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I didn’t find that the the first three exercises were working my arms, so I added 3 pound weights. Hi Cassey, I was wondering if you could recommend some exercises to help with underarm fat. Would it be more affective to do all the 30 daychallenges, or the actually monthly workouts?
Know that sharp ache you get after an intense workout that is usually in your neck, shoulders, or upper back? It can be difficult just to move your shoulders without feeling pain, let alone continue with your workout. If you are active, or lift weights consistently and feel a constant stinging pain in your muscle, the culprit may be muscle knots. A common problem for active people, muscle knots—technically called Myofascial Trigger Points, or MTPS—feel like a small knot to your fingertips.
Muscle knots can cause pain in two ways: (1) latent trigger points, which are knots that only hurt when you put pressure on them, and (2) active trigger points, which are knots that actively refer pain along your neural pathways, causing it in non-localized areas. Trigger points in a constant state of contraction have excess metabolic waste and oxygen use because blood flow to this area stops—this sends pain signals to the brain. Because your brain wants to stop the pain, it commands the muscle to rest, which leads to under-usage of the muscle. If you are developing muscle knots frequently from lifting weights in your shoulders, neck, or upper, or middle back, the likely cause is a postural issue. For example, if you have rounded shoulders from sitting in a office, your back muscles are already overstretched because your shoulders are rounded forwards. When you complete some pull-ups, or rows, your muscle will be stretched even further when lowering the weight, then will forcibly contract when lifting the weight.
This over-stretching combined with intense contractions can overstimulate your muscles causing those nasty muscle knots to form.

To treat the muscle knot, simply roll the massage ball pressed either to the wall or the floor one side, and your body on the other over your muscle.
You can use two tennis balls, or massage balls if you want to go firmer or deeper. The massage ball will conform to the tissue and surrounding area slightly, so it mimics the feel of a therapist’s hands. This helps to truly mobilize the tissue beneath, whereas a tennis ball will often fold in or simply compress and not conform. Note that, as mentioned before, it’s possible the pain you feel might not be near its root. In these cases, another tool you might want to consider is the foam roller, which looks like a giant Lincoln Log. Seen people sitting or lying down on one while rolling back and forth in your gym? They’re foam rolling to cause their muscle fibers to loosen up, which allows blood flow to increase back to the area. As a last alternative, you could apply a deep, stroking massage directly to the muscle knot; however, not the usual “I’m going to be pampered” massage, instead, think about what it feels like to stub your toe. Use a massage ball, foam roller, or a deep stroking massage 2-3x a day until the pain subsides and the knot releases, which can take anywhere from a couple days to week depending on the size of the knot and the intensity of the self-massage. To avoid muscle knots in the future, it’s best to stay consistent with foam rolling and deep tissue massages, which can work wonders. There’s a sweet scene that unfolds here as the gang settles in around a campfire in their new home. Half-way through the show, we get to our first introduction to the new character, the katana-wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira). Back at the prison, Rick and the crew are pushing on, clearing out Walkers with hand-to-head combat.
Lori also happens to be concerned about Carl, who has fallen in lock-step with Rick (Carl even continues to wear Rick’s hat). The last sequence of the premiere was definitely the most tense: the gang, in the dark, exploring unfamiliar territory with only a can of spray paint to mark their way.

I loved the riot gear zombies, but the best one was the critter whose face peeled away when his riot helmet was removed! Pressing through your palms, lift your chest off the ground and stop when your elbows create a 90 degree angle.
This would be my first time doing one of thesae challenges and I was wondering if they really work. You can put the ball into a sock, or sleeve so it’s easier to hold onto and you won’t need to chase it down in case it drops.
You might be looking at a thorough massage of multiple areas before finding the actual knot. While most people think of massages as something done with the hands, oftentimes, with knots it’s more effective to use tools. I’ll start off each article with a brief review of the episode before we get into critical specifics. Five minutes straight with no dialogue as the tactical team of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and a rapidly-growing-up Carl (Chandler Riggs) clear out the abandoned house, signaling for Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to come in to help finish off the stragglers. Bring your right elbow down to the floor, left elbow down, then press your right palm where your right elbow was, press your left palm where your left elbow was and now you’re back in plank! I noticed a lot of comments regarding arm fat, I have excess fat on my arms so I’ll post at the end of the month and tell you guys if there was any changes. When you’re half way through your reps, start going down on your left side first to even out your body.

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