each bag contains two unisex graphic designs and at $7.75, White Cloud offers exceptional value.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. But when two girls visited on a recent Saturday, Bethany, 7, was uncharacteristically out of sorts.
The emotional stress was exhausting, not to mention the extra laundry every day really began to take its toll. I knew the research behind bedwetting, and what I needed to do, but it didn't seem to make it any easier while it was happening in our own home. Children have a sleep condition that makes them sleep so soundly, they don't wake to respond to their body prompts that they need to go.
Apply a special sensor in their bed, or on their pants that alerts them the second they start to get wet. Keep track of how many nights in a row your child stays dry, BUT, if they have an accident, don't get mad.
So his 3 years of bedwetting were especially hard because pull ups and training pants weren't an option.
Often times a child who has started school and has had dry pants for years, starts to wet the bed. It was just going to take time as their bladder control was taking a little longer for some reason. They have soft, stretchy sides that fit like real underwear, plus leak guards to help protect against leaks. On the side I am an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University where I received a Masters Degree in Youth and Family Recreation.

It takes away the shame for your child, will save you laundry, and  will allow your child to help themselves in the middle of the night when they wake up wet, and can then take care of the situation.
The soft inner liner is hypoallergenic and treated with vitamin E and aloe for skin protection. Three times a week I endeavor to teach college students the importance of families doing things together.
But, after chatting with my mom about the situation, she suggested I stop worrying, get our child some sleep pants, and move on with things. I learned to have two layers of waterproofed mattress pads and sheets along with two blue hospital chux pads. I used to speak French, wish I could dance, and will almost always choose fruity over chocolate. Bethany's mom, Aileen Spencer, audibly sucks in her breath as she recalls the hide-and-seek game. Kids shouldn't have to worry about secrets."Nocturnal enuresis, the medical term for nighttime bed-wetting, is actually more common among school-age kids than you might think. I wish I would have just done that sooner, but I let the pride and stress and embarrassment keep me from making the tough situation easier. The percentage drops steadily as children get older (thank goodness), but 1 in 20 10-year-olds still wets at night and an unfortunate 1 to 2 percent struggle with the problem until age 15.For most kids, the problem is neurological. The child's brain isn't sending signals to his bladder to hold his urine while he's sleeping.
About three out of four children who suffer have a sibling, parent, aunt, uncle or cousin who also wet the bed during childhood. Once these big kids are past what is normally the diaper stage (by around age 4), bathroom issues are no longer prime-time conversation among mom friends. They may not want to embarrass their child or they consider it a "home problem." And, unfortunately, doctors rarely ask about bed-wetting, says Dr. Which isn't really that big of a surprise.Helping Kids CopeBecause bed-wetting is primarily neurological, punishing or shaming a child won't help and can actually make the treatment process take longer.
Eventually, as you get a little older, you won't wet the bed."Of course, knowing that bed-wetting is developmentally common or tied to a stressful experience doesn't make the day-to-day reality any easier.
In the morning, she often wakes early to change, wash up and throw away her diaper before anyone would notice. At the grocery store, Gunnar suddenly noticed that the disposable pull-up underwear he wore at night was sold in the baby aisle.
This has been a very frustrating issue and after years and years of hoping he would grow out of it, and he never did, we had to take this route.

He desperately wanted to join in the fun but couldn't take the chance of soaking a sleeping bag in front of his friends. After almost two years of bedtime arguments over wet sheets, Stephenson talked to their pediatrician. We just kept night pull ups until it became a rare instance (now, maybe only once every couple months). Bedwetting is a very common problem among kids though this problem may recur at anytime and at any age. Even better: Kids generally need only one appointment, with a follow-up session a few months later. Those things help, for sure, but the general consensus is that a bed alarm is the number one way to keep kids dry. An alarm usually costs $100 or less and is readily available online and at some medical-supply stores. Although your child has already wet the bed, over time the alarm trains his brain to wake earlier and earlier. Eventually, his brain will wake him up at the first drop so he can stop the flow; and then, before any pee escapes. In four weeks, he was dry two or three nights a week—that was huge progress." By the eight-week mark, Gunnar wet his bed only once a week. Then? dry, dry, dry!Gunnar, who's now 10, has been dry at night for almost a year, with no set-backs. Now we know exactly what to do."4 tips for pee-free nightsRule out health problemsHave your health care provider screen your child for any medical conditions—though they're pretty rare—that could cause bed-wetting.
Some kids pee at night because they're constipated all the time; a full rectum can interfere with bladder function. In this case, offer your child plenty of water and fiber-rich foods, and talk to your doctor about an over-the-counter laxative. Also, encourage your child to try using the bathroom (even if he doesn't have the urge) every two to three hours during the day.
In truly extreme cases, doctors may prescribe an anti-diuretic, but it's a very short-term fix. These drugs temporarily shut off the body's ability to create urine, so they might prevent your child from bed-wetting at camp or a sleepover.

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